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10 Church Technology Stats That Will Surprise You

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While most churches have been slow to adopt new technology over the years, the tide seems to have turned as smartphones, tablets, social media, and the Internet have created an upheaval in how people pray, worship, educate themselves in spiritual matters, and even connect with like-minded souls.

church technology stats

Hymnals, pews, and in-person sermons aren’t extinct, but pastors, priests, and other church leaders are realizing how technology can help them spread the Gospel and change people’s lives.

Here are some church technology stats that will paint a bigger picture of the impact of technology in churches, what the biggest issues with it are, and what features and technologies are being implemented the most:

1. 46% of church leaders discourage the use of technology at their church. 35% believe that it’s becoming too much about technology. (Source: Tyndale University<<Tweet this stat

2. 77.32% of churches are using Twitter. Twitter was the second most used platform, coming in under Facebook (98.97%), and above blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. (Source: ROAR<<Tweet this stat

Church social media

Source: ROAR

3. At least one-third of all churches are using video clips during the worship service. Over a third are using PowerPoint or similar presentation software during worship. (Source: The Clergy Journal<<Tweet this stat
4. 92% of churches agreed that Facebook was the most effective social media platform for member engagement and interaction. Twitter was said to only be 22.11% effective. (Source: ROAR<<Tweet this stat
5. 74% of church members read the Bible electronically. 21% of churches discourage reading the Bible electronically. (Source: Tyndale University<<Tweet this stat

Source: Tyndale University

Source: Tyndale University


6. 27% of churches don’t make any use of the Internet. This includes some 53% of Protestant churches that have no website and 82% that don’t have an email newsletter. (Source: The Clergy Journal<<Tweet this stat
7. 58% of churches provide Internet access for their staff. (Source: The Clergy Journal<<Tweet this stat
8. 46% of churches say that limited staff time prevents them from providing more online content and services. Additionally, 41% also blame limited financial resources, 39% cite limited volunteer time, and 35% claim lack of interest or demand. (Source: LifeWay Research<<Tweet this stat
9. Only 13% of churches have a way for people to submit prayer requests online. (Source: The Clergy Journal<<Tweet this stat

10. 78% of churches are using a cloud-based church management system. (Source: Leadership Network<<Tweet this stat

What other statistics do you think are interesting as churches begin implementing more technology into their congregations? Add them in the comments below!

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Leah Readings

Leah Readings is a Software Analyst for Capterra, a company that connects buyers and sellers of business software. She specializes in church management software along with several other software directories. When she’s not helping software buyers, she is, among other things, reading, writing, and spending time with her family and friends.


Comment by Cameron G. on

Hi Leah,

Great post! Some of these stats are really surprising. Have you considered doing any research around technology in the Church when it comes to hiring?

Comment by Go Church App on

I wonder how many churches have their own custom apps now? There are a lot of great solutions for apps and they are doing amazing things. Check out


Comment by Renada T. on

Hi Leah, I really enjoyed this post. Have you considered publishing an update? Would be fascinating to see if things have changed.

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Comment by Rod Schmuland on

It would be interesting to know how many people came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Master and Savior due to each of these categories? I can imagine the “non-tech” churches may have a better rating.

I have long felt that Internet should be an augment to the edification of the saints, not a substitute for the “Confess with your mouth” part. Further, technology has a tendency to take our eyes off of Him, and onto the “neatness of the technology”. “Neatness” can approach idolatry if a body of believers is not careful.

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