Android App Development: 5 Online Courses for IT Professionals

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Native apps. Do you have one?

I understand it’s a little hard to differentiate valuable tech insight from the craze of startups struggling to get eyes on their products. So when you read something about “native apps,” it’s hard not to roll your eyes.

But native apps may be a lucrative investment for your company, considering the multitude of benefits they can offer businesses.

Because aside from enabling mobile users direct access to their product or service, native apps also enable a company control over their users’ experience, access to a customer data goldmine, and can even increase conversion rates, just to name a few.

I can smell the money in that last one.

So why not invest in something that has the potential to transform your business? Not to mention, we’re all on our phones anyway, and Android users make up a significant portion of the mobile population.

But how exactly does an IT manager go about making an Android app?


Not to worry. I’ve got you.

Below, I’ve listed six online courses to help you with Android app development. Some touch on the very basics while others are tailored for more intermediate coders, so you should find something suitable to fit your programming skills.

(Also, if you’re a bit rusty on your Java, I have a few courses here to help you brush up quickly.)


Let’s go!

Android App Development Specialization


Looking for a more involved course where you truly learn the ins and outs of crafting your own Android app? Look no further.

Created by Vanderbilt University, this four course certification and capstone project delves into Java for Android, app components and data persistence, how to build and deploy your app, as well as how to maintain your app after its creation and release.

This first course requires a commitment of four weeks of study with a dedication of around five to six hours every week. The other courses have yet to be fleshed out in their entirety,though they do touch on general concepts you can expect to learn throughout the specialization’s duration.

Cost: $355 (Financial aid is available for those who qualify.)

Beginning with Android Development : First App and Beyond


Almost 25,000 students have enrolled in this beginner course for Android app development, which is targeted specifically for entrepreneurs, particularly those interested in mobile app startups.

With 39 lectures topping out to three and a half hours, participants can expect to have a grasp on Android app basics, like creating an Android emulator, crafting your very own “Hello, world!” application, and understanding Android’s project structure and software.

Those interested should have a basic understanding of Java.

Cost: Free

Build Your First Android App (Project-Centered Course)


More of a do-it-yourselfer? Want to make something a little more meaningful than a social media or gaming app?

This project-centered Coursera offering is taught by two computer science professors, who will help you design, create, and ultimately distribute your own Android app. Furthermore, both instructors will walk you through customizable building blocks that can help you craft a various types of Android applications.

Potential students should already have a basic understanding of Java for this online course, but do not need an Android device since they will be using software that emulates a phone on the computer.

Cost: Free

The Complete Android & Java Developer Course – Build 21 Apps


Even if you know nothing about Android app development (or even coding), this crash course has the ability to transform you into an Android professional in five weeks.

Divided into 201 lectures spanning the course of 28 hours, you’ll be walked through the fundamentals of programming and Java language until you’ve mastered advanced concepts, where you’ll then be introduced to Android app development tools. By the end of the course, you’ll have created your own WhatsApp clone, mood scanner app, and even learn how to monetize your app by the end of the course.

Cost: $40 (includes lifetime access and certificate of completion)

Learn to Build a Professional App in Android


If you have basic knowledge of Java and Android, skip the beginner stuff and come to this online course, which dives straight into app development.

This course explores professional Android setup, class design and logic flow, as well as code review, code cleanup, and debugging.

Learn to Build a Professional App in Android is instructed by Eduonix Learning Solutions, which specializes in technology training content. Sure to say you’ll be in good educational hands if you decided to invest in this Android course.

Cost: $20 (lifetime access)


Are there any other online courses about Android apps you think I should add? Let me know in the comments below.

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Nowadays most of the people use a mobile phone. So, to become an app developer is a good decision. But most of the people get confused that from where we should learn to become an expert. A years ago I was also confused about that, but then I heard about online android development course from the udacity. There are plenty of other courses which can help you to learn. I learned from there and by practicing more and more I have become pretty much good in app development.


Mobile App Development is a bright career as they have become inevitable for small to large businesses.


Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for sharing top 5 valuable courses. I want to add one more android course Google Developers Training for Android: This course from google will be helpful for all android developers.


Thanks for the interesting post 🙂

These courses are very much in demand. I read your post and I want to say that your post is very eye catching. One of my friend did application development training course from Koenig Solutions and right now he is getting good salary.


Hey Jennifer nice read. I think we also want to see the existing trends of market tools available for mobile development and plan our course accordingly. I was reading this article which describes the top tools/services for mobile development It is necessary for staying in the market that we should know that how the trend is coming along.


Nice article Jennifer Champagne. Android app development courses definitely help professional to sharpen their android skills . Thank you very much for suggesting.


Thanks for the suggestion, Abhishek! I’ll be updating this post in the future with even more courses, so I’ll be sure to add Tim’s to my list!


Excellent article. This is like the one place for all the sources to look for an android development course. Udemy has a course of Android development by Tim Buchaka. It is worth mentioning.

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