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Charity and the Syrian Refugee Crisis: The Top 5 Most-Involved Nonprofits

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Unfortunately for the people of Syria, the already bloody civil war between President Bashar Al-Assad and the Free Syria Movement has escalated with the presence of the Islamic State creeping over its borders. This has led to increased bloodshed and an even more difficult position for the outside world trying to aid those in need.

Syrian Refugee Crisis

Life in Syria has been described as “terrifying,” with witnesses giving testimony to the bombs dropped and the brutality of ISIS in their war-torn country.

What can be done to help those in need? The conflict in Syria has led to a massive migration of Syrian refugees spilling into neighboring Middle Eastern nations, Europe, North America, and other regions. The problem is that despite all of the attention given to the Syrian refugee crisis, many of those escaping the violence are without shelter, food, or any kind of economic aid.

Luckily many charities are turning their resources towards helping those displaced by the Syrian conflict. Here are the top five nonprofits you can support to help with the Syrian refugee crisis based on rankings from Charity Navigator. List is not ranked in any particular order.

Doctors Without Borders


Doctors Without Borders is one of the most widely known international charities involved in many Middle Eastern conflicts, including the Syrian civil war. Although they were afflicted by a U.S. bombing run in Kunduz, Afghanistan, Doctors Without Borders has remained committed to their causes in the Middle East.

Doctors Without Borders has been crucial in their medical aid to Syrian Refugees, especially in the neighboring nations of Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan. Their stellar work has landed them very high rankings on Charity Navigator.


Their financials, accountability, and transparency are all in 90% ranges with an overall four star rating, making them a sure investment for helping the Syrian refugees as well as those still remaining within the country.

Islamic Relief USA

Offering a multitude of forms of relief, from medical supplies and education, to the basics such as food and water, Islamic Relief USA has been on the forefront of aiding those in need during the Syrian refugee crisis.

Their work all across the Middle East has earned them solid rankings as well with Charity Navigator.


Islamic Relief USA has been given an overall rating of three out of four stars and has high marks for accountability and transparency. With all of that taken into consideration, you can rest assured you will know where your money goes and why.

Mercy-USA for Aid and Development


Mercy-USA has been focusing not only on bringing food and water to Syrian refugees, but lately has also been working to bring warmth to Syrian children during the winter.

With the cold and snow bearing down on the District of Columbia as I write this, one can only imagine the cold these refugees must have to experience this winter without homes to return to.

Like Doctors Without Borders, Charity Navigator has awarded Mercy-USA with an overall four star rating, as well as over 90% ratings for finances, accountability, and transparency. In fact, they were awarded a full 100% rating for accountability and transparency.


American Refugee Committee


American Refugee Committee is dedicated to providing shelter, food, water, and many other forms of aid to eleven countries/regions, including those caring for the displaced Syrian refugees. ARC has been working to provide aid to those affected by the Syrian conflict since 2013 and continues to do so as the crisis spills over the borders into neighboring countries and other nations around the globe.

Charity Navigator has awarded ARC an overall four star rating, with an 88% rating on finances and a 100% rating on transparency and accountability.


International Rescue Committee


In the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis, International Rescue Committee has been focusing its efforts to aid Syrians not only in their homeland but also in Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, and Greece.

Not only have they helped the significantly-reported-on women and children refugees, but also the apparently-forgotten male refugees, some of whom have received little-to-no aid in years.

Charity Navigator has given International Rescue Committee a four star overall rating as well as over 90% ratings on finances, accountability, and transparency.



Have you given to any of these charities and nonprofits? Were you satisfied with the work they have done? Were there any that you felt should’ve made our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Thank you for this insight, very helpful in providing confidence that the dollars sent will reach the those in need. So saddened for desperate situation the Syrians face daily.

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