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Capterra Olympics 2012: Saltines, Stair Runs and Silliness

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Did you enjoy the 2012 Summer Olympics? We certainly did—so much so that we weren’t ready for them to end. So we did what any true fans would do: create our own Capterra Olympics!

This September team-building celebration kicked off last week with opening ceremonies. It was a hot mess of a ceremony with teams prancing around our conference room table, dancing to tunes blasting from their iPhones, and introducing themselves. Here are the four “countries,” in order of importance (a.k.a. my team first):

Team Slaughtermelon
The People’s Republic of Champsterdam

The reason for the Capterra Olympics is very similar to why the world hosts the real Olympics:

   – to link sport with culture and education;

   – to promote the practice of sport and the joy found in effort;

   – to help to build a better world through sport practiced in a spirit of peace, excellence, friendship and respect.

So obviously our first event was a true testament to Capterra’s culture, athleticism, and friendship.
Behold… the Individual Medley:

  1. Eat six saltines (no water)
  2. Grab an office chair and wheel around the conference room table
  3. Grab a puzzle and complete it
  4. Take the elevator down to the garage
  5. Run up 10 flights of stairs

I signed up for this immediately. Not really—don’t be ridiculous. But I did take pictures and cheer on my team to victory! So maybe our team sent an 18 year old intern who does CrossFit. It’s still a gold medal!

There’s a relay version of this coming up next week (I’ve seen people Googling “how to eat Saltines without water”), along with a bake-off, a Capterrathon (2.6 mile run), and a Nerf Biathalon (ride a scooter around the office shooting at targets).

For results and more pictures, follow us on Facebook.

Until then… “Citius, Altius, Fortius.” That’s Latin for “Swifter, Higher, Stronger.”

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Besa Pinchotti

Besa Pinchotti is Marketing Director at Capterra. By day, she helps connect buyers and sellers of business software. By night, she uses her skills as a former journalist to tell the stories of troubled software buyers so the world can learn from their lessons.


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