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Figuring out who to follow on Twitter can be hard, but add in a niche audience like Customer Relationship Management and the task becomes nearly impossible. I combed through Twitter to find 11 great CRM influencers in the field. 

CRM Influencers

The CRM influencers are listed below from greatest to least number of Tweets.

Gene Marks: @genemarks

  • Number of Tweets: 105,000
  • Number of Followers: 84,300

Gene doesn’t focus solely on CRM, but rather small businesses as a whole. Gene caught my eye and secured my follow when he wrote a piece entitled, “11 Terrible CRM Systems For Your Company.” In that article, Gene briefly summarizes the features and functionalities of arguably the most popular CRM systems on the market today. At the end of his article Gene writes, “But placed in the right hands, like a soldier or a professional golfer, a CRM system (like the popular ones listed above) can be a powerful tool for growing a company’s profits and increasing its value.” To me, that perfectly describes the impact of CRM’s.

Hubspot: @HubSpot

  • Number of Tweets: 74,600
  • Number of Followers: 739,000

A mainstay on the trio of Capterra’s CRM infographics (Most Popular, Most Affordable, and Most User-Friendly), Hubspot is considered a well-known and respected CRM solution. What makes them a thought leader in the CRM space? I would say their Marketing and Sales blogs provide an abundance of both branded and non branded content for marketing and sales professionals. Hubspot pushes these blogs through their Twitter accounts, so be sure to read them when new content is released.

Ron Miller: @ron_miller

  • Number of Tweets: 60,100
  • Number of Followers: 12,700

Ron Miller is a writer at Tech Crunch and specializes in enterprise with a larger emphasis on content – just take a look at his crunchbase profile. Ron has written stories for many blogs, some include CITEworld, DaniWeb, TechTarget, Internet Evolution and FierceContentManagement. Ron finds relevant information on CRM practices and shares them in helpful and unique ways.

Salesforce: @Salesforce

  • Number of Tweets: 49,200
  • Number of Followers: 324,000

Salesforce is arguably the most known CRM solution on the open market today. They have garnered awards for popularity and continue to improve their product through innovation. One of my favorite aspects of their Twitter account is the valuable information they provide. You don’t see many tutorials on Salesforce training per say, but you do see many tips and tricks on how to become a better CRM professional.

Matthew Guay: @maguay

  • Number of Tweets: 26,700
  • Number of Followers: 1,194

Matthew is a content marketer at Zapier. Described as a “Brainstomer-in-Cheif”, Matthew fills his Twitter page with content both written by himself and his colleagues in the CRM industry. One of my favorite things Matthew does is he allows his personality to come through in his tweets. All of a sudden you’ll see a post of Chinese designed manhole covers! You never know what you’ll discover on your Timeline if you follow Matthew.

Shayla Price: @shaylaprice

  • Number of Tweets: 19,500
  • Number of Followers: 11,200

Shayla Price is a B2B queen. A follower of her describes Shayla as “a must-follow because she leverages CRM and content marketing to connect with her audience. Shayla’s content exudes relevancy, authenticity, and creativity.”

Dharmesh Shah: @dharmesh

  • Number of Tweets: 16,100
  • Number of Followers: 291,000

If you don’t know the name Dharmesh Shah, then you might not know too much about CRM history. Dharmesh is the co-founder of Hubspot (his third startup). Dharmesh aligns himself more on the software development side – he’s built and shipped about ten commercial software products across his various startups. He tweets on the latest Hubspot research and writes articles about his experience starting a software giant.

Zoho: @zoho

  • Number of Tweets: 10,800
  • Number of Followers: 32,500

Zoho has garnered many accolades from Capterra, including being ranked on the Most Affordable, Most User-Friendly, and Most Affordable infographics. Their twitter feed is filled with great webinars showcasing the capabilities of Zoho intermixed between tweets containing quality quantitative data such as “3 Universal Tips to Turn Your Surveys from Asked to Answered.”

Capterra Marketing: @CapterraMktAuto

  • Number of Tweets: 3,745
  • Number of Followers: 1,822

I know the head of this account, Chris,  and he has his pulse on the heartbeat of the CRM industry. CRM encompasses so much, whether it be tracking emails, phone calls, or touch points. Chris only shares quality information that he believes will benefit his followers. The best part? He uses gifs.

Nicholas Webb: @nickwebcom

  • Number of Tweets: 1,270
  • Number of Followers: 17,100

Nicholas is a name I bet you thought you wouldn’t see on this list, but if you aren’t following him you’re missing out. Nick  travels the globe speaking on the  future of customer relationship design and what the best organizations in the world are doing to leverage CRM and CX best practices to drive customer  loyalty, growth, and profit. He is the CEO of Cravve, a management consulting firm that provides CRM and CX consulting and training to some of the best brands in the world.

Adele Smallwood: @asweetwood

  • Number of Tweets: 407
  • Number of Followers: 1,409

Adele is the Senior Vice President of Global Marketing & Shared Services of SAS and the author of the book The Analytical Marketer. Ms. Smallwood has been described as, “a thought leader on how and why marketers need to use data and analytics to grow revenue and optimize customer interactions within their organizations,”. One look through her Twitter feed confirms that description. Her reach goes past CRM to include social media best practices, demand generation, and advertising. If you’re looking to round yourself out as a marketer, Adele is a perfect person to follow.

Are there any other influencers that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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