When Should You Buy Construction Bidding Software?

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That was my first thought about smartphones. Why would I want something in my pocket that’s constantly buzzing and whistling at me to get my attention for Facebook, Gmail, and Reddit?

But in 2011, everything changed. I was given a Droid Pro for my birthday—even though I insisted that I didn’t want one. And then, something amazing happened. Over the next few years, I figured out how I could use my smartphone to save me money. It helped me travel more efficiently. My new-found phone even made it easier to plan for emergencies, like when tornadoes sprung up in Atlanta.

Male engineer at a construction site with a tablet computer

It turned out that my smartphone was well worth the money and time spent learning how to use it.

It’s human nature to resist change, even in business situations. Construction bidding software is a huge investment, and you might think that it’s not worth the time and money. But there are three clear signs for when it’s time to set aside your fears and take the plunge.

1. You can afford the upfront costs.

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From our own calculations, construction bidding software costs an average of $1,468 and a median of $750. That’s a pretty big expense for software. But let’s consider the money it can save your firm.

Construction bidding software often comes bundled with construction cost estimating features—like with Explorer Software and Quick Bid. According to Hard Dollar, this kind of software “can help you reduce project costs by 15 percent while increasing productivity by up to 300%.” Many users have also claimed that just using bidding software makes their bids 10%-15% more accurate. My guess is that your construction company can easily make up the starting investment just by using the software efficiently.

2. Your company has the capacity to learn new software.

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I get it—everyone is busy. The question is: Can your company take the time to learn how to effectively use construction bidding software?

Hear me out. If QuickBooksQuickBooksur data is straightforward and manageable, and it’s a breeze to import and export data, you might not need bidding software. But if you’re forgoing projects because it’s too time consuming to figure out if you want to place a bid, if you’re swamped with data entry, or if the entire bidding process gives you stress ulcers, software makes this whole process a lot easier.

The ideal software solution is intuitive and doesn’t require much training. But for software that’s prepared to do more heavy lifting for your firm, sometimes training is inevitable. Luckily, a strong majority of construction bidding software vendors provides this training for free, and it only takes a few hours of dedicated time to learn.

And that’s much better than wasting away on agonizing, time-consuming, and inefficient processes.

3. Your bids vary.

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Some construction firms are lucky: a lot of their projects—and their bids—look the same. Boutique construction firms often have their bidding process down to a science—they know which jobs to take and can easily turn down jobs that diverge from their typical work.

Most construction firms do not operate this way.

If your firm works on small and large diverse projects, construction bidding software can cut a lot of wasted time and human error. Software can help manage multiple complicated variables—like time and materials—and it produces results that are easy to understand.


Using these three guidelines will help you figure out if now’s the time for construction bidding software for your firm. Have you used construction bidding software? How did you decide to make the switch?

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