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9 Doctor Social Networking Sites Every Physician Should Know About

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You’re probably already on most major social networks but if you’re not also utilizing physician-oriented social networking sites, you’re missing out.

Doctor-focused social networking sites offer connection, crowd-sourcing, and education opportunities.


We’ve rounded up 10 sites—presented in alphabetical order—that can aid your professional development, in addition to increasing your networking opportunities.

General connection sites

These are the real must-haves. These sites boast an impressive number of physician users, and offer doctors more than enough utility to justify signing up and playing around.

1. Sermo



Target demographic:

“Verified and credentialized” physicians worldwide, including physicians from the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Argentina, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, France, Finland, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, and Israel.

Sermo is the largest biggest, most successful social network for doctors. The site focuses on connecting doctors to facilitate collaboration, and touts itself as a “virtual doctors’ lounge.”

The goal is medical crowdsourcing, think a Quora for doctors. You can ask real-life medical questions and get answers from hundreds of your peers. Sermo is physician-only, and you can ask questions anonymously.

Another cool thing about Sermo is that member physicians earn more than $16 million every year in honoraria for weighing in on new and current drugs, techniques, and medical devices for market research firms.

2. Doximity


Users: 500,000

Target demographic: U.S. healthcare professionals

Doximity is a newer kid on the block, aimed at connecting you to doctors you already know — colleagues, classmates, and co-residents on a HIPAA-secure platform.

The company claims that 70% of U.S. physicians are on Doximity, and that 90% of fourth-year med students are now members.

You can upload your CV and list your clinical interests, education, board certifications, and publications on your profile. Doximity also offers data on compensation trends in your specialty and geographic area, a job board, and tools to earn and track your CME credits. It includes a personalized medical news and research feed, and its collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center allows physicians to earn Category 1 credits by reading medical journals.

Doximity also offers a phone dialer and a HIPAA-secure digital fax and messaging service so physicians can call or fax patients from their personal cell phones while the patient sees the doctor’s office number on their caller ID.

3. DailyRounds


Users: ~30,000

Target demographic: International physicians

TechCrunch calls DailyRounds “a service for doctors that combines elements of a social network and a medical journal.” In September 2016 venture capital firm Accel handed an undisclosed sum to the service, with help from Beenos, Powerhouse Ventures, and Aksua Holdings.

Two years ago Dr. Deepu Sebin was inspired by the way developers used Stack Overflow to teach their peers across different organizations by detailing how they accomplished their goals. Doctors can use DailyRounds to exchange wisdom, upload and view medical case files, and access a drug database. You can also chitchat and network on the desktop or through iOS, and Android apps.

4. QuantiaMD


Users: 200,000

Target demographic: U.S. physicians

Less a social network, and more a learning and collaboration platform, QuantiaMD is evocative of a combination of Quora and for doctors. It helps physicians stay ahead by interacting with and learning from experts and peers.

5. Among Doctors

Users: ~2,500

Target demographic: U.S. and international physicians

Like Doximity and Sermo, Among Doctors is a social network for doctors with discussion boards and international job postings. You can also use it to create and collaborate with private groups of trusted experts. Another standout feature is that the platform doesn’t allow pharmacists or drug reps to join, limiting access to verified physicians who must use their real names.

Specific utility sites

These are the sites you should join if you need the specific utility they offer.

6. Figure1


Users: ~500,000

Target demographic: Healthcare professionals and students in more than 100 countries

Need feedback from other doctors on what you’re seeing? With Figure1, you can share images of patient ailments to get other physicians’ opinions, and access others’ images to educate yourself on rare illnesses.

Scrolling through the images can help you recognize rare conditions in your patients. If you live in an isolated locale, Figure1 can be a great source of connection to other physicians.

Figure1 protects patient privacy by removing identifying information from the images —such as faces and tattoos— automatically, as well as having humans review every image before it appears on the app.

7. Incision Academy


Users: ~500

Incision Academy is much more of a MOOC platform than a social network. The social part of the platform is its goal is to help surgeons share their techniques with other surgeons across the world. The promotional video describes Incision Academy as “the next step towards a universal surgical language,” citing its first value sharing. “Sharing surgical skills will improve the quality of surgical care.”

Niche sites

8. Student Doctors Network 

Founded in 1999 by medical students and residents, the Student Doctor Network is a non-profit educational website with a single mission: help students become doctors.

9. MomMD 

Primarily a forum and job board for female physicians, on MomMD you can compare salary data ask questions of other doctors.

10. Doctor’s Choice Placement Services 

This site is like for physicians. You can search for jobs by geography and specialty, as well as upload your CV. Clients include hospitals and health systems, government facilities, medical groups and private practices.


Know any other good social networking sites or online communities catering to doctors? Drop them in the comments for future iterations of this post!

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Cathy Reisenwitz

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Comment by Pär Kragsterman on

For the radiologists out there, may I recommend An intelligent case solving platform for Radiologists. This man-machine collaboration forum based around medical DICOM data, allows radiologists to professionally review multiple studies making up a case and discuss it with other human doctors and soon machines.


Comment by Tony B. on

Great resources. Should add and check medical staffing solutions
too. Happy to have more sites to help our nurses and other medical applicants.

Comment by Regis Whittaker on

This is a great list thank you for the resource! I have been on forums for years but apps are changing the game.

Comment by Marcel Filart on

Hi this start-up might not be in the category of social media for docs but it also involves small collaboration of healthcare professionals that are directly involved in an individual’s care. Hubchart is the first HIPAA complaint Patient centric collaborative care app with the ability for or any healthcare provider to be able to securely log thousands of her patients on a secure account. Just like an EMR, one has or have had a patient- Provider encounter & a verbal consent from a patient to open collaborative care group by using just the patient name and date of birth (w/o any other identifier). The patient could also join the care group. The Hubchart group owner can could join the clinic staff in the main interactive care group called Admin group. Then, one can also form multiple private and secure subgroups that can involve other care providers and designate a subgroup name basednon its function such as a pharmacy subgroup, a homehealthcare subgrp, cardiology care subgroup, DME company grp etc.

Comment by Lena Kapatou on

Hello. Great Review. Very similar to those referred above is the DoctorsHello ( which is a more complete medical ecosystem. DoctorsHello is an interactive Ecosystem based on a collaborative network of professionals (doctors).

Comment by Christopher Clark on

I have a social network for patients connecting to doctors and nurses. It is a social network that connects patients to doctors and nurses. It lets you chat and share news with doctors and nurses for FREE. The social network connects you with different types of doctors and nurses. The doctors and nurses can find different types of patients and add them as a friend and help them. It is a super easy network to use. You can join for FREE. will be FREE FOREVER.


Comment by Harsh on

Hi, this is the updated link for the above-mentioned article. Thanks


Comment by Harsh on

Great article…was totally oblivious that doctor social media site existed. I came across while I was researching to write on a similar topic, would love if you could express your view . And again, thanks for such an awesome blog.

Comment by Ali Hussey on

Have you reviewed Skipta?

Comment by Stacy Novachek on

You can add to this list a site with articles on medical news, tourism and innovations in treatment

Comment by Rahul Mehra on

Hi Cathy,

There’s another such site called www. Please include it in your post


Comment by Facmedicine on

as a doctor, i think facmedicine is the best network for doctors


Comment by Elina jan on

Really helpful Doctors Sites resource thank you so much

Comment by Eli Benez on

Add to your list – 50 countries worldwide and 100,000 verified physicians

Comment by Elena Barla on

Hi Cathy, is also another important case: it’s a global networking & collaboration platform for licensed physicians only. The network counts 2500 users from over 60 countries & over 40 medical specialties.


Comment by Marshal Jaynes on

The list shared is worth considering. Allnurses, Ozmosis are two apps which can also be added to the list helpful for nurses even. Well, most of the doctors and healthcare providers have less free time than others and may not be on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. regularly, or in many cases, they are not able to contact with their colleagues for discussing problem and working to find the best solution for patients. In such cases, all these apps and social networking sites will help to share information, opinions, etc. With these websites and apps, they can easily collaborate on a professional level.

Comment by Sunil Kumar on

I have joined the Medical communities offered by Google+ that will help me a lot i hope in terms of branding and practicing myself 🙂

Comment by Ryan Pomicter on

Don’t forget “The Onion” for Doctors, 🙂

Comment by Thomas Stringham on

AmericanEHR Partners is a free online resource designed to aid the medical community with the comparison, selection, implementation, and effective use of health information technology and electronic health records. AmericanEHR Partners has 26,500+ registered members and was founded by the American College of Physicians and Cientis Technologies in 2010.

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