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4 Cool Wearable Tech Gadgets for Construction

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Want to improve your construction workers’ level of work satisfaction and overall productivity? One new study from Rackspace found that wearable technology can increase workplace satisfaction 3.5%, and productivity an astounding 8.5%. In fact, 48% of American adults see direct workplace benefits from using wearable technology.

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Want in on these cool gadgets? Have no fear: we’ve compiled a list of the coolest, most helpful wearable tech items for construction that are around today.

XOEye Technologies

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Want to keep a close eye on your workforce and provide them with live feedback? Look no further than XOEye Industrial Technologies. Relying on a “cloud-based ocular system” that connects managers to their workforce (in other words, they’re glasses wired to the internet with a camera and projected screen), construction professionals can see exactly what their workers see on site. The system allows managers to monitor their workforce to make sure they’re being productive and following safety precautions. Additionally, seasoned employees can provide real-time guidance to new hires—training is done literally through the new hire’s eyes.

The Halo Light

6-9-2015 9-09-31 AM

Thirty percent of motor vehicle crashes in developed countries involve someone at work. Not only that, but 40% of road work zone injuries are caused between 9PM and 6AM. One company has proactively addressed this issue with a “360° personal active safety system” that wraps around any hard hat.

The Halo Light provides visibility for up to a quarter mile and its rechargeable battery lasts for a full twelve hours. This innovation far beats out reflective gear, which entirely depends on external light sources—sometimes coming at you at 60 miles per hour—to ensure a wearer’s safety.

DAQRI Smart Helmet

6-9-2015 9-12-40 AM

You may have heard of DAQRI before—they’re known for creating augmented reality tools for industrialized industries. Their latest innovation is a smart helmet. And “smart” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

The DAQRI Smart Helmet lays out work instructions right on their visor, so you can see exactly what needs to be done in the context of your visible workspace. This “4D” system reduces training time and helps workers connect the importance of their current task to the overall job. The helmet also supports “360° navigation cameras… HD video recording, photography, 3D mapping, and alphanumeric capture,” meaning that the potential for data mining, compliance optimization, and maintaining construction records is limitless.

Myo + Bridgit

6-9-2015 9-13-18 AM

Myo is a neat little tool that grips onto a construction worker’s arm. Users make gestures to interact with the interface—in conjunction with smart glasses like Google Glass, Recon Jet, and the Epson Moverio, to take pictures, communicate with coworkers, and mark off task items.

Bridgit, one of the innovators in construction management software, integrates its Closeout mobile software with Myo. Users can use Myo, along with their glasses, to become a data-gathering guru just by being around the site. Workers can upload photos to Closeout and create tasks with simple gestures, improving communication and workplace accuracy.


There’s a whole lot of wearable tech out there—though not a whole lot that’s made specific to construction. But that’s about to change. There are a number of products in the pipeline, like Human Condition Safety’s safety-specific helmets and protective vests. Expect wearable technology to continue to grow as a construction trend in 2015 and beyond.

Were there wearable technology options that I missed? Are there integrations with construction management software that you particularly enjoy? Leave your experiences, thoughts, and comments in the section below!

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Comment by SamanthaE on

Impressive post, I am looking for a Christmas gift for my fiance, he is all into tech stuff. He is also a construction worker, so he’ll get a 2 in one gift 😉 Thanks again !

Comment by Ken on

Hello Rachel! Thanks for sharing such an amazing stuff. All these gadgets look amazing but the Halo Lights looks very cool. I am not from construction background but I really want to buy this Halo Light Helmets.

Comment by Jordan on

These seem great! I’m excited for how tech like this can change up construction. The Halo light especially looks really cool! Thanks for sharing.

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