Applicant Tracking Software: How Small Businesses Can Now Benefit

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You run a well-oiled machine. Or, maybe you don’t. Either way there’s a good chance you’re always on the lookout for new ways to maximize your company’s efficiency.

Applicant tracking software (ATS) is a great place to look and can help by optimizing the way you hire new employees. It’s no longer a pipe dream for small or medium-sized businesses (SMB) to automate most of the hiring process today.applicant tracking software small businesses

Thanks to cloud technology, SMBs can now take advantage of six major benefits of ATS.

1. Update all job postings across multiple sites.

Tired of updating CareerBuilder, Monster, Craigslist, your company’s website, and any other job boards you use? An ATS will give you the power to control all of your job listings with a single click. According to SilkRoad’s Recruitment Marketing Effectiveness Report, online sources in 2011 “produced 94 percent of the interviews and 86 percent of the hires.” If the majority of new hires come from online sources, shouldn’t it be easy to post your openings across all available sites? Using an ATS will give you consistent, time-saving posting.

2. Begin your search with the most qualified candidates.

Without an applicant tracking system in place, your HR staff is bombarded by emails containing resumes, cover letters, and applications. Where do you even begin? ATS allows you to automatically screen candidates by criteria you specify. Pre-screened applicants can then be filtered and ordered by the top matches for your open position.

3. View all candidates at the same time on one screen.

Isn’t it difficult to tab through a dozen open applications in order to find the most qualified candidate? Most applicant tracking software provides a dashboard and centralized system that allow you to view all candidates’ information at once. The dashboard also lets you update the status of candidates as they move along your hiring process. No more wasted time moving paper between folders and filing cabinets.

4. Eliminate data entry and mistakes.

The time spent doing tedious data entry (and fixing costly mistakes) could be better spent reviewing candidates and finding your newest hire. Goodbye, Ctrl-Z. Applicant tracking software includes the ability to automate data collection from resumes and online applications, ensuring accurate information for each candidate.

5. Maintain contact with applicants while eliminating manual email blasts.

You already deal with an inbox flooded with resumes; why not eliminate inquiries from candidates as well? Applicant tracking software can automatically confirm the receipt of a candidate’s application. The software also allows you to email all of your candidates at once, keeping them updated on where you are in the hiring process. Emails with candidates can also be logged within the ATS so all communications are saved in one easy and time-saving location.

6. Automate accurate, audit-ready EEO/OFCCP compliance reports.

If you mention the letters EEO/OFCCP to an HR manager, you’re likely to see them cringe. A good ATS can automatically collect Equal Employment Opportunity data for your records and generate accurate, audit-ready compliance reports. EEOC laws cover companies with as little as 15 employees. Having this information ready can save your company headaches in the event of an audit or lawsuit.

HR technology strategist Steve Boese nails the issue for small businesses hiring new staff:

“The problem for the small business that needs to hire is that they need to complete all the same processes as the large company, but usually with no tools (other than e-mail) to assist them. They spend comparatively way more time than the large organization manually processing paper and resumes.”

Hiring managers can save a lot of time and energy by employing an applicant tracking system. Evaluate your company’s hiring process and consider utilizing the benefits of applicant tracking software. A number of vendors offer free trials to help you find the best fit. Test a few out and see if an ATS can work for you.

Looking for Applicant Tracking software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Applicant Tracking software solutions.

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As a reasonable decision for small business a would recommend . The free version works for up to 10 users and has no limits in its functionality: postings to popular job boards, video-interview, customized career page, questionnaires, candidates comparison, iOS and Android application etc

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