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10 Powerful Church Statistics on Social Media Use

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As churches grow and the era of iPads and smartphones is in full swing, social media is becoming one of the most effective ways to reach members. However, sometimes it can be a slow process learning how to effectively use and be comfortable with it. Studies show that even though is it more important than ever for churches to be using social media, they do so at alarmingly low rates.

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Below I’ve collected ten statistics to illustrate just how crucial social media is to church growth, and just how badly churches currently do with it:

1. 70% of millennials (that are practicing Christians) say they use a smartphone or the internet to read scripture. (Source: Facts & Trends<<Tweet this stat

2. Only 32% of churches use social media to get feedback from members. Of the churches that do use social media to get feedback, 17% have less than 150 members, 36% have 150-500 members, 16% have 500-1,000 members, and 31% have over 1,000 members. (Source: Buzzplant<<Tweet this stat

Source: Buzzplant

Source: Buzzplant

3. Social media is the most effective method of outreach according to 46.1% of churches. Other effective ways were knocking on doors (24.7%), newspaper (14.3%), radio (9.1%), and TV (5.8%). (Source: Buzzplant<<Tweet this stat

4. 98% of churches use Facebook, while only 30% use Twitter. (Source: Buzzplant<<Tweet this stat

5. Larger churches are more likely than their smaller counterparts to use their websites interactively. 52% of congregations with 500 or more attendees use their website to “allow more processes at (their) church to be automated, compared with only 15% of churches with 1-49 attendees.” (Source: LifeWay Christian Resources) <<Tweet this stat

6. The average click-through-rate is 115% higher for church emails that include at least one social media link. (Source: Anthony Coppedge| Focused on Church Health<<Tweet this stat

7. Approximately 51% of churches claim at least one of their staff regularly blogs or posts on social media. 74% of churches do not have a paid staff member that updates their church’s social media pages. (Source: Buzzplant<<Tweet this stat

Source: Buzzplant

Source: Buzzplant

8. More than 4 in 10 millennials have participated in online faith discussions and also blogged or commented on a blog about their faith. (Source: Facts & Trends<<Tweet this stat

9. 62% of churches use social networking to connect with individuals outside of the congregation. (Source: Facts & Trends<<Tweet this stat

10. 52% of churches broadcast sermons online or have podcasts. 44% say that video media is occasionally used in sermons; 29% say it never is; 27% say it is used almost every week. (Source: Buzzplant<<Tweet this stat

Source: Buzzplant

Source: Buzzplant

What other statistics do you think are interesting or important as churches adapt and learn to use more social media? Add them in the comments below!

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Last year I developed a team, did research, presented, and promoted financial support for an AV Program install in my home church. I started with a 52% approval from the congregation and increased it to a 80%(?) approval from the congregation. My biggest opponent now uses the monitors more than her hymnal and bulletin. I have suggested a website be re-establish after our free sight was taken down. As this article suggest, finances, interest, and man hours are the biggest stumbling blocks. Our median age is 75. It helped that our Pastor has been vocal about the need for media in the church. We also have used a YouTube channel to broadcast our messages on the web with a link from our Facebook page.

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