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9 Best Free and Open Source Survey Software Solutions

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With the help of intuitive survey software, you can learn what clients think of your new product, predict what they’ll buy in the future based on what they’ve bought in the past, and measure your influence on an individual’s actions after they encounter your brand. The best part? You don’t even have to pay for some of the top survey software options on the market to do this.

This article looks at nine highly rated free and open source survey software options. See the full list of free online survey tools in Capterra’s directory.

For each software product, we’ll look at their average ratings across real user reviews on Capterra and the cost to upgrade from the free version. You can find our full methodology here.

Free plan: Includes three surveys, unlimited questions, and 100 total responses.

Paid plans: Small team plans start at $49 per month and include 25 question types and data export capabilities.

Formerly SurveyGizmo, Alchemer is built to go beyond a basic survey and ask more layered, complex questions to obtain insightful results. The name change and rebranding denotes the company’s expanded outlook on surveys as part of a larger voice of the customer strategy. Their software service continues to offer survey capabilities as well as workflow, audience, communication, and analysis tools.

Alchemer does a great job pulling an overall report. It will autopopulate averages and standard deviations for each question while still letting you download your responses for a deeper dive. The data is never removed from your account, so you can go back and review old surveys as needed.

Key features: Web-based, skip logic and question branching, data analysis tools, 24/7 support team.

Screenshot of Alchemer survey builder tool

Alchemer survey builder tool (Source)

Free plan: Unlimited surveys and responses, basic analytics.

Paid plans: Google forms is fully free to use; cloud storage and support service upgrades are available with Google Workspace.

Google Forms is part of Google’s free business application suite alongside Sheets, Docs, and Slides. All applications in this suite easily integrate with one another, making Google Forms a great option for those looking to analyze their survey data using Google Sheets.

Google Forms offers limited design customization options and few templates, but a fairly robust suite of question types and response parameters (e.g., numerical responses only).

Key features: Web-based/cloud deployment, custom survey URLs, question branching.

Screenshot of Google Forms question builder dropdown

Google Forms question builder dropdown (Source)

Free plan: Send, analyze, and store three free surveys.

Paid plans: Suite pricing begins at $39 per month, which includes unlimited surveys.

Hotjar is a multifunctional software service with a suite of tools including marketing analytics, customer experience and satisfaction tracking, website optimization, and survey building. The starting price for the entire suite is ~$40/month, but some services are offered in limited, individual free versions, including a free survey tool.

The free version is limited to three surveys, but users have access to a robust bank of question types as well as branching question logic. Analytics include the ability to produce a word cloud based on responses to open-ended survey questions.

Key features: Web-based, skip logic, data analytics tools, question library.

Screenshot of Hotjar's survey builder tool

Screenshot of Hotjar survey builder (Source)

Free plan: 25 survey responses per month.

Paid plans: First upgrade package costs $34 per month and includes 1,000 survey responses per month.

LimeSurvey is an open source download and offers several benefits unique from free/freemium software options. While some tools charge a fee for phone or email support, LimeSurvey has a whole network of developers and users who can help you out, as well as an in-depth manual to help you work through any hiccups.

The collaborative nature of this open source system means you can launch your survey in 80+ languages. You can have unlimited administrators but only 25 responses per month across your surveys when using the free version.

Key features: Web-based, custom URLs, question branching and skip logic, data analysis tools.

Screenshot of mobile display of survey in LimeSurvey

Free plan: One active survey, 100 responses.

Paid plans: Cost to upgrade is not publicly provided.

With surveys at the core of its data collection strategy, Qualtrics CoreXM pairs operational data (e.g., leads data and analytics data that your sales and HR teams collect) with what they call X data—the data that tells you why things happen. This data comes from your customer experience surveys.

Qualtrics CoreXM boasts survey software that can handle everything from simple questionnaires to detailed research projects for the world’s biggest brands, allowing users to design unique surveys with their drag-and-drop survey tool, powerful logic, 100+ question types, and prebuilt survey templates.

The free version includes one active survey at a time, up to 10 questions per survey, seven question types to choose from, 100 responses, summary reports and filtering, survey logic, and online reporting.

Key features: Web-based, mobile-optimized surveys, custom survey URLs, data analysis tools.

Screenshot of Qualtrics CoreXM survey builder

Qualtrics CoreXM survey builder (Source)

Free plan: Unlimited surveys, max of 100 responses per survey, max of 200 total responses per year.

Paid plans: First paid tier costs $25 per month and includes ability to export data to Excel.

SoGoSurvey is a comprehensive survey platform with 24/7 support via phone, chat, and email. The system focuses on helping users improve customer experience, collect product feedback, and increase employee engagement with a focus on turning data into insights. This tool provides comprehensive survey features that treat feedback as a critical part of business growth.

SoGoSurvey caters to individuals, small businesses, and sophisticated researchers and policymakers. The free package includes multiple question types and the ability to customize the look and feel of each survey.

Key features: Web-based, question library, digital and in-person training options, supports images and video.

Screenshot of reporting and analytics functionality in SoGoSurvey

Reporting and analytics functionality in SoGoSurvey (Source)

Free plan: The starter plan is free forever and allows three surveys.

Paid plans: Upgraded plans start at $15 per month, which includes 20 surveys and the ability to export up to 1,000 responses.

With SurveyLegend, you can create surveys on your desktop computer or tablet, customize the look of your survey, and display collected data with eye-catching graphics. Creating questionnaires is simple with drag-and-drop functionality.

SurveyLegend provides basic live analytics and access to individual responses as they roll in. You’ll see a geographical representation of respondents, gaining valuable targeting information for your audience. SurveyLegend walks you through each step of the survey creation process and supports right-to-left language formats so you can create surveys in languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.

It’s worth noting that while your SurveyLegend survey will likely be fairly easy to make, it will have a “Proudly made with SurveyLegend” footer at the end. If branding is a problem, you’ll want to upgrade to a paid plan.

Key features: Web-based, real-time analytics, conditional logic, custom URLs.

Screenshot of SurveyLegend survey builder, displayed on a tablet and a laptop

SurveyLegend survey builder, seen on tablet and laptop (Source)

Free plan: The basic plan is free forever and includes unlimited surveys with a max of 10 questions and 40 responses per survey.

Paid plans: The first paid tier, Team Advantage, begins at $25 per month and includes unlimited surveys and a max of 10,000 responses per month.

SurveyMonkey is one of the heavy hitters in the survey-making world, and there’s a reason: its user interface is smooth. If you don’t have access to a distribution list for your survey, you can buy responses from SurveyMonkey.

The major drawback to using SurveyMonkey? The software’s most attractive tools and best functionality all live behind a paywall. Want logic? You’ll need to upgrade. Want branding? You’ll need to upgrade.

With that in mind, if you want an option that provides an easy user interface for basic surveys, SurveyMonkey is a great choice with the potential to grow as your company increases in size and capability (and budget). SurveyMonkey is a good tool for small businesses that expect to grow their survey distribution in the coming years.

Key features: Web-based, email distribution, skip logic, live results tracking, data analysis tools.

Survey customization options in SurveyMonkey

Survey customization options in SurveyMonkey (Source)

Free plan: Free forever, it includes unlimited surveys with a max of 10 questions and 100 respondents each.

Paid plans: The entry-level paid plan begins at $20 per month and includes unlimited surveys, questions, and responses, as well as over 250 survey templates.

Chances are if you’re in marketing you’ve heard of Zoho CRM, a CRM tool that boasts scalability and user-friendliness. While Zoho Survey works seamlessly with Zoho CRM, it also works on its own as a standalone free survey tool.

Zoho’s survey tool comes equipped with 250 different templates to choose from. It might take a few tries to get your questions set up the way you want them, so factor in a little extra time when setting up your surveys.

If you have Zoho’s CRM already and want a survey tool that can integrate with all of Zoho’s apps at no charge, Zoho Survey is your answer. This tool readily integrates with Google Docs and Zoho SalesIQ as well.

Key features: Web-based, in-person and live training options, question branching and skip logic, and custom survey URLs.

Screenshot of Zoho Survey's survey builder tool

Zoho Survey’s survey builder (Source)

How to choose the right free survey software for your business

As you assess your software options, here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Respondent limits: Pay careful attention to the number of responses you’ll be able to collect while using a free software version. Decide what the minimum number of respondents would need to be for you to feel confident making business strategy decisions based on the results.
  • Integrations: Take a moment to map out how you want all of your software tools to work together. Does the survey software you’re considering integrate with your existing CRM software or your marketing suite?
  • Templates: Some survey software providers offer a wealth of premade templates while others give you plenty of room and resources to customize. There’s not a wrong answer here; just decide which option will suit your team best.
  • Data export: If you want to export your collected survey data to a different platform (e.g., Excel), keep an eye out for that functionality as you’re evaluating free survey software options.


Free products

For the purposes of this article, we classified a product as free if:

  • It offers a free, stand-alone version of the software.
  • It is not a trial version of the software where you must purchase a product version after a limited amount of time.

Open source products

For open source software to be evaluated for this article, the tool has to make its source code open to everyone to inspect, modify, and enhance. The source code must also have been updated (full version or small fix) within the past 12 months and must support one of the following operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux.

The products that met the above criteria were then evaluated against our survey software definition:

Survey software is used to build and distribute digital surveys, polls, and/or questionnaires to your target audience. It then works to collect user responses and helps analyze the results commonly online/over a network.

This check verified their basic survey capabilities and appropriateness for the category. Products were classified as survey software if they contained any of the following core features: survey creation, survey management, multiple question types, data collection, and multi-channel distribution.

Software that met the market definition also needed a minimum of 15 reviews published on the survey software category page between January 1, 2020, and January 31, 2021.


The content in this piece that provides opinions and points of view expressed by users does not represent the views of Capterra.

Looking for Survey software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Survey software solutions.

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I’ve used several online surveys and SoGoSurvey I think it’s the best. It provides you with a high quality servicy, you can export your results in excel format. Besides, the staff replies to all the answers almost inmediately.

Comment by Diana on

I’ve tried several free online surveys and I think that SoGoSurvey is the best. It provides you with a high quality service. There are many options to personalize your surveys, you can share them in different ways and export the data in excel format. Besides, the staff replies very quick to all your questions.

Comment by Aziz Ahmad on

I was hoping to see Kobo Toolbox somewhere in the ranking. Kobo was developed by researchers at theHarvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI) and was funded by big international development organizations e.g. USAID, UNHCR and UNICEF. Completely free, no subscriptions, no adds and unlimited data entry. Plus so many options to choose from while creating questions and skip patterns. Great for off-line data collection on mobile devices. The data can be exported once wifi or mobile data is available.

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Great information. Lucky me I discovered your site by accident (stumbleupon).
I have saved it for later!

Comment by Lieke Lekkas on

I second @Chris on,

as the free features cover branding, data export, image insertion, and most of the basic set-ups you would need in research survey tools. What I couldn’t find on the site is whether the tool is responsive for Mobile. If not, I would use Responder for Mobile (also has data export and is responsive for mobile devices).

One thing I noticed is that I realise it’s difficult to translate this website into English (since Dutch was the original language used), but I do think it’s a pity the Dutch version is still more attractive than the English version. There is some room for improvement there.

Plus I had to look well before being able to confirm that the information used would be treated according to EU legal requirements and confidentiality laws. It does so no problem. I would still use this tool even with Ads though.

Comment by Kumar Subramaniam on

Is there a Survey Tool that
1. I can embed into my web or native mobile application (iOS/Android) for a more integrated look and feel

2. Can write to a relational DB of which I am the schema owner. Basically I would like to have the survey DB structure be created in PostgreSQL instance

Comment by FOSS on

In the title you say “free and open source”, in the article you say “free or open source”. That’s two very different things. Misleading title….

Comment by Robin W on

With only three surveys allowed, and those with limited functionality and no support, Survey Gizmo #6 should not be included on this listed to be consistent with your statement below. Only three surveys is nothing more than a “free trial” and a very limited one at that. After your first three surveys, the cost jumps to $300/year paid in advance for the least pricey option.

“To be included on this list, survey tools had to be free or open source for at least one user ad infinitum (no free trials allowed) and offer a survey building interface feature, email distribution, and more than one question type.”

Will look at the others. Thanks.

Comment by YeeScan on

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Comment by Pieter smith on should be added to the list.

You can get free Survey responses by completing some surveys yourself. Really useful, used it many times!

Comment by Chris Wong on

I am using sogosurvey for my academic research purpose. I must say it is one of the best tool in the market with a lot of useful features and better support team. It offers pro plan for free for academic research.

Comment by Jessica Nath on

Great post, thank you Rachel!

My favorite survey maker is by far Survey Anyplace ( It allows you to incorporate your logo, colors and other brand elements as well as images, video, and animations into your surveys – making them a fun experience instead of just another form you need to fill out on the internet. It also adapts to every device and environment including iOS, Android, phone, tablet, your native app, a tab on your Facebook page, your web app, etc. And it’s super easy to gather your data to analyze! I definitely recommend it for those looking for fun survey experiences that will keep their audience engaged!

Comment by Alejandro Ponce on

Neither surveymonkey or sogosurvey are free, sogosurvey has a few days trial only and surveymonkey free option offers nothing interesting.

Comment by Vlada Kryzhanivska on

I should say that it is a good list and great work must have been done for its creating!

I’d only like to add a tool, which is really helpful in conducting Market Researches, creating HR surveys and surveys for measuring Customer Experience. enables creating 21 types of questions, making complicated questions with advanced logic, designing surveys with firm logo, setting them as pop-ups, web widgets, e-mail embedded surveys and more, it also provides multi-language support. One could even use offline data collection. Moreover, free trial is available.
I recommend 🙂

All the best!

Comment by Anamika Upveja on

Great list Rachel! Yes, I have one quick recommendation for readers; Not free but Zonka Feedback is one of the most complete feedback management system ever built, it is cost-effective and super-bang for a buck. Capture feedback from multiple channels; on premises & offline (Tablets & Smartphones) and on the web (Email, SMS, QR code, in App). It does come with a 15-day free trial. More info on

Comment by James Fedrick on

Good list!

One item I’d add here is that surveys can be really useful for collecting feedback from employees. Lots of people focus on customers, but if you don’t have happy employees, you don’t have happy customers, and your business won’t grow. is missing from this list that can help with employee surveys.


Comment by Vincent M. on

The french initiative “Degooglisons Internet” offer an opensource solution named “Framaforms” based on Drupal with Webforms:

* the git:

Comment by Raj Kumar on


It is quite surprising that some of to see that some of best Tools like and are not included in the list .

These are actually great and very easy to use . I have used Survey monkey and Sogosurvey and i must say are very good.

Hope new updated list contain these tools as well as others.


Comment by Jen Smith on

I recommend you to try SutiSurvey it offers a lot of features for free.

Comment by Chris Bakker on

Hi Rachel,

Great article. Thanks for the list. It has been very usefull.

I’ve done a project in the past on a Dutch surveytool called They recently launched a English version of it;

It’s free and doesn’t have any limited on repsons or questions. Also, no banners or ads.

Perhaps people might be interessed in it.

Kind regards,



Comment by Brew Survey on

Hi Rachel,

Your research is very powerful I must say. These seem to be some amazing free survey tools. However, I would like to suggest Brew Survey feedback tool that lets you collect feedback and create surveys in a fraction of seconds.

Keep sharing such informative blogs.

Comment by Kennita Watson on

Thanks for the list, Rachel!

Warning to other comment readers: while Qualtrics has a free trial, it’s not a free service, so it doesn’t belong on this list.

Comment by Samantha Robinson on

The list is huge and interesting. To evince, there are many online survey tools such as qualtrics, sogosurvey, that can be included in this list. I have used qualtrics in the past and currently using sogosurvey for market research. Both have been a great tool and provide great customer support as well.

Comment by Felix Lim on

Hi Rachael
Actually after spending these few months meeting people in meetups, there is this one survey software API that I think we all need. A social profile matching software (like a dating software showing % of personality matching). But it is every individual had its own personal database of questions instead (for every category of questions we also get answering same type of questions meeting new people eg profession,position, work experience, interest/hobby, etc) What if we can each build a database of thousands of different questions answer on a scale of 1-5 and the application will just auto compare all those questions and show up with 2 circles which are the interception of our common interest or personality etc. Eg What is your view on gay marriage? If you put 1 on strong agree and me 5 strongly disagree, then it can also tell us its a topic we should not touch on for a first meeting.

Now there are alot of online survey or poll but repeated questions on eg income/age range, which industries you work in etc are common ones we need to repeatedly reply to even if its a one word different question or range. The API will auto fill in these surveys we intend to participate instead and we can copy those not-answered before questions save into our database for future references.

The features can be setting for each questions: personal, public, upon request type. option to set security type/level offered. Point system to indicate each user numbers of questions answered. Make it easy for company to buy point to conduct the type of survey they want and user can cash out the points or exchange or other rewards. Language translation. Especially for each type or meetup or social setting, organizer can setup his own 10 common questions for the new comers or attendants to answer easily beforehand and make the face time more effective and efficient. Futhermore its can extract already save data from facebook, linkedin or any other social media to make sure registration is easy.

If there are similar paid or free apps already out there that I don’t know please email me.


Comment by David Sandoz on

Isn’t LimeSurvey the only open source tool of your list? That’s not really what we expect when reading the title.

Apart from that, this is a nice list 🙂


Comment by Lucjan Kierczak on

Hi Rachel,

great list! Definitely useful for anyone planning to run a survey.

I’m biased but I think is also a good (and free) tool to run surveys and collect feedback from website visitors. The free plan offers all features needed to run surveys and learn more about visitors. Worth trying out : )

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