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Update 6/8/2017: The construction industry just keeps adding awesome new blogs and news sites, so we’ve added a few more to this post. There are now 23 top construction news sites and blogs instead of the original 17.

Those who think the construction industry is stagnant haven’t been watching very closely. The industry is filled with drama—from 3D printing changing the way China builds houses to the battle for the best construction management softwareconstruction as a whole is an exciting industry to be in.

With so many changes coming to the industry so quickly, it’s important for everyone involved in the construction industry to stay up on the latest trends.

Luckily, there are a surprising number of resources dedicated to keeping you informed.

We’ve chosen the following sources because they represent a broad range of mediums, from niche blogs to broad industry news. They are listed in alphabetical order.

1.AEC Business


Top Construction Blog: AEC Business

Run by one-man army Aarni Heiskanen, this blog is a great resource for construction business owners looking to up their game with strategic insights. Filled with useful how-tos and a simple writing style,  it’s a must-read for construction managers wanting to stay “in the know.”

2. Alltop

Alltop is an aggregator that provides a great place to find top-level construction news, such as the White House eyeing a big shift in infrastructure funding or how 3D printing could disrupt the construction industry. It also posts links from more specialized publications, such as Walls & Ceilings Online or Roofing Contractor, if you want news more relevant to whatever niche you serve.

3. Best Practices Construction Law

Want to stay on top of the latest construction litigation news? Enter Matthew Devries, an attorney for Burr & Forman, who comments on the latest news and trends  surrounding risk assessment, risk prevention, construction management, and construction best practices.


Building is an award-winning construction magazine that can trace its roots back to 1843. It offers construction news and analysis, and it also focuses on sustainability and safety best practices.

5. Building Design + Construction

BD+C has long-been a staple in the construction news world. Offering the latest news for everyone in the construction business—from BIM engineers to foremen—no individual in construction can afford to forgo this resource.

6. Builder

Not to be confused with Building, Builder is Hanley Wood’s publication for residential construction. Subscribe to this magazine for the latest insights on design, process, and running your own business.

7. Capterra Construction Management Blog

We couldn’t resist including our own blog on this list. Looking for the latest trends in construction technology? Capterra’s blog makes business software recommendations and explains how innovations are changing the industry.

8. Commercial Construction & Renovation

While Commercial could function as a basic construction news site, its real strength comes from its job board. Subcontractors and contractors can use its list to bid on projects, all online.

9. Connect & Construct

This new blog from Autodesk offers helpful advice and tips on just about every topic you can imagine in construction management, from managing your documents to practical steps you can take to evolve your construction quality control plan.

If you want to dive deeper into your market, they have plenty of categories such as “Quality & Safety,” “Efficiency & Risk,” and “BIM 360.”

10. ConstructConnect Blog

ConstructConnect, formerly Construction Data Company, breaks down the latest research so that the layman can understand what’s happening in the industry. This blog is great for anyone in construction looking to garner understanding of the latest trends shaping the United States’ commercial construction industry.

11. Construction Dive

Construction Dive is like the Wall Street Journal of the construction industry. It keeps track of industry stock prices and job trends, and publishes commentary on where they see the future of the construction industry going. They also provide articles on current events with in-depth analysis.

12. Construction Enquirer

Construction Enquirer was founded by two British journalists hoping to provide quality editorials to the free construction news space. They have not missed the mark on their goal. Updated regularly and with quality prose, Construction Enquirer is one of the U.K.’s best magazines, period.

13. Construction Executive

Construction Executive is a magazine specifically for individuals in the higher rungs of construction management. It offers insights into the industry’s latest technology and trends, while also offering helpful tips for budgeting and building. The magazine also carefully tracks legislative issues relating to the construction business.

14. Construction Marketing Association Blog

The construction marketing business offers unfortunately few resources that are specific to its vertical… which is why the Construction Marketing Association began in 2009.  Its blog covers best practices for construction marketing experts looking to make a bigger impact in their industry.

15. Construction News

Construction News is another U.K.-based magazine. With an emphasis on market intelligence, forecasting, and trend analysis, this resource is great for companies looking to figure out how to stay ahead of the curve.

16. Construction Today

Construction Today is a digital magazine that focuses on construction companies themselves, examining them in-depth what it is that makes them tick. If you’re wondering what other construction companies are doing right that you could be emulating, this is the publication for you.

17. Construction Week Online

Offering tailored construction news by region and specialty (including facilities management and mechanical-electrical), Construction Week Online offers construction news and analysis for businesses in the Middle East. The readership of this magazine can use its resources to look up competitors, filter through events, and look for major projects within the region.

18. Contract

More into commercial interior design and architecture? Contract features standout projects, products, and practices for people who design hospitals, offices, schools, and more.

19. Engineering News-Record

ENR is a stand-by construction magazine that has been around since 1874. Always offering the latest construction industry data, analysis, news, and commentary, it’s a must for all construction professionals—from contractors to suppliers to regulators.

20. Equipment World

Are you a supplier to the construction industry? Want to stay up on the latest equipment trends? Check out Equipment World, the industry gold standard publication on heavy equipment news.

21. Hard Hat Chat

Run through Englewood Construction Management, the Hard Hat Chat blog is an excellent resource for those interested in commercial construction, development, and management.

While updated less frequently than one would like, these blog posts offer original intuitions about niche construction sectors such as new restaurant building—that will, at the very least, make you think.

22. The Jobsite

The Jobsite is run by Procore, a leader in construction management software. It emphasizes how technology can help businesses become more efficient, while also offering advice on how to best brand and market your construction company.

23. ScienceDaily: Construction

Interested in how the physical world is affecting the construction industry? ScienceDaily’s construction section is regularly updated to reflect the latest insights on how to leverage research to make your firm work smarter.

What other great sites are out there?

There are lots of blogs and magazines that didn’t make it onto this list—what else should I have included? Where do you get your construction news? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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Thanks for sharing, I love that all these great sites are here in one place.

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Thanks for your effort and posting these sites. I am doing internet marketing for this one guy that does roofing and it will be helpful to see how already successful websites are doing.

What do you think is the most important part of a construction web site? I realize that the page has to be user friendly from a technical perspective but how about UX? Are there any specifics in this field?

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Good post!

I haven’t heard of many of these blogs before. I do follow The Job Site and Equipment World though. Equipment World puts a pretty fun spin on its articles!

I’ve started following Tom from Predictable Results ( who has some cool business tips for builders.

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Hi Rachel, thank you for this amazing list of sites and blogs. I wonder if you’d consider updating this list, may I suggest some good websites to you?

Hi Rachel, thank you for this amazing list of sites and blogs. I wonder if you’d consider updating this list, may I suggest some good websites to you?

@Rachel Burger thanks for updating your blog and added more construction blog & news sites. They really shares good articles regarding construction industry and also news update.

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Hi Rachel, Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive list of construction blogs. Honestly, I love to know about new things which are related to construction work. Keep updating..

I like the site For Construction Pros

i find that bdcmagazine provides all the most of the info i need ….its rather new to the table though . i have put the site’s link here for anyone that might be interested

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for this awesome blog list, all the construction website are great.

FYI, Construction Executive magazine has closed down.

Ooh thanks for letting me know. I’ll fix in the update. is still going strong; includes regular coverage of project controls, CPM scheduling, BIM, drones and construction law-related topics. Check it out.

I did not know there are so many construction news website to be checked. I just loved how much research you have done in order to make the blog possible.

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Lovely list. This information is really very helpful. Thanks for the share.

Those who think the construction industry is stagnant haven’t been watching very closely. The industry is filled with drama—from 3D printing changing the way China builds houses to the battle for the best construction management software, construction as a whole is an exciting industry to be in.

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