The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Customer Reviews

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Capterra has been celebrating our 15th birthday over the past few months. The official big day isn’t until November 1, but we can’t help but start the party early with our software vendors!

Last month, Capterra wrapped up its 15th Birthday Reviews Contest, where our vendors were challenged to be one of the first 15 to collect 15 new reviews for their Capterra profile.

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Hundreds of reviews poured in as vendors fought for the chance to win. After just five weeks, we had our 15 winners! Congratulations to the following software vendors (in alphabetical order):

Since we started our reviews program, Capterra has been determined to educate our software vendors as much as possible about the importance of product reviews and how to collect them.

It might seem like overkill, but we really believe in the power of reviews when we write these blog posts.

And after the completion of this contest, we have more tips and tricks to share!

So how did the winners collect so many reviews so fast?

Email was by far the most popular tactic for collecting reviews, with eight of our winners crediting an email blast for their collection of 15 reviews. They targeted their current customers, specifically those who had not written a review on Capterra. Some vendors were able to identify who had already written reviews on other sites, and who would thus be more open to submitting one to Capterra as well.

Another effective tactic (even we used it to get vendors to participate in this contest) was to include an incentive. 75% of consumers are likely to recommend your business if you offer them an incentive to do so.

Some of the contest winners used an incentive to encourage their customers to leave a review on Capterra. One vendor offered a gift card if a customer reviewed them, while another entered their customers into a drawing for a Google Chromebook.

Lastly, another popular tactic for the contest was to utilize a customer loyalty program. Many of our vendors have one, so they simply reached out to their members who had yet to leave a review on Capterra. Some loyalty programs offer perks for these types of activities so that clients will continue to participate.

One vendor even has a special part of their loyalty program that identifies who is willing to advocate for their product. That way, clients who don’t want to leave reviews won’t be bothered.

Advice from Capterra’s Marketing Advisors

I could go on and on about the importance of reviews and the best ways to collect them, but why just listen to me? Hear from your personal Capterra Marketing Advisor!

“Trust elements are crucial to all online marketing campaigns. Reviews, testimonials, and company logos can be the most persuasive and sought after content on a website. Vendors with reviews on Capterra have an automatic advantage over those without reviews – not only by receiving additional exposure, but by gaining the trust of prospects before they even click over to their website.”

– Sara Hartanov

“Searching for B2B software is much like any other online shopping experience. The more reviews you have, the more likely a prospect is to purchase, contact, or request information. In the age of social media, it’s all about word of mouth.”

– Maggie Siddons

“Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have all 5-star reviews. I’ve found that having a few 1 – 4-star review ratings actually makes your software look more credible! And you can use the vendor response section to comment on reviews, so you always get the last word.”

– Kaitie Flynn

“My lightbulb moment for the power of reviews occurred when I was working with a vendor whose website was not set up to see good conversion rates. Their listing was also the last paid listing in a long list of other providers. We had a consultative call to help them see good results on Capterra. However, these changes were going to take a while to implement. In the meantime, they collected 40+ high quality reviews. Even prior to the website changes, they were able to increase their click levels at that low bid position and were hitting the high end of conversion averages for that directory. I was blown away by the power of customer feedback to motivate others to move through the initial lead funnel despite the vendor’s inbound obstacles!

– Jen Bischoff

For more great advice from our Marketing Advisor team, check out this webinar Jen hosted in which she discussed how reviews impact lead generation, quick ways to get more reviews, and how top reviewed software vendors collected their reviews.

How have you collected reviews from your customers? Leave your experiences in the comments below.

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