How Construction Document Management Software Can Save You $5,000

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Imagine your desk.

To your right you see a small mountain of papers. In it there are contracts, invoices, project updates, applications, LEED forms, and RFDs. They all have a specific spot in your massive filing cabinet, but some have to be signed, some have to be scanned in, and some have to be sent out to clients.

In short, your office is a mess.


Does this scenario sound all-too familiar? Document overload is a common problem for construction managers. Luckily, construction management software provides an excellent solution to this common problem.

Construction management software has a huge subset of document management options. These software solutions can help users quickly locate their documents and forms and reduce the amount of time spent filling out paperwork—freeing up time to work with customers and focus on construction jobs.

Get Organized

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Probably the most important tenet of document management software is its ability to organize files. No more rifling through file cabinets or stacks of paper on your desk—just plug in the document you’re looking for into the software’s search engine to locate your file immediately.

The software will also allow you to upload your existing files, so there isn’t a strange split between past physical files and files in your software solution. And for many applications, you can access these documents on the cloud and find your paperwork on the go.

Some examples of outstanding organization systems include Aconex and Viewpoint. Aconex took after Google’s search algorithm so that users could quickly find whatever document they’re looking for. Viewpoint uses a similar algorithm and can also search and index Outlook emails that are attached to Vista.

Collaborate Better

 Construction people using electronic tablet on site

If you choose a cloud-based construction document management service, you’ll find that you will finish up your paperwork quicker and with more efficiency.

The key?

The software makes it easier to work with your team.

Lots of construction document management software companies offer innovative and intuitive collaboration options. For example, Procore’s Construction Project Document Management Tool allows managers to dole out different permissions for each user. While Procore stores past versions of a file, it also makes sure that shared content is always on the same draft so that users don’t accidentally edit the wrong version. And since it works on iPad, iPhone, and Android in addition to PC, your team can always access this information on the go.

Save Money

Save Money

There are many obvious ways construction document management can save your office money. You don’t need to invest as much in toner, paper, photocopying, and filing units. But construction document management software could also save your firm thousands a year in labor. Hotel Executive reports that with document management software, firms can save $5,000 a year from cutting filing tasks—and those savings don’t stop with hotels, it extends to any business with substantial document management needs.

Document management software can also rid your company of the cost of finding lost documents. One document imaging company estimates that it costs $120-$250 to recreate a misfiled or lost document. That’s a lot of saved money!


Overall, construction document management software can save your firm money and time. Have you used construction document management software? What has worked best for you? If you haven’t tried it yet, why not? Leave your answers in the comments below!

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I keep on hearing about Contractors still using Dropbox to manage project documents. Now don’t get me wrong I love Dropbox, but when the guys on site pick up the wrong versions of the plans/drawings from dropbox and end up putting that column in the wrong place, well, one might suggest it’s time to invest in document management system specifically built for small to medium construction projects. (I run hence how I keep on hearing about this).


I think the paperless office is revolutionizing businesses mainly due to the help of document management.

An example of DMS that can help companies in this topic is OpenKM.

OpenKM offers time and cost savings in terms of document management and its commitment to management between users.

More info at:

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