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The 9 Best eLearning Apps for Businesses

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According to Gartner, by 2018, 70% of mobile professionals will conduct work on their personal smart devices.

With worldwide smartphone shipments topping one billion per year it’s not surprising that businesses and employees are putting these tools to use with forward thinking BYOD (bring your own device) policies and mobile-accessible resources.

The question is, how are you putting corporate and employee mobile devices to work for your training program?

If you’re not yet ready to dedicate the resources to a homegrown native or online mobile eLearning app, don’t worry. There’s already plenty out there that you can use out-of-box to help with your business eLearning efforts.

Here are nine great apps for eLearning:

1. WordPress

WordPress makes a great host for eLearning content, and the mobile option only adds to those capabilities. The mobile version does everything an app version of a full desktop website should do, taking away none of the functionality (writing, editing, posting, commenting, stats, and reporting are all available) while visually streamlining the site for a better user experience.

If you use WordPress for your courses, you’re missing out by not using the mobile site.

WordPress mobile is completely free, and is also available for Android.

2. Skill Pill

Skill Pill app

With options for iOS, Android, Windows phones, and Blackberry, the Skill Pill app allows you to provide bite-sized training videos (the eponymous “pills”) for your learners. Topics range from customer service, to management, to sales and marketing, and can be mixed and matched to provide a unique course per learner. Skill Pill can also develop custom courses.

The app is free, and some “Skill Pills” are included on download, but you need to pay for a login with Skill Pill to access the entire course library.

3. Moodle Mobile

Moodle app

The official app from Moodle will only be useful for you if you currently use Moodle but, given that it’s one of the most popular LMSs out there, there’s a good chance you already do.

The Moodle app, available for both iOS and Android devices, while not a full-blown replacement for the Moodle interface, does allow you to upload files, download course resources for offline viewing, send messages, and track course participants.

This app is free.

4. Blackboard Collaborate Mobile

Blackboard app

Given that the third most popular LMS is Blackboard, and that it’s got a lot of utility for corporate learning, this app is a great addition to your existing Blackboard implementation. It gives you the ability to join web conferencing sessions, chat, view whiteboard content and presentations, and answer multiple choice questions. You can download this app on either an iOS device, or Android.

The app is free to download, but requires a hosted enterprise Blackboard Collaborate license to use.

5. Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

Educreations app

This is essentially a simple course content creation tool for iOS devices. While you can’t share whiteboards in real time, the app does allow you to build and record different lessons, videos, and annotated images which you can then share with your learners via social media networks or email.

Ideal for instructional designers on the go, or when you need to whip up a quick performance support lesson for employees or techs in the field.

The app is free, but does feature in-app purchases.


Lynda app offers a catalog of 564 business courses, including things such as content marketing, management training, advanced Google AdWords tutorials, and accounting fundamentals. The app, on iOS and Android, allows you to access courses, save and share courses for offline viewing, create course playlists, and stream course videos to a TV using Apple AirPlay and Chromecast, respectively.

The app is free, but access to’s course library starts a $19.99 a month for four users.

7. E.Learning Age

E.Learning Age

This mobile version of the popular UK-based E.Learning Age magazine comes in both iOS and Android flavors.  The magazine covers news, case studies, and research from the eLearning space, and all of these can be accessed through the app.  You can read the latest edition and bookmark articles, as well as highlight and save them for later.

This app is free.

8. Apple Keynote

Apple Keynote

Apple’s own presentation app is ideal for building course content on-the-go. Similar to PowerPoint, Keynote allows you to create presentations on your iOS device.  

Easy saving via iCloud or Dropbox, and the ability to export in multiple formats make Keynote a great tool for building basic course content wherever you are.

This app is free.

9. iTunes U

Though it’s included for free on all iOS devices, this Apple app is sorely overlooked by instructional designers. Not only does it grant users access to a huge library of free and paid instructional content, including hundreds (or thousands) of business and skills courses, it also allows you to create your own courses to be used on learner’s iOS devices. While marketed at schools, vocational and professional learning is still an option with this tool.

Did we miss any great eLearning apps?

What’s your favorite eLearning app? Is it one that we listed, or are you shocked we missed something? Tell me about your faves in the comments below, or tweet me @CapterraHalden.

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Comment by Liza Avramenko on

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Comment by Anita Paul on

I have taken multiple trainings from Edureka over a period of 3yrs. The course contents are very good and to the point. The instructors are very knowledgeable. I’m extremely satisfied with the infrastructure and knowledge of trainers.

Comment by Arup Roy on

Great post. Please consider “Clapp – Teaching & Learning Anywhere, Anytime” in your next review:


Comment by Rocky Murasing on

Hi Medved,
I have been researching on the topic and found that Udemy and Lynda are quite fascinating. However, as in India, I have decided to stick to Edureka. The service is affordable and their app is available for both Android and iOS.

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Comment by Vinay on

We at Anytime Learn have worked out the solution for corporate learning through mobiles. Our Anytime Learn app allows you to share any content or assessments with your distributed employees on their devices. It is secure and supports offline access as well. Our solution is in use with eCommerce, Logistics and Microfinance companies. We are also experimenting with this format for training in retail segments.

Comment by mintu on

great post
BiZ Mobile and E.Learning Age is really good apps

Comment by SRIKANT on

I want to make e learning videos for my youtube channel.Suggest apps. I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


Comment by JP Medved on

Hi Mohammad, if you’re planning on developing a mobile eLearning version, I’d check out our extensive guide to mobile learning, here:

That can walk you through the steps, costs, and resources for developing an mLearning app.

Comment by mohmmad on

i am going to run a corporate e-learning company.
we are going to focus on interactive e learning for oil and gas companies. especially in operation and management dept dept.
i like to develop a mobile version platform also.
what do you suggest me about strategy and approach.


Comment by JP Medved on

Akanksha, security is absolutely a risk as more people transition to mobile for work and training, especially for any organization with sensitive training materials. Enforcing even just a basic password and lock policy for mobile devices will be crucial going forward.

Several also allow for remote wiping in case of loss, which I imagine will get more popular as well.

Comment by Akanksha Garg on

Thanks for the share! But with more and more learners accessing learner on multiple devices and the growing trend of BYOD – the inter-app connectivity often poses a security threat. That’s why organizations who are serious about BYOD and mobile learning are now taking appropriate measures to ensure security of data. For instance for Blackberry, iOS as well as Android devices, the Blackberry Enterprise Service 10 is a unified device management and security platform. For more on ways to ensure inter-app security, read on:

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