The Dreamforce Session Guide for IT Professionals

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Want to know the secret to emerging victorious from the annual San Francisco “Battle of Dreamforce” as an IT Professional?

Dreamforce Session Guide for IT Professionals

Planning your attack.

There’s only so much time and so much “you” to go around, and you need to make the most of your attendance at Dreamforce. There is much intellectual treasure to be pillaged if your battle strategy is formulated correctly. But who has the time to cut through the over 1600 sessions that are crammed into the four days of Dreamforce?

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Didn’t you know I’m an IT session Ninja?


My mom says I am, so it’s obviously true.

I’ve cut through the forest of sessions and left the best of the rest for you to choose from.

I present to you the Dreamforce Session Guide for IT Professionals. So, listen up session strategizers, this is your opportunity to have a leg up over the moat of Dreamforce debauchery before you travel to San Francisco.

Data Science

It looks like 2016 is the Year of Data… again. I’m a nerd, so I find all of these sessions interesting, but, if I had to pick one, I’d go to see how they can mash up sensor data with business data.

Because I’m here to learn, people.

Dreamforce Session Guide for IT Professionals

Or to see if perhaps someone hands out a free Raspberry Pi.


Ah, that acronym again. Internet of Things. It’s everywhere, and in all of these session titles. Not that it’s a bad thing, but there’s only so many times a person can see “IoT” in a headline before you start wondering this:

Dreamforce Session Guide for IT Professionals

Beyond the catch-phrase *ahem* I mean “tech-phrase”, these are some pretty solid sessions that I would consider sitting in on, if only to see how much IoT secrets are really being dealt out.


For all my fellow machines that turn coffee into code, these are the sessions for you. Programmers can expect to see a little Apex, formula writing, and Apple’s Swift, in action as it supposedly takes down Objective C.


These sessions offer wonderful stories about how technology has disrupted the scene across different industries. From fashion to fabrication, these sessions are sure to keep you thrilled. If not, at least the 3d-printed farting octobot should keep you entertained.

Dreamforce Session Guide for IT Professionals

Information Technology

These last two sessions will give you insight into IT and tech as it could be. Information presented by Salesforce and Gartner can lead you on the way to information technology awesomeness. If you’re just in it for the marketing tech, you can visit our session on building a MarTech deck as well.

Have Something To Say About The Dreamforce Session Guide for IT Professionals?

So, there you have it. My short(ish) list to sessions I’ll be hoping to attend at Dreamforce. Did I miss any that you’ll be attending? Hit us up at our Capterra Booth and let us know!

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