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10 Best Construction News and Blog Sites

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Read on for our recommendations on the best construction news.

If you aren’t paying attention to changes in the construction industry, you’re really missing out. The industry is filled with drama, from the growing use of robotics to the latest innovations in construction management software. It’s an exciting industry to be in.

With so many innovations happening so quickly, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest trends.

Luckily, there are a surprising number of resources dedicated to keeping you informed on construction news. We’ve chosen the following sources because they represent a broad range of mediums, from niche blogs to broad industry news. They are listed in alphabetical order.

1. AEC Business

Run by one-man army Aarni Heiskanen, this blog is a great resource for construction business owners looking to up their game with strategic insights. Filled with useful how-tos and a simple writing style, it’s a must-read for construction managers wanting to stay “in the know.”

AEC Business is a construction blog focuses on strategic insights in the industry.
AEC Business is a construction blog focused on strategic insights into the industry (Source)

2. Builder

Not to be confused with Building, Builder is Haney Wood’s publication for residential construction. Subscribe to this magazine for the latest insights on design, process, and running your own business.

Builder is a news site focused primarily on residential construction.Builder is a news site focused primarily on residential construction (Source)

3. Building

Building is an award-winning construction magazine that can trace its roots back to 1843. It offers construction news and analysis, and it also focuses on sustainability and safety best practices.

Building is a magazine that focuses on construction news and analysis.
Building magazine focuses on construction news and analysis (Source)

4. Building Design + Construction

BD+C has long been a staple in the construction news world. Offering the latest news for everyone in the construction business—from BIM engineers to foremen—no individual in construction can afford to forgo this resource.

BD+C is a construction news site with a focus on design.BD+C is a construction news site with a focus on design (Source)

5. ConstructConnect blog

ConstructConnect, formerly Construction Data Company, breaks down the latest research so the layman can understand what’s happening in the industry. This blog is great for anyone in construction looking to understand the latest trends shaping the United States’ commercial construction industry.

ConstructConnect is a blog focused on the latest construction research and trends.

ConstructConnect focuses on the latest construction research and trends (Source)

6. Construction Dive

Construction Dive is like the Wall Street Journal of the construction industry. It keeps track of industry stock prices and job trends and publishes commentary on where it sees the future of the industry going. It also provides articles on current events with in-depth analysis.

Construction Dive is a business-focused construction news site.
Construction Dive is a business-focused construction news site (Source)

7. Construction Executive

Construction Executive is a magazine specifically for individuals on the higher rungs of the construction management ladder. It offers insights into the industry’s latest technology and trends, as well as helpful tips for budgeting and building. The magazine also carefully tracks legislative issues relating to the construction business.

Construction Executive is a magazine geared toward the higher-ups in the industry.Construction Executive magazine is geared toward industry leaders (Source)

8. Construction Today

Construction Today is a digital magazine that focuses on construction companies themselves, examining them in-depth to see what it is that makes them tick. If you’re wondering what other construction companies are doing right that you could be emulating, this is the publication for you.

Construction Today explores construction issues in-depth.
Construction Today goes in-depth into construction issues (Source)

9. Equipment World

Are you a supplier for the construction industry? Want to stay up on the latest equipment trends? Check out Equipment World, the industry gold-standard publication on heavy equipment news.

Equipment World explores the equipment side of the construction industry.
Equipment World explores the equipment side of the construction industry (Source)

10. Software Advice Construction News

We can’t resist plugging the great construction newsletter produced by Software Advice, another Gartner Digital Markets site. Each week, it publishes a roundup of the top stories in the construction industry, from movements in the market to new tech trends such as drones and 3D printing. The weekly newsletters are a must-read if you want to stay on top of the most critical issues facing the construction industry.

Software Advice posts a weekly newsletter breaking down the latest construction industry trends.Software Advice’s weekly newsletter breaks down the latest construction industry trends (Source)

What other great construction news sites are out there?

There are lots of blogs and magazines that didn’t make it onto this list—what else should I have included? Where do you get your construction news? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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Thank you for this resource. It’s always good to get a broad input of data and conclude based on the relevant combined information. This list fast-tracks that method of informed reading for me.


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Hi ! This is very informative & interesting article.Nice to read your blog post first time ever. I really appreciate this post. Thanks for sharing this awesome post .

Comment by Ravindra Ambegaonkar on

I think New York Engineers’ blog is missing from this site. It’s a great source for a variety of topics on mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineering. They have also provided information about construction trends, local laws and other regulations associated with engineering and construction.

Comment by preeti sharma on

Interesting blog, List of popular Civil Maintenance Company is provided. Was very useful, thanks for sharing the blog.

Comment by Jay Dutch on

The Who’s Who magazine is pretty great and has regional stories in addition to the national content. It’s part of The Blue Book.

Comment by Colin Felton on

Your should really check out Loads of construction content updated most days. Construction and building blogs published free of charge. The site really is – nothing else added


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It is always good to do your research first before deciding on what to choose, and thank you for this list! It makes our researching easier! Just want to share though, for some of my projects, Multico helped me a lot.

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Very insightful list of resources! It is always good to know better before making decisions. Thanks!


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Hello Dan,
All the information in the blog is awesome and correct. I am also a employee in Svarrnim Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. my company is also construction company and so many live project and delivered project done by the svarrnim infra( ). Now i want list of best construction company in India. I want to see the where my company stand in the list of construction company.

Comment by Cnstrctr on

Hey there Dan – our team at cnstrctr ( been live for a little over a year now. Feel free to browse the site and if you’re updating your list at all consider us!

Reach out anytime, we’d be happy to partner with your team!

Comment by Sarah Null on

Hi Dan, this is great! Super informative. I’m the Content Editor/Writer for Trimble, and we launched a new construction blog in September called “Constructible”:
I would love to hear any and all feedback!



Comment by Shaneel Nasir Akbar on

Great article! Very insightful. I work at GenieBelt – a company that develops project management software. A recent report done by the Danish Building Research institute projected that construction projects run by GenieBelt can save up to 7%
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Hi Dan, thanks for compiling this great list of resources. I’d invite you to take a look at the blog on – this features articles aimed related to construction marketing and more specifically, improving specification for building product manufacturers.


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Great article Dan! There are some really great blogs in your list. I think that and Construction Marketing Association have great content! By the way, we just published a similar list which might be of great value for you. Check it out I think you will like what we have written!

Comment by Jan Banner on

Hi Dan! Love going through your list and exploring the different types of construction websites!
Check out which introduces drones to the construction industry!

Comment by Simon on

Wow, great list Dan, thanks for compiling it!

We have a blog that includes a lot of tips to help constructors and metal building companies maximize their profits. It is not targeted 100% to this Industry but I think the topics discussed are general enough to be a nice addition for your readers. Feel free to check it out!


Comment by Amber Shafer on

Great article! Thanks for this awesome blog list, all the construction website are great.
Here is an example post regarding tenant improvement allowances:

Comment by Andy Palmer on

Hi Dan, great list of blogs here. I’m working with a newcomer to the market and would like to see what you thought of it


Comment by Dan Taylor on

@Alex Barthet — Thanks for the suggestion, although looks like a broken link – think you meant

Another good option to consider.

Comment by Carrie Wood on

Great article! Lease Ref’s blog is focused on tenants – how to negotiate leases, hire brokers, and how construction works. Here is an example post regarding tenant improvement allowances:

Comment by Consight on

Great list of blogs and good to see Finnish based in the list!


Comment by Alex Barthet on

I love

And check out our blog at where have videos, posts, forms and a podcast about construction law.

Comment by Mike Lawrence on

Those are some really great sites! Running an online construction directory requires you to stay in touch with the inside news of construction industry. This post helped me immensely in expanding my knowledge on the subject. Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Aracome on


Above mentioned companies located in US only. Because i have checked the contact detail of all the links, most of the links have us contact address and some links contact is missing.


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That’s really useful information, thank you very much for that. I always like to be kept up to date with Construction news 🙂

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Comment by Joe Houghton on

I’m glad I found your blog. I’ve already started checking out the sites you have featured and have a ton of reading to do. Thanks for covering New Construction and Home building so thoroughly. I’m trying hard to emulate you and your readers hear in the Twin Cities

Comment by Misaron on

Hi Rachel,

About this list of blogs, your blog could also be most definitely on this list.
You’re always welcome to check our blog about tools, constructions:


Comment by Mike Momb on

For all things post frame construction with over 1200 articles and an every Monday Q & A:

Comment by Cranes Auckland on

Those who think the construction industry is stagnant haven’t been watching very closely. The industry is filled with drama—from 3D printing changing the way China builds houses to the battle for the best construction management software, construction as a whole is an exciting industry to be in.

Comment by Mark Swiss on

Lovely list. This information is really very helpful. Thanks for the share.

Comment by N London on

thanks for letting me know. I’ll fix in the update.

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I have read these blogs and find them all very informative. Thanks for this awesome blog list, all the construction website are great.

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