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Writer @ Capterra, helping digital Davids beat Goliaths. I cover small business trends in CRM, accounting, real estate, insurtech, and emerging tech. B.A English, University of Delhi. Currently pursuing my master’s in English Literature. When I’m not working, I’m planning my next trek, playing video games, or working out.

Top 10 Project Management Apps For Marketing Teams

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Marketing professionals often juggle multiple projects simultaneously while constantly worrying about deadlines, deliverables, and keeping track of time-sensitive campaign planning. According to a Gartner research (full report available to Gartner clients), 31% of marketing leaders believe... Continue Reading

Best Tech Stack For Marketers

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Have you ever tried building a tech stack for your team as a marketing manager? It’s confusing, right? Especially when you don’t know what to prioritize. Should social media be your concern? Or should you add... Continue Reading
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