The Best Church Content of 2014

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Content marketing, that infamous buzzphrase. It’s everywhere now. Everyone and their brother is creating content, including plenty of Christians to spread their mission and message.

And they have a pretty good example to follow when it comes to content marketing, because the Bible is content marketing at its most brilliant, spreading God’s message to billions. And Christ’s followers are getting pretty good at making content themselves. 2014 was a good year for Christian content marketing. And not just articles – infographics and videos too. Below I’ve compiled a list of the church content that’s educated, inspired, and interested us this past year.

A note about what went into determining which content we included on this “Best Of” list: The best content tells a great story, so that’s a common theme through the pieces on this list.


20’s Church: This is a post from Cultivating Leaders, Jenni Catron’s blog. It’s actually co-written by Catron and Heather Stevens about a project Stevens starting working on this year to help churches with their outreach to 20-somethings. Despite the fact that the actual point of this post is fairly mundane – support Stevens as she embarks on her project – the delivery of this message is poignant. Stevens tells a short but sweet story about why she wants to get 20-somethings back and involved with church and her post is most definitely worth the read.

How We’ve Failed Our Young People: Articles that are down on Millennials for being a failure of a generation because are played out and, frankly, wrong – Millennials just do things differently than Gen X, and the Boomers. But this article by Seth Barnes is almost a love letter to Millennials. He tells Millennials the story of how their parents failed to help them become fully responsible adults and what they can do to change that. It’s a compelling piece of content simply because of how much heart and feeling has been poured into it. If I had to take a guess, Barnes may be speaking directly to his own children.


Building a Mormon TempleThe Church of Latter-day Saints released this informative infographic along with a blog post on what goes into building a Mormon temple, and I have to say, it may be one of the most interesting things you read/see all day. Infographics are generally compelling, given that they require almost no attention span to take in the information, but they rarely tell a coherent story. This one does tell a story – how the temple is built – and that in and of itself really raises the bar for this infographic.

via The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


All About that BabeThis video, in case you didn’t realize, is a parody of All About That Bass. It’s intended to get more people to come to their Christmas service. This video is a great example of promotional church content for a couple of reasons.

  1. It was a great way to get their whole church community involved.
  2. It’s also the perfect way to showcase what makes this church worth going to – it’s informative, entertaining, and full of worship.

The Burning Bush: 

This short film made by Elevation Church clearly had a lot of thought, time, and care poured into it. Despite featuring no direct promotional plugs or even insisting that one needs a church to have God, the film is an inspired piece of content marketing that will get people thinking about, and interested in, Elevation Church. The story of the film is well told, and the cinematography is actually quite good. There are a few very breathtaking shots.

Welcome Video:

Cornerstone Church made this short welcome video in which their head pastor details why he and his friends started this church. Francis Chan’s story is deeply infused with passion for his work and for Christ. It’s extraordinarily compelling because of this. Who doesn’t want to follow someone who is so energetic and intense about their mission?

What other content created by churches do you think deserves a spot on our “Best of” list and why?

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