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Capterra Launches 40 New Business Software Categories: Fall 2017

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We are happy to announce that we’ve added even more new software categories to our extensive software directory.

Capterra is now able to help even more people find the right software for their business. This is one more step toward our goal of helping people in businesses of all types and sizes run more efficiently and effectively.

In addition to the 23 new categories we launched this summer, we’ve now launched an additional 40 new software categories to expand our coverage and help businesses in more specific sectors and with more specific needs find the tools they need to succeed.

Our 40 new categories cover everything from anti-spam software to UX (user experience) software.

Capterra’s 40 new software categories

  1. Anti-Spam Software: Anti-spam software is aimed at stopping unwanted and malicious email from reaching business email boxes.
  2. Appointment Reminder Software: Appointment reminder software helps reduce the number of missed appointments by automating customer notifications for appointment-based businesses.
  3. Archiving Software: Archiving software optimizes storage, discovery, and retrieval of corporate documents, emails, and website pages.
  4. Auto Dialer Software: Auto dialer software automates phone dialing for call centers and sales teams.
  5. BIM Software: Building Information Modeling software helps architects, engineers, construction managers, and facility managers visualize the connections between various parts of building infrastructure.
  6. Company Secretarial Software: Company secretarial software streamlines corporate record keeping and annual filings required to stay in compliance with local regulations. This type of software is also used in administering officer and shareholder documentation and communications.
  7. Customer Communications Management Software: Customer communication management software streamlines, automates, and tracks customer outreach efforts of an organization.
  8. Cybersecurity Software: Cybersecurity software aims to prevent unauthorized access to data that is stored electronically. This type of software protects businesses from data theft and malicious data and system usage by third parties.
  9. Data Management Software: Data management software enables users to optimize, secure, and manage large sets of data.
  10. Demand Planning Software: Demand planning software helps organizations optimize production and sourcing of existing products, and time new product releases by evaluating historical data and estimating future demand.
  11. Docketing Software: Docketing software helps law firms and court clerks track court cases, active litigation, and related documentation.
  12. Electrical Contractor Software: Electrical contractor software automates day-to-day operations such as scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing for residential and commercial electricians.
  13. Email Archiving Software: Email archiving software automates storage and retrieval of corporate email. This software helps organizations stay in compliance with legal regulations and often supports e-discovery functions.
  14. Enterprise Architecture Software: Enterprise architecture software helps organizations understand relationships between IT systems and operational business processes by mapping and visualizing interconnections within the enterprise structure.
  15. Event Booking Software: Event booking software simplifies the process of registering for an event by enabling electronic registration and payment.
  16. Graphic Design Software: Graphic design software provides users with the necessary features to design, edit, and publish graphics or images.
  17. Hospice Software: Hospice software automates the administrative tasks of medical facilities that provide palliative care to individuals with life-limiting illnesses.
  18. HVAC Estimating Software: HVAC estimating software optimizes the evaluation of costs and resources needed to complete heating, ventilation, and air conditioning projects.
  19. Innovation Software: Innovation software helps businesses collect, evaluate, and prioritize the implementation of new ideas targeting development and improvement.
  20. Internal Communications Software: Internal communications software enables organizations to distribute information among their employees.
  21. Intranet Software: Intranet software is an internal corporate portal where important information is posted for employees to review.
  22. IoT Software: Internet of Things software enables the creation of connected application ecosystems within the enterprise. Data from multiple devices can be collected and analyzed to identify areas of improvement.
  23. Lead Capture Software: Lead capture software helps event managers, marketers, and sales representatives automatically collect, verify, classify, and organize contact and behavioral information for potential customers.
  24. Marketing Analytics Software: Marketing analytics software collects and processes data needed for performance evaluation and strategic planning within marketing departments.
  25. Master Data Management Software: Master data management software serves as a central repository for enterprise data collected from multiple sources, cleaned, verified, and organized in a way that helps link dispersed data points together.
  26. MRM Software: Marketing Resource Management, or MRM software, helps organizations optimize the utilization of various assets available to marketing departments.
  27. PACS Software: Picture Archiving and Communication Software is used by medical practitioners to store and distribute medical images within and between medial practices.
  28. Plumbing Estimating Software: Plumbing estimating software helps plumbing contractors evaluate and quote accurate prices and completion times for their projects.
  29. Preventive Maintenance Software: Preventive maintenance software streamlines scheduling of regular maintenance and organizes tasks that need to be performed to ensure proper operation of a facility and/or equipment.
  30. Review Management Software: Review management software helps businesses collect testimonials and reviews, respond to negative feedback, and improve customer perception of the product or service that the business offers.
  31. Service Desk Software: Service desk software serves as a single point of contact for IT support personnel and users of IT solutions.
  32. Social Media Monitoring Software: Social media monitoring software automates tracking activities that are of interest to the business across blogs and social networks.
  33. Softphone Software: Softphone software enables users to make calls from their computers.
  34. Space Management Software: Space management software is used by facility planners to optimize utilization of office space. Retail-focused space management programs are used by merchandising professionals in planning product placements in their stores.
  35. Strategic Planning Software: Strategic planning software aggregates historical business performance data and helps create predictive models of future performance based on specified business objectiveness and resource allocations.
  36. Student Information System Software: Student information system software helps educational institutions automate assignment distribution, grading, and other communications with students and their parents. This software also serves as a repository of documents related to students’ tenure at an institution.
  37. Team Communication Software: Team communication software helps members of a team or a project to communicate efficiently amongst themselves.
  38. Telemarketing Software: Telemarketing software automates customer outreach functions for sales and marketing call centers.
  39. Unified Communications Software: Unified communication software integrates various communication channels, such as voice, video, messaging, etc., within the enterprise.
  40. UX Software: User experience software helps organizations to identify areas of improvement for their products, particularly in the ease of use domain, from the standpoint of their customers.

We hope these new categories will help you find what you are looking for when it comes to business software.

Still can’t find what you’re searching for? Email with your suggestions for a new software category.

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