New HR Video: Why not having an ATS is killing your recruiting company

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We just filmed a video breaking down some of our recent research on Applicant Tracking Software.

The short version?

You need it.  Especially if you’re a recruiting firm.


Check the entire applicant tracking video here for more explanation:

Below is the full transcript:

“If your staffing or recruiting firm is performing poorly, some new research might just indicate why.

Hi I’m J.P. and I am Capterra’s resident HR technology specialist, and in this video I want to talk about some new research that we’ve done on the impact of recruiting and applicant tracking software.

It turns out the use of recruiting software is very widespread.

Fully 75% of hiring managers and recruiting agents say that they use some form of this software.

Of these, the vast majority (73%) are staffing firms, not internal hiring divisions.

Now, 94% of the people that use this software say it’s had a positive impact on their hiring process, compared only 5% who say it’s hurt their hiring process.

To put these numbers in a little bit of perspective, compared to other software industries we’ve looked at, like CRM, like project management, they only get about 40% to 50% positive impact, compared to 94%, so this is at least, or more than, double what we’re seeing across other industries.

This does indicate that while applicant tracking software and recruiting software may not be a magic bullet, having it really does confer a massive unfair advantage on the firms who do.

Thank you for watching.  If you’d like to see the full survey results please check the link we have in the video description below, and if you are one of those companies that either doesn’t have an applicant tracking or recruiting system or has the wrong one, reach out to Capterra.  Our experts can walk you through your needs and requirements and match you up with the perfect option, and all for free.”


The research mentioned in the video comes from our original Recruiting Software Impact Report, and you can get free help finding an ATS of your own by reaching out to us directly.

Looking for Applicant Tracking software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Applicant Tracking software solutions.

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J.P. was formerly content director at Capterra.



Hi JP, Great video, and thanks for sharing the statistics and survey results, very informative.


Thanks Sameer, glad you found it helpful!

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