4 Call Center Podcasts Worth Subscribing To

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A great call center podcast can teach you a lot about the profession.

You can learn what works and what’s mostly hype from hosts’ and guests’ experience, and keep abreast of trends to see where the industry is headed.

Learning from others saves you time, money, and frustration. And the great thing about a podcast is that you can get better at your job while you work out, buy groceries, or commute.

But finding active call center podcasts isn’t easy. Most of them aren’t publishing anymore. To make it easier I’ve found four call center podcasts that are still producing new episodes. Check them out below.


1. CallTalk Radio

In-depth discussions about customer engagement and marketing techniques for call centers specifically
With no vendor sponsorships, CallTalk Radio offers relatively neutral content. In each 45-minute episode, CallTalk Radio invites call center, customer service, and marketing industry experts such as Christopher Tomsa and Bob Kobek to share industry best practices and theories and research findings that are relevant to call center professionals.

For example, CallTalk Radio teaches its listeners how to build the road of customer loyalty and how American disabilities impact call center business.

To get started check out, “How to Lead Customer Contact Center Professionals Through Change” and “Overcome Three Critical Training Challenges That Hamper Excellent Services.”

Frequency: One new episode every six weeks

2. Call Center Crew

Call center day-to-day operations and management
Call Center Crew invites industry experts, including its founder Landon Rich and 19-year call center IT veteran Bill Wiser, to discuss topics including cloud technology, operational best practices, common pitfalls, training, and attrition.

The discussions touch on cutting edge topics such as AI’s influence over call centers, how to make strategic decisions about outsourcing call centers, and other topics related to how to manage call centers to maximize their benefits from an operational perspective.

Frequency: One to three new episodes per month (also available on YouTube)

3. CCW Digital

Episodes draw on research findings and industry interviews from the customer service online research hub
CCW Digital’s podcast features interviews with various industry experts, including Wells Fargo’s SVP National Client Service, Heather Magaha, and Senior Director of Global E-Commerce for Mondelez, Ganesh Kashyap.

The interviews are about 50 minutes long and each has a general topic but touches upon different aspects of customer service and management, professional development, and leadership.

Frequency: New episodes once a week

4. The Brainfluence Podcast

Episodes about brain-based marketing strategies from the author of “Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing”
In his podcast, author Roger Dooley interviews customer service industry experts from successful companies about how to understand customers. Each episode lasts about 35 minutes.

Previous guests include body language and sales expert Maryann Karinch, and Jim McCormick, co-author of the book “How to Sell Better Than Amazon.” Some noteworthy episodes include, “Alan Alda Explains the Science of Effective Communication,” and “The Science of Irresistible First Impressions with Alexander Todorov.”

Frequency: New episodes once a week

If you’re also into reading about call centers …

Let me know in the comments below if I missed any good podcasts.

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