A Comparison of the 6 Biggest CMMSs for Facilities Management

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Update 9/18/17: This post has been updated with the results of a new top 20 most popular CMMS study. We removed four of the original options, and added four new ones.

Whether you’re a big maintenance business looking for software to manage your complex processes (such as cost center tracking), or a small business that needs to automate the basics (such as your work orders), one thing is for sure—you need something that is suited specifically to your needs.

Computerized maintenance management systems, or CMMSs, often cater to either equipment maintenance or facilities management—so simply buying a “good” maintenance management software won’t do the trick unless you know it’s designed for your particular situation.

Here, we’re comparing Capterra’s six most popular CMMSs that are aimed at managing facilities in order to help you identify your needs and make the best decision possible.The options below are listed in order of popularity.

1. MaintenanceEDGE

MaintenanceEDGE is a cloud-based maintenance management system that caters to facilities of all sizes that need tools for managing maintenance, utilities, and inventory. Each module (maintenance, inventory, utilities) is purchased separately.

Some  of its customers include The Salvation Army and North Carolina Children’s Hospital. Pricing is based on the square footage of your facility—for a facility of up to 2,500,000 square feet. Upfront costs (including startup and online training) are typically around $7,000, with the ongoing annual cost typically around $5,000.

These  are average prices. How much you pay will depend on the square footage of your facility and the module or modules you choose.

A screenshot of MaintenanceEDGE’s app


MaintenanceEDGE—according to user reviews—makes communication more efficient on many levels, and provides an easy user experience when entering work orders. Customers also say  the support and customer service is very helpful and professional.

A  unique aspect of MaintenanceEDGE is that different departments are able to operate separately within the same account while the system stays intact as a whole.

Some users point out that the system must be set up properly, or the data collected will be unhelpful, and also that the range of functionalities is so wide you may not use them all.

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2. ManagerPlus

ManagerPlus is a computerized maintenance management system designed to optimize and schedule your plant or facility maintenance tasks, and organize those tasks in the context of inventory management and budgeting. There are both desktop and cloud-based options available.

Some of its customers are the University of Delaware, the DeFoe Corporation, and CVS Caremark.

ManagerPlus offers three pricing options:

  • Basic: starts at $33/month
  • Professional: starts at $65/month
  • Enterprise: starts at $125/month

In all three cases, however, you should contact ManagerPlus for a quote.

A screenshot of a Manager Plus maintenance dashboard


Customers like ManagerPlus’s user interface (UI), and users also give kudos to the inventory management function, according to Capterra reviews. Reviewers say the inventory management function simplifies how they can keep track of extra parts.

User complaints about ManagerPlus focus on occasional bugs and an inability to change or edit something once it’s been set up. For instance, some customers complain about how they aren’t able to edit work orders or reports once they’ve been created.

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eMaint, a cloud-based software vendor with over 50,000 customers, is another big player in the CMMS space. Around since 1986, it offers facilities and maintenance managers the options to streamline maintenance tasks, monitor important assets, and keep records of past tasks and initiatives.

Some of its customers include Cintas, Dunn Tire, and the Green Light Group.

eMaint has a three-tiered pricing structure:

  • Team: $33 per user per month, for three users
  • Professional: $85 per user per month, for three or more users
  • Enterprise: $120 per user per month, for five or more users

A sample eMaint dashboard


Capterra reviews of eMaint cite a lot of strengths, but customizability is the one that comes up most often. Customers love the ability to edit work orders, workflows, and reports to fit their specifications. That customizability is part of what accounts for another feature customers love: the ability to organize disparate functions into accessible work orders.

The most frequently mentioned “con” is mobile access. Some users complain about tablet and smartphone access being difficult to use. There are also some complaints specifically about eMaint X4, the software’s current version. Customers are concerned by the difficulty of dashboard modifications, or the fact that reports don’t update in inventory.

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4. Maintenance Connection

Maintenance Connection is a CMMS vendor that offers facility maintenance and asset management software to help track maintenance costs, spend less on inventory by better managing what you have, and prevent and predict equipment failures, among many things. Some of its customers include AT&T, EZ Storage, and L’Oreal USA.

Maintenance Connection offers three purchase options: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), buy and host online, or buy and install onsite. If you’re interested in pricing, contact Maintenance Connection for a quote.

A screenshot of a Maintenance Connection reporting visualization


Maintenance Connection has, according to user reviews, great technical support, and the system is well-known for stability and maintains data integrity even over exceedingly long periods of use. Users also say the reporting is in depth and customizable, and is also useful for tracking and correcting any documentation errors as they occur.

Some downsides mentioned are that the upgrades can take some time, and there don’t seem to be many quick fixes for smaller problems.

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DPSI is an on-premise and cloud-based CMMS option that helps you schedule maintenance so your assets (and technicians) will have longer, more fulfilling careers. The company makes several asset management programs; its CMMS entry targeted at smaller businesses is called PMC Preventive Maintenance. DPSI’s customers include Dannon, Black and Decker, and the Anaheim Angels.

Pricing for one of DPSI’s products, iMaint Online, runs from $55 to $110 per user, per month. Contact DPSI if you’re interested in a price quote for one of their other options.

An example of a DPSI dashboard


Capterra reviews of DPSI portray a program that’s easy to use. Customers like how easy it is to access their information, how well the graphics portray information in dashboards and reports, and how simple it is to learn to use both features.

The only complaints about DPSI in Capterra’s reviews focus on the fact that you have to buy additional custom reports if you want to go beyond what’s initially included with the program.

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6. Fiix

Fiix, formerly Maintenance Assistant, is a CMMS vendor that offers a cloud-based solution to help you manage your assets and their maintenance. It also offers a business intelligence module to help you get even more value out of the data you collect. As a result, you can get a more complex, nuanced view of how all the parts of your maintenance approach fit together.

Fiix offers several pricing options:

  • Basic: $29 per month, per user
  • Professional: $49 per month, per user
  • Enterprise: $79 per month, per user

A dashboard from Fiix


Fiix’s most frequently mentioned pro? Ease of use. I honestly got a little tired of seeing how often it appeared in Capterra reviews of the program. That ease of use is a huge plus for companies that purchase software, however. Employee failure to use a new software program is one of the main reasons software purchases fail. Thus, the easier a program is for your employees to use, the better the odds that investment won’t go to waste.

Cons about Fiix tend to be widely varied, and don’t indicate any systemic problems. One problem that might be frustrating, however, is with trying to delete items. One customer says that when he tried to delete an item, not everything with it was deleted. Since I only found this one problem, however, this problem might have been local to that customer. Another complains that Excel files imported poorly, which could be a problem, especially if you want to use Fiix’s business intelligence feature.

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Know any other great systems you think should be on this list? Add them in the comments below!

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