The 5 Biggest Project Management Trends for 2015

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Computerworld just released a study that shows 24% of companies plan to hire more IT employees in 2015.

What was the number two most-valued skill in a new hire (behind programming and application development)? Project management, of course.

It’s going to be a dazzling year in this field.

project management trends

And with that said, project managers will have to adapt to new and changing workplace situations.  Here’s what to expect in project management over the next year:

1. Agile will continue to gain popularity in IT projects.

Agile is cost-effective, relies on self-organizing teams, and appeals to human needs like autonomy, mastery, and purpose. And in order for it to be successful, it relies on constant feedback. For businesses who continue to struggle through the Great Recession, its real-time cost-cutting capabilities are increasingly appealing to bottom-line conscious management. For those who cringe at the term “Scrum,” get used to it. This trend is here to say.

2. Mobile collaboration will be king.

Earlier this year, The Telegraph proclaimed, “The work-life balance myth is dead.”  And to that I say: good riddance. Work-life blending is far better anyway. But for project managers, that means that you will have to deal with a workforce that is constantly on the move, telecommuting, and maybe even working irregular hours. In 2014, mobile exceeded PC internet usage for the first time in history. That trend will only continue to grow. Make sure that your project management software and collaboration tools are optimized for mobile integration.

3. “Risk management” will become the buzzword of 2015.

Risk management is already an incredibly popular topic for project managers. But with the growth of Agile, risk management will become a necessity for project professionals seeking opportunities in the New Year. While there is software available to help identify risks, you will still have to hone your ability to identify potential budget or scope overreach and maintain organization over your projects.

4. Cybersecurity will be front and center.

Sony. Jennifer Lawrence. Target. Major companies and celebrities suffered through malicious attacks this past year, and cyberattacks are expected to increase through 2015.  As Brian Finch pointed out in the Wall Street Journal, “Cybersecurity must be defined by process, not tech… There is no such thing as a cyber silver bullet when it comes to defensive technologies or services.” Indeed, security will be put on project managers, and not necessarily the tech that goes into a project, and you and your team will be responsible for ensuring the deliverable is secure.

5. PMP certification will become more popular.

As more young people struggle to find jobs, many will turn to a PMP certification to try to get a leg up in the project management field. Getting a PMP carries quite a bit of weight—it allows young workers to learn the knowledge of the field, attain networking opportunities, and distinguish themselves from the competition. This trend will continue not just through next year, but through the next decade. In other words, expect the field to become over-saturated with PMP-certified project managers.


I’m sure that there are more trends that I’ve missed going into the New Year. What do you expect 2015 to look like? Leave your comments and projections in the comments below!

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Hi, thank you for this post I agree with you that with the growth of Agile, risk management will become a necessity for project professionals seeking opportunities in the New Year. very useful information

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