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8 Best CRM Blogs to Follow

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Need some good CRM reads? You could trawl the internet and spend hours trying to find the information you need.

Or you could just read through this article and follow the links.

That’s right, folks, I’ve gathered together a list of the best CRM blogs from around the web. These puppies have got everything you’re looking for: information, lots of it, laid out in an easy-to-read manner.

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Inbound Hub

1-12-2015 3-41-03 PM

This is Hubspot’s Sales and Marketing blog – they cover not just CRM, but marketing automation and beyond! Inbound Hub is actually such a great blog that I’ve featured them in another round-up. So as I’ve said before, what makes Inbound Hub an amazing blog is that it is incredibly well-rounded. They cover all topics sales and marketing related, from the software to the industry at large. I think my favorite thing about it, though, is that it’s a sales and marketing blog. Many CRM blogs focus solely on sales, in a world where sales and marketing are actually linked industries.

The Beagle Research Group, LLC

1-12-2015 3-42-54 PM

This blog is a popular one with CRM readers – so popular, in fact, that it appears not just on this list of best CRM blogs, but on several others as well. Beagle is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to get to know everything about the technological happenings of the CRM world – especially people who are still researching whether or not they need a CRM and, if so, which one. Beagle breaks things down into hard numbers, charts, etc., so they can really help you build a strong case to present to your boss for CRM.


1-12-2015 3-44-07 PM

Paul Greenberg, the man behind this blog, is such a big expert in the world of CRM that you really can’t read/hear about “best CRM blogs,” “top CRM experts,” etc. without reading/hearing all about him. This blog is a phenomenal blog, even if you never, ever think about, use or otherwise care about CRM. Greenberg is just a gifted writer. Much of the blog follows his own personal experiences with CRM and sales in beautifully written essays. I never thought you could write literature about software, but you can. Greenberg does it all the time, while simultaneously keeping his readers up-to-date with the best analysis on the CRM industry. Frankly, if you’re into CRM and you’re not reading this blog, I’m not sure what you’re doing with your life.


1-12-2015 3-45-11 PM

Nimble is another CRM solution with a terrific blog. Their blog covers the sales industry at large, so you don’t even need to use CRM to get a lot out of this blog. A personal favorite post from the Nimble blog is “Results of Kurt Shaver’s “Old School” Social Selling Experiment.” As it sounds like, one of their writers conducted a sales experiment using LinkedIn and the phone. What’s great about the piece is that, not only does it remind you that conversation is pretty much the best way to sell ever – it lays out a sales plan for those who need help coming up with one. So basically, if you’re in the sales industry, you should be reading Nimble because they’ve got a lot of excellent sales pointer pieces.


1-12-2015 3-46-06 PM

Groove is a very special blog. It’s a blog written by Groove’s founder/CEO, Alex Turnbull and its self-described mission is “from ‘aha’ to ‘oh s***’, we’re sharing everything on our journey to $500k in monthly revenue. We’re learning a lot and so will you.” The blog’s visual format is a timeline – each month is marked off, with their revenue noted, and each post is marked in between. Right off the bat, Groove makes it clear they’re telling a story – their story, which we in the content marketing world all know is the BEST type of content. Also the transparency of the company with its numbers is fairly compelling. As a reader, it provides an instant trust/relatability factor. And frankly, Turnbull is just a stellar writer. He manages to come across as the everyman as he shares the lessons he and his company have learned – lessons that any sales people could learn. I recommend this blog not because of the content specifically – the content is good, but there’s better content on this list – but because this blog is telling a truly compelling story, especially to sales people, and very much deserves to be read.

In addition, Groove has a separate customer support blog filled with tips, tricks and research for serving your customers, if your CRM strategy is more focused on customer service than sales. It’s also a terrific blog – well researched and written.


1-12-2015 3-47-11 PM

Salesforce has an all-encompassing CRM/sales blog. One thing that really sets Salesforce apart is the fact that they regularly post articles that give lists of steps to improving all sorts of different sales-related things. A recent article I found helpful: 9 Ways to Acquire New Leads and Customers with Social Media. These nine tips are extremely useful and simple things a sales team should most definitely be implementing into their social media strategy. Some of these things are pretty much life hacks. One of them – Twitter cards – I didn’t even know existed, let alone a good way to use it! The Salesforce blog is the perfect place for salespeople to beef up their skills with little fixes.

Insightly’s Blog

1-12-2015 3-48-58 PM

Insightly’s blog is geared to current CRM users and prospective CRM users who are fairly far into the research process. They publish a lot of very useful how-to articles. A good example is their post on how to successfully rollout your new CRM. It’s an interview with a CRM rollout expert that clearly and simply doles out three killer tips on how to make your CRM implementation go smoothly. Seriously, this blog publishes some really useful stuff for CRM users (and about-to-be users). The only thing that holds me back from giving Insightly a full five stars is that many of their blog posts focus on self-promotion or Insightly-particular how-tos.



This is Nutshell’s relatively new blog – they only started posting consistently at the beginning of 2014. It is a must-read for any small business needing education on all-things CRM and sales strategy. The pieces are focused on subjects like how to retain your best sales reps and 18 ways to improve your sales presentations. Again, like Insightly, Nutshell does have a decent amount of self-promotional and product-education posts, but you can find all their best sales-related content in the “Sell to Win” section of the blog.

So that, in a nutshell, is my round-up of best CRM blogs (pun intended). What CRM blogs do you read? Why do you like them? Leave us some suggestions in the comments below!

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Thanks Cara for such a informative CRM Software related post.I just want to add sometimes these dosen’t meet with the client requirement than still we have to go for customized one.

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Your post is really informative. Thanks for sharing the list of CRM blog.

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Comment by Nikita Sawant on

Loved the list. I regularly refer to most of the blogs above, can’t wait to dig into the rest of them. A useful addition to the list would be the Cymetrix Software blog , a blog that has consistently helped me get the best out of CRM.

Comment by on

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Comment by Sharon Swendner on

Cara, thanks for the list! As a CRM practitioner for many years, I am excited to get into the conversation on all things CRM as I dive into helping others leverage these tools for insights, action and ROI.

Comment by Michael Bane on

Why not eWay-CRM blog?


Comment by Yuliya Valko on

You are totally right, Cara! Not so easy to find some relevant and good blogs to follow. This list helped a lot. Thank you! I could only add that recently started publishing interviews with entrepreneurs sharing their business insights about startups, investment & technology.

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Comment by Jessica on

You forgot the SuperOffice blog. ;o)


Comment by Cynoteck on

Thanks Cara! For such a nice list of the CRM blogs.

Comment by Jennifer Smith on

Cara —

Can you also suggest some good CRM Twitter handles to follow?

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