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5 Technology Innovations That Will Change How You Do Business

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Our Small Business Week series takes a look at emerging tech, including interviews with the small-business owners who are already using it.

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Our Small Business Week story starts with one of the best technology innovations of all time: the trebuchet. A trebuchet—for those who aren’t experts in siege weapons used in medieval warfare—is a catapult that uses rotational acceleration to “sling” projectiles at enemies.

Obviously, I want one. But, do I need a trebuchet? Probably not.

Blueprint of trebuchet via Wilderness Arena

Blueprint of trebuchet via Wilderness Arena (Source)

That trebuchet is a metaphor for most of today’s technological innovations examined through the lens of a small-business owner. Do you need a high-powered solution such as virtual reality or blockchain to meet your business goals?

Again, probably not.

But, in special cases, a trebuchet can be just what a business needs.

The small- and midsize-business owners we interviewed for our Small Business Week Series are using today’s best technology innovations to drive their businesses forward in unexpected ways. If you can learn how to think outside the box with these technologies, you may be able to fling a small piano across a field … or exceed your revenue goals—whichever is more important to you.

Small-business leaders who understand how other small businesses are innovating with new technologies will be able to compete more successfully.

Over the next week, we’ll release a new piece each day with proprietary technology adoption data and tips for figuring out if a specific emerging tech is right for your business.

Do I need all of this innovative tech right now?

Let’s answer the most important question first: Do you need a trebuchet?

No. Probably not.

If you’re a small business just getting its foothold in the marketplace, you should know what these technologies are and what they can do for your business. But, you should also invest in the basics first, such as a solid CRM, excellent accounting software, and top-notch computer security solutions.

When you have your foundation set, then you can consider how innovative technologies could reduce overhead costs and increase revenue.

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Tirena Dingeldein

Tirena Dingeldein

Tirena Dingeldein is a former Lead Emerging Technology and Business Trends Analyst for Capterra.



Comment by Shanker Rungta on

I believe Tirena wrote a beautiful copy which describes the jinx between technology and innovation.

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