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Week of Nov. 12, 2019

Facial recognition tech in Singaporean hotels boosts employee productivity, Software AG and Adobe join forces, and more customer experience news.

Cisco announces new partner opportunities to boost CX. During its recent Cisco Partner Summit, Cisco CX announced a new approach to selling that is meant to boost customer success while supporting growth for its partners. The new approach focuses on expanding the lifecycle sales services Cisco has been developing that aim to drive digital transformation among its partners. To grow partners’ profitability, Cisco is rolling out new offerings that include Business Critical Services (BCS 3.0), Solution Support, and Operate Offers.

Facial recognition tech in Singaporean hotels improves employee productivity and customer experience. The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and the Singapore Hotel Association (SHA) announced that hotels in the country would shift from manual methods to using e-visitor authentication (EVA) technology during check-ins. Participating hotels will use facial recognition technology to identify guests and verify their stays with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). The aim is to save time spent on the manual check-in process so that hotel staff can “connect meaningfully with guests and in turn, improve guest satisfaction levels,” the STB said in a press release.

Infobip and AmBank partner to enable Omnichannel CX. Infobip, a global cloud communication and omnichannel customer engagement platform provider, has announced a partnership with AmBank Group, a Malaysian financial solutions company. As a part of AmBank’s newly launched BizM.A.T.E program, Infobip’s primary focus will be on the importance of digitizing small and midsize businesses and keeping them connected to customers and suppliers over channels such as email, push notifications, and SMS.

Software AG and Adobe partner to deliver CX platform. Enterprise software provider Software AG has launched a connector that integrates SAP Service Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud with Adobe’s Marketo Engage platform, helping businesses align sales and marketing data within their organization to improve CX. Matt Thompson, EVP, Worldwide Field Operations at Adobe says of the integration, “with Software AG’s help, customers can now be confident that their B2B campaigns and initiatives are connected to the highest-quality data sources within their organization.”

Week of Oct. 29, 2019

Gartner identifies five key technologies for a unified customer experience, Merlin Entertainment rethinks payments, and more CX news

Teradata’s Vantage CX reaches market. On Oct. 22, cloud-based business analytics solutions provider Teradata rolled out its new tool, Vantage Customer Experience (CX), on a limited availability basis. Vantage CX is meant to give companies a unified view of customer engagement across platforms. It also provides the opportunity to leverage advanced analytics and create a consistent messaging strategy. Teradata also launched Vantage Analyst, a machine learning and advanced analytics tool.

Merlin Entertainments rethinks payments to improve CX. Merlin Entertainments, a leading location-based family entertainment provider, is partnering with global payment platform Adyen to consolidate several payments platforms into a single platform in a move that is meant to improve the customer experience. Goals of the new system include: shorter wait times for customers, faster entry to attractions, and more convenient payment transactions.

Gartner identifies 5 key technologies for unified customer service experience. Research and advisory firm Gartner has identified five key technologies that combine customer engagement center (CEC) and contact center (CC) to create a unified customer experience. The five technologies are: customer journey analytics, virtual customer assistants (VCAs), chatbots, conversational user interfaces (CUIs), and knowledge management. These technologies are listed in Gartner’s 2019 Hype Cycle for Customer Service and Support Technologies, which analyzes the evolution of new CX technology over time.

Week of Oct. 15, 2019

Nike uses analytics to personalize CX, M&S to provide omnichannel payment service, and more customer experience news.

Batelco to use Ericsson Expert Analytics to boost customer experience. Telecommunications provider Batelco has selected networking provider Ericsson as part of a strategy to boost customer experience, network performance, and operational efficiency across Bahrain, where Batelco is based. Maha Abdulrahman, general manager of Batelco’s consumer division at Batelco, explains, “‘The implementation of EEA [Ericsson Expert Analytics] solution gives us the optimal tools to monitor the customer experience and to proactively make adjustments as issues arise. This will enable Batelco to resolve customer-care issues in a faster and more efficient way than was previously possible.'”

The Fresh Market teams up with Service Management Group to boost CX. The Fresh Market, a specialty grocer, is teaming with Service Management Group (SMG) to develop a new customer experience management (CEM) program with the aim of capturing real-time customer feedback at the point of sale. The Fresh Market plans to leverage the role-based reporting, advanced text analytics, and case management capabilities of the SMG’s reporting dashboard and mobile app smg360 platform to better understand customer feedback better and respond more quickly.

Nike leverages key analytics acquisition to personalize CX. Since Nike’s acquisition of Zodiac, a leading data analytics company, the sports apparel giant is forging ahead by leveraging customer data on all fronts to identify customer habits and predict purchasing decisions to personalize the customer experience. Nike’s direct-to-consumer initiative, Nike Direct—which includes strategies such as a 30-day wear test and the Nike Fit and Nike Plus apps—generated $10 billion in sales in 2018. That number is expected to grow to $16 billion by 2020.

M&S to provide omnichannel payment service. Mark & Spencer, a U.K. High Street retailer brand is partnering with secure payment provider, Ingenico Group, to enable retail customers to pay through whatever channel they prefer. Paul Airey, head of retail technology at M&S, explains, “As part of our transformation efforts it’s vital that we’re working with the right partners who can help us improve both the online and in-store experience for our customers … Introducing this technology will ultimately enable us to introduce further innovation as part of our digital-first strategy.”

Week of Sept. 24, 2019

Lenovo takes a giant leap with 5G and voice capability, WhatsApp Business API boosts CX, and more customer experience news

What happens when you combine augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality? In its global survey of 1,000 CMOs and senior-level marketers, Isobar (a New York-based global digital agency) found that CMOs are investing heavily in creativity to deliver better CX that drives business growth. Following the survey, Isobar published an XR playbook that highlights XR technology problems, best practices, and five takeaway strategies for marketers. The playbook (included at the link) is a crucial reference point for marketers to help them support a creative experience for customers.

Businesses experiment with WhatsApp to improve CX. Brands are now tapping into the popularity of WhatsApp by using the WhatsApp Business API to reach out to customers about their orders. Customers get order-related updates and real-time support for products over WhatsApp. As a result, businesses have seen more customer visits to order-tracking pages and more new orders.

CIAM revolutionizes CX with secure centralization. CIAM (Consumer Identity and Access Management) platforms offer on-premise, cloud, and mobile components to help organizations merge security and convenience in customer interactions. The technology is helping businesses securely capture and manage customer data that in turn aids better customer service, sales forecasting, personalized marketing, and product development. This is promising as customers can enjoy an omni-channel, personalized experience with brands.

Lenovo takes a new approach to CX with 5G in PCs. Lenovo aims to bring 5G and voice capability to its PCs, in conjunction with Alexa, to improve CX. Dilip Bhatia, VP of Global Marketing at Lenovo, said, “We feel just like people have Alexa devices and Google devices at home, why can’t they have the same experience with the PC. So that’s why we’ve tried to integrate Alexa with the PC, so even if it’s on sleep mode, and I say ‘Hey Alexa, what’s the weather?’, it will report back to me.”

Week of Sept. 10, 2019

Retailers to apply a content-driven approach to build customer loyalty, Cisco ventures into predictive support for CX, and more customer experience news

Government agencies: The CX game is on, whether you’re ready or not! A report by Forbes recommends that government agencies start focusing on customer experience. CX has become a brand differentiator in the last decade, but government agencies are lagging behind because of resource challenges. The report recommends that organizations of all kinds must evaluate their current customer experience and commit to improving it to stay relevant.

Retailers improve sales and CX with content-driven approach. A report by recommends a content-driven approach for retail companies to boost their sales and CX. The report discusses three case studies that show a shift in CX strategy among retailers toward building customer loyalty and ensuring a steady revenue stream based on personalized customer experiences.

Ecommerce furniture retailers should drop shipping costs and shrink delivery window for better CX. High shipping costs and long waiting times for furniture delivery are impacting ecommerce customer experience negatively. A new study from the logistics technology platform, uShip, and YouGov reveals 56% of consumers who purchased an oversized item in the last year said they would avoid a boutique furniture retailer if they encountered high shipping costs. Another 36% would avoid a boutique retailer if it had a slow or long delivery window.

Cisco ventures into predictive support for CX with CloudCherry acquisition. Cisco announced the acquisition of CX management company, CloudCherry. The acquisition will close in the first quarter of Cisco’s fiscal year 2020. According to The Economic Times, Cisco believes that CloudCherry’s predictive analytics will enable its contact center agents with cross-selling and up-selling products, discounts, service modifications, and loyalty improvement. This, in turn, aims to help Cisco transform companies’ contact centers by delivering reactive and predictive support.

Week of Aug. 27, 2019

Democratization shakes up the CX market, how insurers can leverage AI to improve patient experience, and more customer experience news

Banks shift their focus to digital customer experience, innovation, and cost reduction. A research report by Virtusa Corporation and Finextra shows a key shift in the banking industry toward digital transformation over the past 18 months. Their research finds that banks will be focusing spending on three top areas: digital customer experience, innovation, and cost reduction. According to the report, respondents have already launched API-based services, mobile services, and blockchain to boost the customer experience.

Get data together to revolutionize healthcare customer experience with AI. AI in healthcare can’t provide better a better patient experience and lower healthcare costs until insurers dive deep into data analysis. They must capture customer interactions from all touch points, including call centers, member portals , and mobile apps to identify common questions and concerns. When member inquiries are linked to data points—such as demographic information, care histories, and healthcare plan information—AI tools can anticipate the next question. This predictive analysis model is sure to revolutionize health insurance customer service, ensuring more impactful and informed customer interactions.

Growing businesses’ disjointed tech stacks damage the customer experience. A recent study found the biggest challenge companies face with their marketing technology is not knowing what to invest in. It’s tough for businesses to decide whether to invest in best-of-breed software or a software suite. This report recommends that growing businesses should invest in “all-on-one platforms”—central hubs meant to connect all of their disparate tools. This will give them more flexibility to choose and integrate the software tools that will improve their customer experience the most.

Democratization of data is shaking up the customer experience market. EnjoyHQ, a web-based platform founded by a Venezuelan refugee, recently announced it has secured $2 million in seed funding to aid its efforts to launch into the CX market. The platform aims to democratize access to customer data collated from different touch points—such as social media and customer relationship management platforms—across an entire organization. The concept is critical for customer experience because it will not only capture data, it will also build a process to share the outcome of the analysis in a comprehensive way for product development and improvement.

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