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3 Best Free and Open Source Fleet Management Software

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Fleet businesses around the world are almost always working round the clock. Whether it’s truck operators providing shipping services, food delivery operators, or logistic service providers for eCommerce stores, their operations never stop.

Typically, fleet managers or owners spend considerable time dispatching and keeping track of multiple fleets, communicating with drivers, and making sure company vehicles are being utilized properly.

Therefore, it’s only natural for fleet managers and owners to invest in software solutions that help automate complex processes and make the entire system more efficient. These processes could include dispatch management, GPS-based vehicle tracking, route optimization, vehicle maintenance, and fuel management.

Choosing a software solution, however, can be a daunting process. With the sheer number of options, it’s important to weigh the solutions on various parameters before finalizing one.

This article compiles three free and open source fleet management software for users that do not have a big budget or are trying to cut costs. The products are arranged alphabetically.

(See our selection methodology)

See all free fleet management software

This article looks at three free and open source fleet management software options. See the full list of free fleet management software tools in Capterra’s software directory.

free and open source fleet management software chart

  • Free version: Includes 30 automatic trips per month and unlimited receipt uploads.
  • Paid version: Starts at $5 per month and includes unlimited trips and finance management.

Everlance is a mileage tracking and expense management software solution for businesses with small and large fleets. Its features include GPS fleet tracking, route optimization, dispatch management, automatic mileage tracking, and expense management.

The tool uses GPS tracking to keep a record of trips taken by drivers to ensure location accuracy. Drivers can use Everlance to track and report mileage rates on the field.

Fleet managers can automatically track trip frequencies and suggest optimized routes to drivers. With its reporting feature, fleet managers can gain insights into total driving time, driver work hours, fuel consumption rates, and important locations to improve scheduling decisions.

Everlance offers cloud-based deployment. There is also a mobile version of the tool available for iOS and Android devices. The software has phone, email, and 24/7 live support as well as an online help desk.

Manager dashboard in Everlance

Admin dashboard in Everlance (Source)

  • Free version: Supports unlimited shipments.
  • Paid version: Users can get a quote for Business Pro and Enterprise plans from the vendor website.

Kuebix TMS is a transportation management software solution that enables fleet managers and supply chain managers to manage their fleets and keep track of their dispatches. Its features include dispatch management, fleet management, routing, shipping, and carrier management.

With Kuebix TMS, users can track and trace shipments with real-time carrier updates. Fleet managers can plan and oversee all dispatch requirements and generate reports to assess fleet performance.

The software also provides visibility into in-transit fleets that enables fleet managers to track each driver and vehicle out on the field. Additionally, there are routing capabilities that allow drivers to travel efficiently and offer better customer service.

Users can opt for either cloud-based or on-premise deployment. Kuebix TMS provides phone and email support along with a help desk.

Reporting dashboard in Kuebix TMS

Reporting dashboard in Kuebix TMS (Source)

  • Free version: Odoo Community edition is available for free, with all the features included.
  • Paid version: The Odoo app suite features additional integrations that start at $4 per app. Users can also enroll for paid Success packs that offer help with implementation.

Odoo is a completely customizable open source software suite that provides business solutions to a variety of industries, including fleet management. Fleet managers can register on the website to start using the app.

Odoo allows users to save service records, contracts, vehicle tags, and the make and model of the vehicles in their fleets. The reporting module helps monitor all these details through graphical representation. Odoo also offers GPS tracking to help fleet managers automatically record all vehicle movements and manage dispatches during fleet operation.

Odoo offers cloud-based deployment to free users while paid users can opt for on-premise deployment as well. There are mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

Odoo offers email and 24/7 phone support. Their website also features a knowledge center and an FAQ section for users.

Contract Management in Odoo

Contract management in Odoo (Source)

How to choose the right fleet management software for your business

With a host of free and open source options available it’s possible to get confused when it comes to selecting the right fleet management software solution. The following approach can help buyers identify the right tool:

  • Compare the user limit: Buyers should exclude products that don’t meet their business requirements in terms of the number of permitted free users.
  • Review the features: Buyers should carefully go over all the features offered in the free edition and shortlist the software that has all the core features that meet their requirements.
  • Assess training and support services: Investing in a new software solution almost always requires training. For this, buyers should assess whether the cost of training and support for a particular product is within their budget.
  • Read user reviews: An important step while assessing a product is to check what other customers are saying about it. Reviews on third-party websites can be helpful to assess if the product is the right fit.

While opting for a free tool is a wise decision when there’s a limited budget, buyers can always check out Capterra’s fleet management software catalog for more options. Here buyers can shortlist fleet management solutions based on features, pricing options, deployment, and the number of users.

Common questions to ask while selecting free fleet management software

Choosing a free or open source fleet management software tool isn’t easy, but it always helps to ask the right questions. We’ve curated some key questions that buyers can put across to software vendors before finalizing a particular product.

  • Is the software tool a good fit? Fleet management tools are designed to suit a variety of industries such as food delivery or field services. Buyers should check if the tool offers features that are specific to their business requirements.
  • What kind of customer support can I expect? While some vendors offer only technical support for software glitches, others offer fleet consultancy as part of customer service. Buyers should make sure to clarify the different kinds of customer support and services they are getting and choose the best product for their needs.
  • Does the product offer integration capabilities? A fleet management system should be able to easily integrate with other business systems such as supply chain management, billing, and payroll. Without integrations, processes such as storing driver information and optimizing routes would take a lot of time.
  • What kind of deployment and access options are available? Fleet management software can either be cloud-based or on-premise. Based on their operations, fleet managers should compare and choose the best deployment option that is available to them.

How we rate

This article was updated on May 25, 2021. Products considered for this article had to comply with the conditions mentioned below:

  • Offer a free, standalone version of the software (not a trial version of the software where you must purchase a product after a limited amount of time).
  • Meet our fleet management software market definition:
  • “Fleet management software helps users track, coordinate and manage work vehicles, assets and inventory, and it helps to optimize delivery routes and schedules.”

  • The listed products are part of the free and open source category of our fleet management software vendor list on Capterra.
  • Products that met the market definition also needed a minimum of 10 user-submitted reviews and an overall user rating above 4.0 compared to other products.
  • These products were evaluated to assess whether they included the core features mentioned below:

    • Dispatch management
    • GPS tracking
    • Routing

Products that met all of the above criteria were selected for the article.

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Comment by Craig Barnes on

I am in need of an app that my department can keep track of inspections, maintenance logs, location of vehicles (not GPS) when being repaired. We have 40 vans and will be growing to 60. I do not need GPS, or fuel management. I need a very basic, easy app that several people can access and comment on work that has been done

Comment by Sara Joyce on

Open-source fleet management software does not fit today’s fleet business. To enjoy the real profit using fleet management software, one should invest some dollars to increase their business revenue and realise what really matters with the updated fleet technology.

Comment by Richard Denham on

Hi – are any of these five options have a Spanish language option ? Or do you know of any good Spanish Language fleet management software, free or otherwise ?

Comment by Bill Headley on

Hey Geoff! Thanks for this great post. I just wanted to point out that although free fleet management software is attractive from a cost savings perspective, they are not very helpful in the long run. Paid fleet management software offers a lot more features, such as GEO fencing to prevent your vehicle from entering a restricted area, real time driver performance tracking and more. And you can get customized dashboards too.


Comment by Andy Barnard on

I came here to see whether OpenGTS or Traccar would be best for us, in the end we went with which is free for up to 5 vehicles. Supports tracking/locating vehicles which is what we need, various fleet management aspects via plugins etc. which we haven’t bothered with.

Comment by Bill Headley on

Open source is a good solution, but has its limitations. Wouldn’t recommend a company to opt for free, open source software, especially for something as critical as fleet management, simply because of the lack of support in case something goes wrong or doesn’t work.

Comment by Bill Frazier on

Need a GPS tracking solution when we help with disasters; tornados, fires, etc. We want to track responders via their cell phones or HAM radios. Maps should show all responders and it would be great to have icons for different types of resources. What suggestion would you have. No real mony-volunteer group.

Comment by Geoff Hoppe on

Hi John,

Thanks for the heads up. Fleetio discontinued their free option between the publication of this article and September. I’ll update this article this January with the new info, and add a note to the relevant section above. Thanks!

Comment by johnsmith on

I read here about Fleetio’s free plan so I decided to visit their website but they don’t offer a free plan, let alone a free plan for 10 vehicles :/

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