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Capterra Announces 50 New Business Software Categories: Winter 2018

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New year, new categories.

Capterra is dedicated to helping businesses of all types and sizes find the right tools to take their business to the next level. That’s why we’ve launched an additional 50 new software categories. By expanding and diversifying our software categories, we are hoping to help everyone find something new for their business.

Our 50 new categories cover everything from deep learning software to yard management software. Take a minute to check out a few of these new categories and let us know what you think.

Capterra’s 50 new software categories

  1. Account Based Marketing Software: Account based marketing software promotes revenue growth by helping businesses focus their marketing efforts on the key target audience.
  2. Ad Server Software: Ad server software helps marketers manage their advertisements across different channels.
  3. AML Software (Anti Money Laundering): AML, or anti money laundering software helps financial institutions comply with the Bank Security Act and other financial regulations designed to prevent financial crimes on the local and global scale.
  4. API Management Software: API management software streamlines development, deployment, and ongoing management of application program interfaces that systems use to exchange data.
  5. App Design Software: App design software speeds up the process of creating mobile and web apps, often completely eliminating the need for coding.
  6. Assessment Software: Assessment software is used by education and HR professionals to test knowledge retention and skill levels of students, employees, and job applicants.
  7. Backup Software: Backup software ensures the security of critical data by creating redundant copies that can be restored to replace corrupted or lost data.
  8. Business Phone Systems Software: Business phone systems are telecommunication tools ranging from small scale phone applications to enterprise-grade, multi-line solutions.
  9. Campground Management Software: Campground management software enables administration of permits, reservations, and overall management of tent and RV camping sites.
  10. Church Presentation Software:: Church presentation software is used by pastors in preparation and conducting of sermons.
  11. Cloud PBX Software: Cloud PBX software refers to private branch exchange telecommunication systems that transmit information over the internet.
  12. Continuous Integration Software: Continuous integration software allows developers to merge and test the code they collectively work on every time a change is made to ensure early detection of issues.
  13. Data Analysis Software: Data analysis software is used to uncover relationships within existing data.
  14. Data Discovery Software: Data discovery software is used to identify, collect, and present data based on specific criteria.
  15. Data Loss Prevention Software: Data loss prevention software keeps corporate sensitive data secure by identifying potential data breaches and helping to eliminate them.
  16. Data Mining Software: Data mining software is used to examine large sets of data for the purpose of uncovering patterns and constructing predictive models.
  17. Data Quality Software: Data quality software helps organizations ensure accuracy of their data and consistency of its presentation.
  18. Data Warehouse Software: Data warehouse software automates the creation of data vaults where data is aggregated for later distribution to analytical applications.
  19. Deep Learning Software: Deep learning software refers to self-teaching systems that are able to analyze large sets of highly complex data and draw conclusions from them.
  20. DevOps Software: DevOps software is used by IT departments to improve communication and cooperation with business operations units.
  21. Disk Imaging Software: Disk imaging software creates copies of data storage devices, such as optical disks, flash drives, and hard drives.
  22. Email Signature Software: Email signature software enables consistent non-intrusive delivery of contact information, marketing messages, and other content in the footer of emails.
  23. Employee Monitoring Software: Employee monitoring software is used to track employee productivity and to ensure appropriate use of corporate resources.
  24. Enterprise Content Management Software: Enterprise content management software helps coordinate production, retention, and distribution of information to all corporate stakeholders.
  25. Enterprise Search Software: Enterprise search software enables information discovery in all types of content in enterprise’s possession.
  26. ETL Software (Extract, Transform, Load): ETL, or extract, transform, and load software, enables data migration between different systems.
  27. Fax Server Software: Fax server software enables businesses to send and receive faxes electronically.
  28. File Sync Software: File sync software ensures that files stored in multiple locations or edited by multiple people contain the same information.
  29. Financial Management Software: Financial management software is used to track and analyze the financial stability of organizations as well as make predictions about their future financial performance.
  30. Financial Services Software: Financial services software is used to manage day-to-day operations of banks, credit unions, and other organizations that provide financial services to businesses and the general public.
  31. Flowchart Software: Flowchart software presents processes and hierarchies within an enterprise in graphical form.
  32. HR Analytics Software: HR analytics software provides human resources professionals with insights from employee data aggregated over time.
  33. Machine Learning Software: Machine learning software can extract insights from data and create logical models based on these insights. These models can be subsequently applied by software to future process automation.
  34. Marketing Attribution Software: Marketing attribution software helps marketers identify the best performing advertising channels for the company.
  35. Mobile Credit Card Processing Software: Mobile credit card processing software enables businesses to accept payments on their mobile devices.
  36. Network Troubleshooting Software: Network troubleshooting software helps to identify, fix, and prevent future connectivity issues for enterprise networks.
  37. Patient Engagement Software: Patient engagement software enables better communication between physicians and their clients as well as promotes active interest among patients in monitoring and improving their own health.
  38. PCI Compliance Software: PCI compliance software helps businesses that accept credit card payments meet regulatory requirements of payment card industry data security standards.
  39. PDF Software: PDF software enables viewing, creating, merging, and manipulating files in PDF format.
  40. Performance Testing Software: Performance testing software allows developers to check if their applications run as expected.
  41. Prototyping Software: Prototyping software is used to create early versions of products that can be tested and reviewed before going to production.
  42. Revenue Management Software: Revenue management software helps businesses attract more customers by optimizing pricing based on the competition’s offers, seasonality, and demand.
  43. Server Backup Software: Server backup software protects server data by duplicating it at regular intervals.
  44. Spreadsheet Software: Spreadsheet software presents data in the form of a table that can be rearranged for better presentation and easier analysis.
  45. Travel Management Software: Organizations use travel management software to simplify arranging travel and reporting travel expenses, as well as to ensure adherence to corporate travel policies.
  46. Virtual Machine Software: Virtual machine software is used in place of corresponding hardware.
  47. VPN Software (Virtual Private Network): VPN, or virtual private network, software allows remote employees to securely access a corporate network through an encrypted connection.
  48. Vulnerability Management Software: Vulnerability management software helps to predict, identify, and fix potential corporate cybersecurity bridges.
  49. Worship Software: Worship software automates the preparation and coordination efforts of pastors, choirs, music bands, and the congregation.
  50. Yard Management Software: Yard management software simplifies the overseeing of manufacturing and logistics companies’ yards by helping track container and trailer movements, availability, and loads.

We hope these categories help you find what you need for your business.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Email with your suggestions for a new software category. Or check out our other recent software category additions here: Fall 2017 and Summer 2017.

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Comment by Daniel Pullen on

How come Robotic Process Automation or more general Business Process Automation don’t have a category of their own. The market is in an early hyper-growth stage and there are tens of software vendors or service providers.

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