Rock Your Next Email Campaign: 5 Steps To Increase Open & Click Through Rates

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There are 34,027,903 emails sent every second. As an email marketer, that makes it extremely difficult to break through the clutter and get the open and click through rates you want.

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Here are five easy ways to rock your next email campaign and increase open and click through rates.

Step 1: Scope Out The Scene (Before The Campaign)

Consider the quality of the email addresses you’re sending to. Be sure to protect and test your points of registration, and use an email verification software to guarantee that your email list is 100% deliverable. What’s the use in designing awesome emails if they aren’t getting through??

An email verification software at point of entry via FreshAddress

An email verification software at point of entry via FreshAddress

Additionally, think about the decision making unit – are you selling shoes to an individual, or a software product to a company? Your target demographic will affect the content you send.

Step 2: Give It A Sweet Hook (Optimize Subject Lines)

Keeping an eye on benchmarks for your industry, make your subject lines short and sweet (but always be sure to A/B test)! According to Emailium, business services’ email subject lines average 49 characters, retail comes in around 43, and notable brands like Target average 26 characters.

Use these tips to cut down on character count (think Twitter) by simplifying language, using symbols, and getting rid of the fluff.

Step 3: Bring The Fans On Stage (Personalize To & From)

According to HubSpot, personalizing the “from” name on emails can improve both open rate and click through rate. A/B test and see if that advice holds true for your audience.

Industry standards from Emailium show that less than 15% of emails use personalized subject lines. So get testing!

Step 4: Wait For The Perfect Guitar Solo Moment (Test Email Send Time)

Gone are the days that sending emails at 9 am on Monday is at all effective. Optimize send times based on your industry.

MailChimp reports that most emails are opened between 12 pm and 6 pm, and Pure360 says that send times completely vary by industry. For retail, your best bet is 10-11 am or 4-6 pm, but in automotive, your best time is between 7 and 9 pm.

It’s all about using the data you have, so use your ESP to test, test, test!

Chart via MailChimp

Chart via MailChimp

Step 5: Some Songs Just Don’t Get Old (Bump Up Email Frequency)

Have you ever had your Twitter feed open, gone to a new tab in your browser, and come back to 587 new tweets in the two seconds you were gone? A lot of email inboxes experience the same kind of turnover, and emails can get lost in the jumble.

HubSpot tested the effect of number of sends on unsubscribe rate and found that more sends actually decreased unsubs! Test your crowd, and don’t be afraid to try sending more.

According to Emailium, retail sends more often than business services, but neither industry surpasses 50 emails per month.

Send frequency by industry chart via Emailium

Send frequency by industry chart via Emailium

Overall, testing and leveraging the data you have are the keys to rocking your next email campaign and increasing open and click through rates. Feel free to reach out in the comments section with any questions!

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