C-What?? Untangling CRM, sCRM, and CXM

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With the variety of options, daunting tech jargon, and sale-sy explanations, figuring out what kind of software you need can be a task in its own right. The crazy acronyms can even leave you staring at something that looks like alphabet soup (and makes about as much sense).untangling crm scrm cxm

Those of you who think you’re interested in Customer Management solutions are in luck! Below is a diagram that shows the main differences between Customer Relationship Management (CRM), social Customer Relationship Management (sCRM), and Customer eXperience Management (CXM) solutions.


From the above, we can conclude in (very) simple terms that:

  • CRM: Tracks what happens between your company and a customer
  • sCRM : Helps you discover who your customer is
  • CXM: Learn how your customer feels about your company

Keep in mind that many products on the market combine functionalities of all three systems. That said, a solution that’s designed with your specific needs in mind is likely to provide the maximum benefit to your company.

Still don’t know which way to go? Check out Capterra’s CRM and Online CRM directories to see choices for CRM and sCRM solutions, or try our CXM directory if that seems more appropriate for your requirements.

For even more help, get FREE expert guidance from one our Software Experts and skip the alphabet soup altogether.

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Alison Klein is a Marketing Assistant at Capterra. She helps with all marketing-related tasks and reports on customer relationship management. When she’s not covering the software industry, you can find her writing, enjoying good food, and listening to Jay-Z.


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