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Five Quality Cvent Competitors You May Not Know (But Should)

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Imagine you have to plan your next big event. You have guests to register, promotion to flesh out, ticketing to organize, and you have to do all of this without pulling your hair out of your head. Organizing any event can be very work-intensive and frustrating without help, so you decide to go looking for new event management software, but which do you choose?

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Certainly you could go with one of the most popular event software choices, such as Cvent, and who could honestly blame you? They are well known, they are established, and they are quite reliable.

I even find it difficult to push myself outside the sphere of popular products, but I’m always surprisingly satisfied when I do. Although I can’t say my father was too thrilled when I did just that by choosing a foreign car over the Fords I was raised around my entire life. He can get a little passionate about his Ford, but I ended up choosing a very reliable Hyundai that I still drive today.

If you forsake the Ford, and dig a little deeper, you may find the perfect Hyundai for you. Don’t worry though, we did most of the digging for you! All you have to do is keep scrolling.

These alternatives were picked based on several things they all have in common, including stellar reviews, similar price points, and a commitment to great event management service.

Here are the five Cvent competitors that you should know!


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There are few things worse when shopping for new software than being hammered to death by fees and/or paying for features and add-ons that we really don’t care about or need. Although Picatic offers its more elaborate features at a price, one of its biggest strengths is that it’s free for many of the basic functions you expect from event management/ticketing software.

While features such as Google Analytics integration may cost you extra, Picatic strives to offer these extra services at a reasonable cost of $1 and 2.5% of the price per ticket.

Picatic also boasts having aided big name customers such as TEDx and Telus.

Click here for a free trial!

Have you used Picatic? Be sure to leave a review!


unnamed (1) (1)

In terms of providing a wide array of functions, etouches excels. It not only covers all the major bases of event management software, but it goes far beyond. Cvent may be one of the most popular event management software products on the market, but etouches sets itself apart with it comprehensive functionality,  including features such as financial management and employee management..

As for the cost, etouches uses a “pay per registration” system, which requires a minimum commitment of 1,000 registrations per year in order to qualify. Buying in bulk is a good way to save money and the benefit of etouches’ pricing system is the continual drop of price per registrant as volume increases.

Just like the last option, etouches offers a free trial to test drive before you buy!

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What if you need event management software and you have a rough estimate for the amount of attendees you will be hosting, but you are not looking for any kind of long term use the software? Regpack is not only chock full of all the features you would need to run a successful event such as attendee management, ticketing, and social promotion, but also offers its services at a set rate based on your preselected maximum amount of guests. The rate charged by Regpack is a monthly subscription ranging from $49/month to $249/month based on your amount of applicants.

As you would suspect, Regpack offers its own free trial!

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If you are looking for event management software for longterm use, perhaps ThunderTix is the route to go. Although the $650/year for their Professional package may seem steep at first glance, the benefits certainly add up with a lack of contract, along with no additional fees or attendee minimums. The Professional option also allows for monthly payments rather than having to pay the entire sum all at once, making ThunderTix to be quite an affordable option.

On top of the money saved using ThunderTix, all revenue collected from tickets to your event is left untouched. Although ThunderTix may not have an advertised free trial, they offer to set you up and find out if they would be right for your event management needs.

Have you used ThunderTix? Be sure to leave a review!

PurplePass Ticketing

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Perhaps you aren’t looking for any kind of long-term commitment to any kind of software, but would rather handle your event management only when it is needed? PurplePass Ticketing offers some of the most important aspects of event management, such as ticketing/registration as well as social promotion, which can be accessed by any internet capable device.

As for pricing, PurplePass charges 2.5% per ticket sale along with a $0.99 per ticket flat rate for all tickets that are sold on their platform. A system such as this may be more beneficial for smaller events that are looking to count their pennies in the short-term rather than for more elaborate and frequent events, which could end costing more over a longer period of time. It all depends on the frequency of use.

Unfortunately PurplePass doesn’t offer any form of a free trial.

Have you used PurplePass? Be sure to leave a review!


In the end, your software choices should be dictated by exactly what you need and can afford. Perhaps your needs may be met by what Cvent can provide, but it never hurts to see what else is out there. All of these alternatives hold a solid reputation for being exemplary event management software alternatives and should be considered. Happy hunting!

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Currently, I am doing my internship at the Berlin Marriott hotel.
To complete my study ‘international hospitality management’, I am conducting a research about the guest satisfaction when using electronic intermediaries in compared to other ELIs.

The survey can be found in the following link: https://nl.surveymonkey.com/r/B65DL8F

This would be a great help to me, thank you very much!

Best regards,

Danielle Barneveld
Student International Hospitality Management at Stenden University

Comment by Bram on

Are there any similar platforms that are integrating with Dynamics 365 CRM from Microsoft?

Comment by Linda Odinge on

Hi, Im not sure I would call these competitors to Cvent, except maybe etouches. I mean Cvent provides so much more than guest management and selling tickets. What I like to know is, are there any companies that provide all the things that cvent provide. Meaning; sending our RFP´s, negotiation with supplier, making your bookings etc. That would be a competitor to Cvent.

Comment by Nate Dade on

We have a full service tech solution at Meetings.com for people who do not want to do it themselves.

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