8 Office Wellness Programs Your Company Needs to Try

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Toby from “The Office” suggests spending ten minutes every hour away from a computer screen, standing up or walking around.

Now, regardless of your feelings toward Toby from “The Office” (he’s the worst), he does have a point.

Office wellness can make a difference towards being an efficient business according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, more than 60% of employers said workplace wellness programs reduced their organizations’ healthcare costs. This means that companies that offer programs centered around employee wellness can end up saving more money than they spend.

The best way to manage an office wellness strategy is with a wellness software program. This “one-stop-shop” arrangement makes life easier for you, your HR team, and the staff in your office by keeping all your wellness activities in one place.

But how do you know which wellness program is right for your office? How do you know if you even need one at all?

Does your office need a wellness program?

Glad you asked. It’s no secret that healthy people are happier and that happy people are less likely to develop long-term diseases. Your employees are people too; their health directly affects their happiness, and their happiness directly influences their productivity. So yeah. I’d say you’re going to want your employees to be healthy so they can be happy so they can be productive.

Office wellness is a broad heading. It might mean a fitness incentive to encourage employees to be more active in their time outside the office. Or it might mean organizing office baseball games. It might also mean creating a culture where both mental and physical health are open topics of discussion, and seeking help and support is encouraged.

But do you need a program for that? It depends on the size of your company and your budget. If you think you can implement a few incentives and get your employees to go on a walk every day or hold regular gym sessions, then you might not need a program. But if your employees need more incentive, more variety, or improved flexibility (off the yoga mat), and if you need a more comprehensive program, then you need wellness software.

I’ve arranged these eight programs alphabetically, since there’s no way to rank wellness programs in a way that will apply to every office. Each office environment is different, so HR managers: know your staff! Only you can know if your company’s culture is going to jump at a competitive, gamified sports system or if once a month massages are more their speed.

8 office wellness programs

1. Limeade

Limeade offers a wide array of informational videos, wellness articles, gamified fitness programs, and tips on improving health in the workplace, outside of the gym. Employees can complete not only wellness activities but also volunteer opportunities for points each week.

Limeade also offers what they call “organizational support for a well-being model,” which basically means they break down the program into roles for each level of employee to follow, to help the whole company get into the healthy culture. It’s perfect for a large company with employees who need more flexibility and independence in their wellness program.

2. Premise Health

If an onsite health center is what you’re looking for, Premise Health has got you covered. Don’t be fooled—Premise Health isn’t just for huge corporations who have the budget for a sprawling health center. Rather, they offer options that cater to your budget.

But the thing that sets Premise Health apart is their chiropractic and acupuncture services. With a few appointments right in your office, you can correct your employees’ posture, address back pain and joint pain, and also build resilience to stress.

They also provide in-house pharmacies for prescriptions your employees might have. While it’s not designed to replace primary care physicians, Premise Health center professionals will be on-site should you ever need to make a quick appointment or get a check-up.

3. SonicBoom

Not everyone is excited to work out. SonicBoom is a wellness program that is completely customizable and offers boosts that might get a couch potato up and active. Their programs include games, challenges, and contests with prizes and incentives for the winners.

They also offer biometric screenings and lifestyle coaches to help turn healthy decisions into habits, all in one integrated, user-friendly platform.

If your office is anything like mine, your employees will love the competitive features on SonicBoom that motivate them to work harder, live healthier, and feel better.

4. StretchClock

For fast-moving companies whose employees don’t have the time to fully engage in a bunch of different exercises, there’s StretchClock. StretchClock is a timer that lets you know when to stretch, but it’s so much more than that. It provides short exercises for strengthening different muscles, even while sitting at your desk. Each employee can program their clock according to their schedule.

StretchClock also provides informational videos on how to prevent injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, and tips on how to avoid back pain. The user interface is exceedingly simple, which is perfect for any industry where employees have cluttered, busy desktops.

It’s great for companies that want more flexibility in their wellness program. (Get it? Stretching app? Flexibility?)

5. TotalWellness

For a large company, you’ll want an appropriately sized wellness program. Some programs, like TotalWellness, offer not only a gamified program for employee wellness activities, but also health screenings, flu shots, blood drives, and appointment scheduling that can integrate with your health insurance provider.

Comprehensive programs like this are perfect for larger corporations whose employees’ engagement in physical activities might vary significantly and require more than just a 24-hour gym.

6. VirginPulse

Not sold on the subjective results that most wellness programs claim to achieve? No worries. VirginPulse gets it, and they provide you with stark statistics on how their products change their clients’ lives.

VirginPulse, a Virgin company, offers five different programs for you to choose from: Core, Ignite, Engage, Hub, and Global Challenge. Each offers a different perspective on wellness.

Core offers basic advice and counseling services to reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Ignite offers competitions, challenges, and games to make getting healthy a fun, collaborative, and supportive adventure.

Engage is a customizable tool that informs and encourages healthier habits to help your employees reach their personalized goals. Hub is a fully-integrated platform for wellness information, programs, and benefits, and connects all your employees through a communication feature.

Finally, Global Challenge seeks to bring your office together through team-based challenges and friendly competition with other companies.

7. Vitality

Is your office a competitive one? Vitality might be for you. Like VirginPulse, Vitality also has great statistics on how their software really does change lives. Their programs offer a gamified approach to wellness unlike any other. Financial incentives drive healthy behaviors until they become healthy habits. Wearable technology helps employees track their progress.

Each activity has points associated with their completion, so your employees get active with some friendly competition. The digital platform syncs the wearable tech, tracks performance, and offers rewards. If your office is looking for community engagement, Vitality is where it’s at.

8. WorkStride

WorkStride wellness program

Another option for those who are more competitive, WorkStride is smaller-scale workplace wellness software that rewards employees for exercising by fostering friendly competition between co-workers.

Built for sales companies, WorkStride offers incentives and gamified systems to encourage not only participation in wellness activities but also work-related achievements. Their team works directly with you to design your own program.

Their software includes customizable onboarding software, and a reporting module that allows you to track your employee’s progress both through the program and through their sales.

Which workplace wellness programs do you use?

Everyone likes feeling healthy and happy, and getting there is easier with software. There are plenty of wellness programs out there for your office, and finding the right fit just takes knowing your company culture and then taking the time to find the one for your office.

Ready to get started tracking down an office wellness program for your staff? Start looking today!

Want to know more about wellness programs? Questions? Comments? Drop me a line in the comments below, and follow the blog on Twitter @CapterraHalden to get weekly updates on talent tech, trends, and news.

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