How to Convince Your Customers to Write a Software Review

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88% of users who are looking for a product or service read and trust online reviews. Having these reviews of your software helps persuade or dissuade people from using your product or trying out your competitors.

While many articles share the benefits of why companies should have reviews, there aren’t many that share why customers should leave reviews. When reviews are insightful and productive, they not only help to improve the product itself, but can also show just how much a company cares about its customers.

You get it though. They’re busy. They have work, school, maybe grocery shopping, and just life in general getting in their way. There are too many things to do instead of leaving a review of your software, and you don’t want to come across as pestering or annoying.

So how do you explain to your customers the benefits of leaving a review? What’s in it for them? To help you out, I’ve listed four of the top ways to convince your customers to write a review.

1. Best Way to Provide Feedback

No one is perfect, and no product or service is completely perfect either. There are always areas that could use constructive feedback, suggestions to help improve the product, and features that would be helpful. The perfect way for a company to collect this feedback is through user reviews.

Not only does it help your company to be aware of these areas and ideas for improvement, but writing a review also helps the user feel like they have a voice and that you’re actively listening to them. When customers are able to provide feedback that is informative and gives value, it’s mutually beneficial for both you and your users.

2. They are Helping Others Like Them

Businesses are looking for products and services every day. A customer’s review could help thousands of people determine whether or not they should use your product at any given second. In fact, 56% of users say that they are more likely to trust reviews from someone they know.

People take other people’s opinions seriously and it often helps them figure out what decision they want to make in terms of buying a product or service. While it’s easy for companies to see the benefits of customer reviews, it’s the customer that should know that they are helping others like them determine whether this software will help them in their daily lives.

3. Allow Customers to Share Their Honest Opinion

Whether it’s positive or negative, it can often be therapeutic for customers to write reviews of their software. Positive reviews can help them rave about why they love your product, while negative reviews, when constructive, can help users vent their frustrations yet still get their issues addressed.

It’s important for customers to feel they can honestly explain what they do or don’t like about your product. This not only allows potential customers to get an authentic look at the pros and cons of your product, but provides your current customers a place to share their opinions where they know they’ll be heard. So make sure you take both negative and positive reviews as constructive feedback and respond to customers to let them know you’re listening.

4. Let Them Treat Themselves!

Some software vendors reward users when they leave a review with a gift card or raffle entry. If your company has the means to do so, let customers take advantage of these programs and get a small treat as a thank-you for their review. Now they can buy a book, a cup of coffee, or even that new jacket they’ve had their eye on!

Incentives are a great way to allow customers to express how they feel and still reap another benefit for themselves in the end. Let your customers know you care and they deserve to have that coffee on you. After all, everyone should treat themselves!

Now it’s Your Turn

Through these 4 examples, it’s imperative that customers see the importance that leaving a review has on your company and product. Not only does it help you as the company grow, but it also helps many others learn what an actual user thinks of the software. In the end, this is a continuous circle that helps the software industry grow, innovate, and push the boundaries for the products and solutions offered around the world.

So get to work and tell your customers why they need to leave a review today!

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if you have no reviews you go nowhere in todays world.

[…] of the biggest barriers that any business faces while working to collect more reviews is simply not making the ask. While some customers will proactively review you on their own, a majority may need a little push. […]


Nice article, Jade! This might be a longer term strategy, but I think the best way to get your customers to leave a review is to give them great service and a great experience (or the opposite but that’s not what most companies want). If you go above and beyond for your customers, many of them are bound to go above and beyond for you. It’s good karma!

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