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7 Benefits of Grant Management Software

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If you’re like me, the phrase “grant management” invokes a feeling similar to a mouth full of ash. And I don’t even run a nonprofit. I did have a job once in grant management when I was in college though, so I know just how many reams of paper it can take to keep on top of funding.

7 benefits grant management

I still shudder when I think back on the hours- no, days- I passed sitting in a closet-sized office, feeling suffocated by ceiling-high stacks of 4” binders with labels like PRX-784-35D. I passed my hours sorting, lifting, stacking, and photocopying papers on papers on papers.

My time in the graduate school of arts and science grants office turned out to be the worst campus job ever. Finding out that all of my duties could have been accomplished with software? Well that’s just insult to injury.

As it turns outgrant management software could have done my job and much more. If you run a nonprofit, securing grants is one of the most important tasks you handle. With millions of nonprofits worldwide all competing for the same grants, wouldn’t you do anything you could to increase your chances of securing funding?

Here are 7 ways grant management software can help you increase your funding:

1. Discover available grants in your area

Grant management software automatically searches known funding sources and alerts you when grant opportunities are available.

2. Organize all of your information in one place

Access all of your information- history, due dates, reporting requirements, contacts, goals, budget and more. No more 4” binders, no more shuffling through papers. Instead you’ll have searchable data all in one place.

3. Manage all grants from start to finish

Track every detail of the process from start to finish, including status, submission method, amount, and all important dates. Know where you are in every application.

4. Stay on track with integrated calendars and automatic reminders

Have all of your relevant dates in one place to manage your time more effectively. Automatic reminders ensure you never miss a deadline.

5. Generate reports and be ready for board meetings

Comprehensive reports will keep you ready for presentations, board meetings and grant interviews. Create custom reports to share with staff and optimize operations.

6. Keep neat financial statements to tack on to any grant application

Budgeting features allow for integration with accounting and give the ability to demonstrate financial responsibility to funders.

7. Get guidance on grant writing

Collect data from existing grants to make writing future grants a breeze.

Each year, U.S. grant sources give an estimated $1 trillion in grant money. Are you getting as much of that as your organization deserves? Grant management software can help you secure more grants and save you from management headaches.

What are some other benefits of using grant management software? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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