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Top 4 Free Diagram Software

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Diagram software communicates complex information in a simplified yet detailed manner. Whether you’re an HR personnel managing the org chart or a marketing officer strategizing a product launch, with diagrams you can communicate all necessary information... Continue Reading

3 Best Free Presentation Software

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a sales/marketing person, designer, teacher, or any other professional, you need to prepare and give presentations at some point in time. Presentation software can help you create effective presentations that... Continue Reading

10 Best Free Screen Sharing Software

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Screen sharing software allows presenters and meeting participants to share their desktop/mobile screens with other participants. Whether you are conducting a webinar, giving a presentation, or offering technical support to remote employees, screen sharing software makes... Continue Reading

9 Best Free Gantt Chart Software

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Gantt chart software helps businesses track project progress and deadlines. Businesses of all sizes need to manage people, projects, and clients every day. Without project management software, keeping track of tasks becomes challenging for project managers,... Continue Reading

7 Free Slack Alternatives

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Slack has been a popular project management and collaboration tool among project managers and their team members for years now. The software helps solve the challenges of driving team performance and achieving organizational alignment, especially during... Continue Reading

7 Best Free Mind Mapping Software

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Mind mapping is a long-established process to capture and organize ideas. Managers use it; marketers live by it. With mind mapping software now readily accessible, more people have started realizing the power of mind mapping to... Continue Reading

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