The 7 Best IoT Events To Dominate Your Competition in 2017

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“Don’t surround yourself with yourself,” Yes once sang. And what better way to get outside of your own head than by attending these seven best IoT events this year?

These seven best IoT events will provide you with information, networking opportunities, and the chance to enhance your perspective of the IoT. Maybe better yet, they’ll provide the sort of change of physical place that can be so conducive to good head space. I’ve arranged the entries alphabetically.

1. Bosch Connected World Chicago 2017

Location/Date: Chicago, October 11-12, 2017

Cost: TBA

Registration isn’t yet opened for Bosch Connected World 2017, but you’ll want to know when it is. Connected World covers a range of IoT-related issues. On the first day alone, there are talks on essentials like IoT platforms, and on applications like the IoT’s use in data analytics. If you’re interested in the coding side of IoT, the conference’s Hackathon is also a must-do. It will feature 250 different teams and vendors using Bosch open source software to meet IoT-related challenges.

2. IoT Day 2017

Location/Date: anywhere you start or participate in an event; April 9th, 2017

Cost: depends on the event

This brainchild of the Iot Council is actually multiple events, rather than a single conference. IoT Day is a global day of awareness and networking. IoT developers, employees, and even just enthusiasts are encouraged by the IoT Council to “participate in an event, host a hackathon, or just share a beer/coffee with a friend or fellow collaborator.”  There are already numerous global events listed on the site’s page, and the opportunity for plenty more to sprout up before the April 9th date. This could be a great opportunity for exposure for disruptive developers, new businesses, or even just people interested in IoT and strapped for cash. Submit your event, use the official hashtag (#iotday), and get noticed.

3. IoT Slam/Grand Slam 2017

Location/Date: Virtual event; June 21-22, 2017, RTP, North Carolina

Cost: For in person event, 299 pounds, standard registration, or 499 pounds, Diamond VIP registration. 50 pounds for early bird virtual pass, 159 pounds for standard, and 249 pounds for the Diamond Virtual Pass.

Past Iot Slams and Grand Slams weren’t physical conferences, but “cloud-hosted events.” Basically, they were content from major players in the IoT field that you pay for, as you would a conference ticket. 2017 will be the third year for IoT Slam, and the second for the IoT Grand Slam. It’s also a year that the IoT Slam will be held both virtually, and in person, in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park.  Two nice things about a virtual conference? You don’t have to worry about airfare, and you can watch the live conference sessions from the comfort of your home. Virtual passes also give you access to on-line content until September 21st. You can also pay for access to the content from past conferences on the registration page.

The 2017 IoT Slam call for papers was announced recently. There are eight tracks to which writers can submit papers:

  • Security and the Internet of Things
  • Cognitive IoT/Artificial Intelligence
  • IoT Platforms and DevOps
  • Enterprise IoT
  • Blockchain
  • Edge Computing
  • IoT Infrastructure
  • Standards and Policy

To give you some idea of what 2017 will be like, the 2016 Grand Slam featured 21 panels and talks in a day (!), and featured topics like how machine learning reduces power use in data centers, standards for IoT security, and designing your own smart home.

4. Industry of Things World Asia 2017

Location/Date: Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore, July 3-4, 2017

Cost: $2,295 per person; discounts for group booking are up to 50% off

Intrigued by Industry of Things World USA, but not in either of the Americas? Check out IoT World Asia, also run by events company we.Connect. There are more than 60 speakers and moderators lined up. As with IoT World USA, they represent a range of major companies, from New Balance to DHL to Cisco. Talks and panels will focus on using IoT to better take advantage of Industry 4.0. Look for a lot of examples of best practices and potential uses for IoT devices, like Hajime Sugiyama’s “IoT in Action,” or Tim Szymcek’s “Translating the 4th Revolution to the Factory Floor.”

5. Internet of Things Cambridge 2017

Location/Date: Cambridge, England, March 15-16

Cost: 550 pounds at the door (+ 123 pounds taxes/fees); 245 pounds until January 31 (+ 57 pounds taxes/fees).

Internet of Things Cambridge touts itself as a boardroom and marketplace, as much as an exposition, which “brings key people in the IoT ecosystem together to do business and learn from each other,” according to their homepage. IoT Cambridge actually targets three main groups: “established IoT brands, disruptive IoT entrepreneurs, and IoT investors.” If you’re looking to land business, this is a good conference to hit. The conference’s 13 speakers come from a diverse range of backgrounds, including IoT platform designers, smart city engineers, and the founder of the world’s first internet cafe.

6. Industry of Things World USA 2017

Location/Date: San Diego, CA, Feb. 20-21, 2017

Cost: $2,295 per person; discounts for group booking are up to 50% off

IoT World features 70 speakers and moderators. Their backgrounds are impressively broad, and include work for companies as diverse as Google, Boeing, Dell, John Deere, and Hershey’s. The sessions and talks look to provide a solid base of knowledge about the IoT and Industrial IoT (David Riddle’s “Re-thinking Products and Services Based on Connectivity” uses a case study to provide new perspective about connectivity), and also delve into more data-driven depth. (Aldo Dagnino’s “Discussion on Analytic Modeling in the IIoT” looks good for both data scientists and beginners alike.).

7. Thingmonk 2017

Location/Date: London, England, dates TBA

Cost: TBA; last year’s tickets for the full three days were 200 pounds

Thingmonk, a “developer conference for people making IoT platforms,” hasn’t announced its 2017 location and schedule yet. The page for their 2016 conference, however, will give you some idea about what to expect: over 30 speakers, and two days of panels, seminars and discussions that focus on everything from “the right tools for IoT developers” to “What could possibly go wrong,” which addresses all the bad possibilities of IoT tech breaking down.

Side note: some of 2016’s talks are on youtube, listed in the link for the talk itself on the homepage. Here’s a vid for that “right tools for IoT developers” talk.

Other IoT Events

Are there other IoT events that you’re excited about? If you’re planning on attending an upcoming IoT event I missed, or you work for one, please comment below and let me know!

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