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Category Compare: Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

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In this report, we’ll define and compare customer service and customer experience software so you can determine which tool is right for your business.

What’s the difference between customer service software and customer experience software? While the names sound similar, their real-life applications differ significantly. In this report, we’ll look at what makes these two software types unique, and similar, to help you determine which tool is best suited for your business needs.

What is customer service software?

Customer service software is a tool that helps businesses manage customer inquiries and requests across multiple channels including phone, email, live chat, and self-service.

It’s used by organizations across customer-driven industries to manage all phases of the customer service process, from purchase to issue resolution. Some platforms also offer functionality for internal support.

What is customer experience software?

Customer experience software, aka CXM or CEM, is used to collect, organize, and track customer feedback.

These tools include a variety of applications for collecting customer opinions and offer businesses the ability to convert text-based feedback into numeric information that can later be used for marketing purposes.

What do they have in common?

Customer service software is used to resolve customer inquiries and requests, while customer experience software is used specifically to collect customer feedback and convert it into data.

Despite this distinction, the two software types do have some common functionality, including:

Customer service software features

Customer experience software features

Which tool is right for you?

Now you hopefully have a better understanding of whether you need customer service software software or customer experience software. But which specific tool is right for your business? Take a look at the following Capterra resources to create your shortlist.

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