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5 Best Ways to Brand Your Construction Company and Increase Sales

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A brand is the promise of an experience.

Walk into a Starbucks and you know you’ll be surrounded by hipsters and overpriced but delicious coffee. Go to Disney and expect to experience “magic.” Shop at Whole Foods and you can anticipate locally-grown or organic produce—and prices to match.

But branding doesn’t stop at nationally-recognized chains. Creating a construction brand prepares your potential clients for an experience they’re willing to pay for.


I’m sure you’ve seen this brand before.

A great brand is a reflection of what your company is, what your company aspires to be, and how people perceive your company—and your brand should also be based on what your target market wants and needs you to be.

Establishing a quality brand takes perseverance and patience—but it’s worth the effort. Here are five steps to help you brand your construction company.

1. Set a budget.

Trade Money

When you’re deciding how much money to spend on a brand, know that you get what you pay for. A home-made logo probably won’t be of the same quality as a professional design. Professionals suggest that you spend 1%-10% of your overall revenue on marketing—and branding is only a part of that budget. But there are other ways to budget your firm’s brand.

You could make a branding plan to be executed over the year and create a budget to solely meet those needs. But this method doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room if an unexpected opportunity comes up and you need collateral. You could also analyze how much your competition spends—and then match it (though figuring out what they are spending may be difficult, and you can probably use your own resources more efficiently).

For a sample budget, check out this Excel sheet.

No matter how you arrive at your numbers, looking into your company’s finances and determining what you can spend will directly affect how successful your branding campaign is. Setting a budget will also give you a clearer sense of guidelines as to what you are willing to invest in—and what you aren’t.

2. Decide what you want to be known for.


I’m a fan of For Construction Pross guide to creating a construction brand: you want to be known for being experienced and of high quality, but not necessarily cheap. Ron Roberts explains why:

What should you hope your brand stands for?

  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Fair
  • Well managed
  • Good quality
  • Good value

Note that I didn’t list low price. You really don’t want the reputation for being the low price provider as that reputation inevitably leads to low margins. You want to be selected for the reasons listed above. The last one, good value, covers the price angle.

You want to work with people who understand value. You don’t want to work with people who only understand price.

In other words, you want your brand to uphold the values of your company without cheapening your product.

So how do you do that?

MarketingDonut suggests that you should “think of your brand as a person.” You’re creating a character, a personality, a placeholder for your business as a whole—the approach should be as holistic as possible. MarketingDonut adds, “Our personality determines how we behave in different situations, how we dress and what we say.” That “personality” should be written down for all workers to see and adhere to, especially when working with a customer.

You don’t want your business to act bipolar; consistent positive experiences are the key to getting repeat customers and quality online reviews. Once you have your business’ personality defined and written down, take the time to document “if-then” scenarios. How do you want your company to act in given situations, like a frustrating change order or with a new client that was referred to you by a previous one? The more you document expectations, the better your brand will stay predictable and uniform.

Once you’ve defined your brand’s “personality,” move on to the visual aspect of branding.

3. Choose a logo that represents you.

There are some construction brands that have done this very well. Consider:



What makes all of these logos powerful? It’s clear that these are construction companies and hints at the kind of construction that they do. These are elements you want to be looking for in your logo.

On the flip side, I have seen many beautiful construction logos that haven’t told the consumer anything. For example, look at:



These two logos give the viewer no knowledge of what the firm does, let alone that they’re a construction firm. Make your area of specialty clear—if not in the logo, then in the slogan. And choose colors that you will be comfortable working with for a long time—they will be handy soon.

Consider using lower cost options like Fiverr, 99Designs, and oDesk for competitively-priced logos. For businesses with bigger budgets, you can look for a local branding or advertising firm.

Your logo only does well if it actually gets people to call your firm or leads to market-leader recognition. Make sure to include your company name in your logo. Connecting your name with your logo will mean prominently pairing the two whenever you have the chance—on your stationary, on your trucks, and even on your work outfits. Make your brand synonymous with your name, and happy customers will start attributing great work to your firm.

4. Storm the Internet.


Once you’ve figured out your brand, it’s time to build a website around your logo. Choose the same and complementary colors to further accentuate your brand. Set up social media to drive traffic to your site, and blog about construction to boost your company’s SEO. Your website will often be your first opportunity to make a good impression on a potential client, so invest well in it.

Also, encourage your happy customers to review you on Yelp, especially for remodelers. Clients will be far more comfortable with a construction company that has a history of doing good work as opposed to one that is known for its terrible customer service.

5. Choose your superstar.

Male construction worker writing on clipboard at industry

The Brand Constructors has a particularly good idea for branding your firm… or more specifically, your people. After setting up your logo and your website, consider marketing your best team members. People want to hire experts, and they’re willing to pay for it. Having a branded expert on the team guarantees your customers they will have access to someone they trust.

They write, “Being the expert in their industry is much more powerful than being a generalist in your field.” So take your best people and send them to trade shows, advertise them on flyers, and set up their own social media accounts for your business. As a bonus, it makes those team members feel important, leading to more job satisfaction.


Beyond staying on time and on budget (likely through the use of construction management software), what have you done to brand your construction firm? What worked? What didn’t? Leave your answers in the comments below!

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Rachel Burger

Rachel is a former Capterra analyst who covered project management.



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Thanks for sharing this information.

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Comment by Proficiency on

Phil, I do believe you should stay away from cheap providers for your main branding. Although here at in our construction company we tend to use sometimes for short term sub niches and seasonal project a cheaper branding option. It works out successfully for us.


Comment by Phil Chandler on

I would tend to stay away from cheap logo providers – it’s always obvious when a business has opted for one of these. Construction marketing needs to be done well to stand out from the crowd – I’ve found the blog at well worth a read.


Comment by Proficiency on

We use creative work from Fiver and similar website to promote our construction company. We use their content in our social media. It sometimes creates a buzz in our local area which is a great for brand awareness.

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Comment by David Schmidt on

I’ve had poor luck with both 99designs and fiver. The communication is terrible and the work is garbage. An electrician I know was sued for his logo because he bought it on 99 designs and the designer stole it from somewhere else. There is software now that can detect copied images. All of us tell our customers the same thing – you get what you pay for! I would look for a branding firm either local or with industry experience, or both. In NJ and NY these guys look pretty good:


Comment by Anastasios Koutsogiannis on

Great tips for the construction industry! I think that it’s also important to know your competition. Especially, when you are a top-performing company. For that reason, we created an exhaustive list of the biggest European companies in construction. Feel free to check it below:


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Thanks for this Rachel. Have been looking for a way to start my own construction company and i believed this will help me.
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Great advice. I know that some commenters believe that building a brand isn’t important, but I have to disagree. Building a brand, especially in the construction industry helps to open doors which can lead towards building more relationships and a solid reputation.

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I agree your all Great ideas, Thanks for the mention to brand in construction.

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Brand does really matter in a company. Cause the people would stick more into the company who has already set its name and is still going for excellence and also its relationship with the community therein.#ubi #ulticon #ulticonbuildersinc

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This Construction Logos Ideas collection is useful.

Comment by Brian Fraley on

Your thoughts on making sure your firm’s actions are consistent with its brand resonated with me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this principle violated. Part of the problem is that construction firms hire an agency or dish the creation of a brand off to the marketing department and never truly own it.

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Comment by Cindy Tesler on

I agree that you can set up a branding plan as well as a budget to solely meet those needs, but it will not take into account unexpected opportunities. You also mention figuring out how much your money will directly affect how successful your branding campaign is. I think it’s a good idea to choose a construction company that offers to show you a photo gallery of other complete works that they have made.

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I’m a contractor with experience in building houses,building plans i just wanted to know,i done many jobs for my customers,and now waiting to hearing from one of them,to refere me to her/his friends,how long does it takes to get another costomers?

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Comment by Gilbert Makhathisa on

Good day

I’m a contractor with experience in building houses,building plans i just wanted to know,i done many jobs for my customers,and now waiting to hearing from one of them,to refere me to her/his friends,how long it can takes to get another costomers?
Thank you

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I prefer that a construction company should be trustworthy, reliable and professional similar to my contractors who built my house luxuriously.

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This is really amazing in increasing brand . Thanks for the post.

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Rachel Burger, very informative example about how to brand of a construction company. I am totally agree with this statement that we should choose colors that we will be comfortable working with for a long time because a logo is a vital part of a successful business.


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Budget tips is really great message to implement home building or remodeling .thanks forth post.


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I only have logo and focebook page but nan of them works for me

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Great post Rachel. Thanks for sharing these tips. I recently wrote a blog post on my website that was designed especially for home builders and construction professionals.

It’s basically a step-by-step guide on how to implement the right SEO and digital marketing plan in place to generate more leads and get more customers.

Here’s a link in case you want to check it out 🙂

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