How to Drive Revenue With Marketing Automation

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Does your business suffer from a lack of harmony between sales and marketing automation strategies? The right marketing automation software may hold the key.

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In pursuit of revenue and a positive ROI, marketing and sales teams are both in the business of leads.

Many companies view sales and marketing automation as two distinct fields with different methodologies and goals. I’m not here to tell you this is a flawed take or a bad strategy; there are pivotal, defining differences between marketing and sales, and your team’s strategies should reflect those differences.

It’s also paramount, though, for your sales and marketing teams to be on the same page in key pursuit of strong, vetted leads.

Did you know that 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales? According to HubSpot, a lack of lead nurturing is the most common cause of this poor performance. What if your marketing team had a way to make sure they were handing off only the best, most promising leads to their sales team?

This is where the right marketing automation software offers tremendous value to both sales and marketing teams through a single key feature: lead scoring.

A tale of two types of lead scoring

There are two primary types of lead scoring: demographic and behavioral.

Demographic scoring indicates whether—based on your company’s key customer personas—a lead is likely receptive to what your product/service has to offer.

Your marketing team should have persona-specific content ready to send out based on a lead’s demographic score.

Behavioral scoring tracks and scores a lead’s actions, such as visiting a webpage, downloading a whitepaper, or opening an email.

This type of scoring provides important distinctions between lead activities, allowing you to pursue the ones that matter most (a visit to your pricing page is a much stronger indicator of a good lead than a visit to your careers page).

Here’s a breakdown of these two lead-scoring metrics:

Differences between demographic and behavioral lead scoring

Leverage marketing automation software for lead scoring

It’s important to remember that not all leads are created equal.

Lead scoring lets you rank your prospects and leads by assigning point values to different criteria and actions to identify leads who are most interested in your product/service.

This could look like a small value (two or three points) for behavior demonstrating mild interest such as opening an email and a large value (five or 10 points) for directly reaching out for pricing information.

It also allows you to target each of your prospects differently according to their level of interest. This is where drip campaigns and personalized content really shine.

Along with lead management, drip campaigns, landing pages, and segmentation, lead scoring is a fairly common feature provided by today’s marketing automation software. Marketing automation software with lead scoring functionality should include capabilities like:

  • Establishing characteristics related to the customer profile that you’re targeting and important actions or behavior that indicate a higher level of interest (via Sendinblue)
  • Adding in parameters and optional rules, such as setting an expiration on points (via Infusionsoft)
  • Maintaining separate scoring rules for different audience segments with multiple score sheets. You don’t need a “one-size-fits-all” scoring program. (via act-on)
Ready to find the marketing automation software that’s right for your business? Capterra offers thousands of reviews on hundreds of options! Be sure to select “lead scoring” in the features filtering tool to narrow your results.

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