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Capterra’s 23 Newest Business Software Categories: Summer 2017

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Capterra’s mission is to help people in businesses of all types and sizes find the right software to run more efficiently and effectively.

In our quest to achieve that mission, we’ve launched 23 new software categories to expand our coverage and help businesses in more specific sectors and with more specific needs find the right software for their business.

Explore one of these new categories, and let us know what you think:

Advocacy Software: Advocacy software is used by marketers and political activists to engage their audiences and encourage brand and/or issue promotion. Search for Advocacy Software

Art Gallery Software: Art Gallery software is used by gallerists, art dealers, collectors, and artists to catalog collections, market, and sell art. Additionally, this software automates tasks related to organizing shows and exhibits. Search for Art Gallery Software

Bookkeeper Software: Bookkeeper software helps small and midsize businesses keep track of their financial data. Search for Bookkeeper Software

Change Management Software: Change Management software helps plan for, orchestrate, and adapt to transformations within an organization. Search for Change Management Software

CMDB Software: CMDB, or Configuration Management Database software, is a repository of data about IT assets. Search for CMDB Software

Construction Bid Management Software: Construction Bid Management software automates proposal submissions for construction projects. Search for Construction Bid Management Software

Customer Success Software: Customer Success software helps companies ensure that their clients achieve the outcomes intended by these companies (such as customer retention and satisfaction). Search for Customer Success Software

e-Prescribing Software: e-Prescribing software allows medical providers to transmit prescriptions to pharmacies electronically. Search for e-Prescribing Software

Healthcare CRM Software: Healthcare CRM software connects healthcare providers with their patients and helps to identify and deliver personalized care for each individual. Search for Healthcare CRM Software

Heatmap Software: Heatmap software uses colors to summarize and present complex data sets in visual form. Search for Heatmap Software

Intellectual Property Management Software: Intellectual Property Management software is used by businesses that own or aspire to acquire trademarks and patents. Additionally, Intellectual Property Management software helps attorneys and IP law firms prepare for and conduct IP filings and litigation. Search for Intellectual Property Management Software

Lead Generation Software: Lead Generation software helps sales personnel identify prospective customers. Search for Lead Generation Software

Marketing Planning Software: Marketing Planning software helps businesses outline marketing strategy, budgets, and goals and measure progress against these parameters. Search for Marketing Planning Software

Network Mapping Software: Network Mapping software visualizes the interconnections between various devices on enterprise networks. Search for Network Mapping Software

Pawn Shop Software: Pawn Shop software automates store management and compliance tasks for pawnbrokers, precious metal traders, check cashing, payday loan, and title loan businesses. Search for Pawn Shop Software

Personalization Software: Personalization software is used to customize visitor experience on a website. Personalization software generates targeted recommendations and notifications that are presented to customers during their web browsing sessions. Search for Personalization Software

Pilates Studio Software: Pilates Studio software automates operations of a Pilates studio, including student records maintenance, class registration, scheduling and billing. Search for Pilates Studio Software

PPC Software: PPC software is used to track and optimize marketing spend on paid search campaigns. Search for PPC Software

Productivity Software: Productivity software facilitates the creation of documents, reports, and presentations. Search for Productivity Software

Push Notifications Software: Push Notifications software helps companies deliver personalized messages to their website visitors in real time via pop-up notifications. Additionally, Push Notifications software can serve as a centralized repository for messages from various services. Search for Push Notifications Software

Sales Tax Software: Sales Tax software automates calculation, collection, and reporting of state and local taxes on sales of goods and services. Search for Sales Tax Software

Timeshare Software: Timeshare software helps manage sales, marketing, scheduling, touring and commission calculations for timeshare and vacation club businesses. Search for Timeshare Software

Utility Management Systems Software: Utility Management Systems software helps electric, gas, water, sewer and waste management companies to run all aspects of their operations, from billing to customer outreach. Search for Utility Management Systems Software

We hope you are able to find what you are looking for in these new categories.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Email with your suggestions for a new software category.

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