ERP with a 100% Focus on Consumer Goods

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We recently spoke with David Krieg, the Director of Marketing at Apprise Software, about his company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Apprise.  He discusses the benefits of Apprise, the issues buyers are having in their software search, and how Apprise Software helps its customers. erp 100 focus

Q: Who is your target market?

A: Apprise Software is 100% focused on the consumer goods industry. Our main customer base is made up of companies with revenues between $40M and $500M annually. Apprise is a fully integrated system that can be used by any consumer goods company that manufactures, imports, or distributes to major mass retailers or independent retailers.

Q: What are the top problems prospects are looking to solve?

A: Well, it obviously depends on the client, but there are two main issues that we hear often. One, they don’t have a real-time fully integrated system, and they need to simplify everything. They will have different third party companies that separately run accounting, import management, warehouse management and transportation. This makes it hard, and they’re prone to mistakes, because they’re dealing with so many different people.

The second issue a lot of our potential customers have is with their chargeback management. For example, if you deliver products to a large company, and you mess up anything, like package labels, they will charge you for wasting their time. It’s pretty difficult to distribute to these large companies in mass quantities and get it 100% right, so chargebacks are eating at their bottom line, and they are just losing money.

Q: What would you say is the main way your software benefits your customers?

A: Since we are 100% focused on the consumer goods industry we are able to provide our customers with tools tailored to how they run their business. Of the benefits, warehouse picking efficiency is the main one. Most of the time, every month buyers will have to get a certain amount of product out the door to meet their demand. They usually meet it, but they have to rush and make a lot of errors. So they implement us and they can ship out more inventories with less or same amount of man power – saving cost on the back end!

Q: What makes Apprise Software different from others?

A: We really hang our hat on our 100% focus on consumer goods. That and everyone in the company is an expert on consumer goods. We don’t just implement the software. We work with them to change their processes. We know their business – and we help them improve it. Our software is built exactly for them – for what they need.

Q: How do you overcome the budget issue, explaining that this is an investment and not an expense?

A: That’s a good question, because price is on everyone’s mind. What we like to do is find all of their pain points. We walk them through how we can help them with those and help them save money. Not to mention, our set up time tends to be shorter than competitors because we don’t have to re-learn the business. We know how they do it so we can walk right in set everything up and get it going. If we can get them up in half the time that it takes competitors, then that’s more time they’re saving money by choosing us.

Q: What is the biggest mistake you see buyers make in their search for software?

A: They don’t go through the process correctly. Research is one of the biggest things a company needs to do. They need to know exactly what they are looking to get out of the system before they start looking – but once they know they have to go through the process correctly. Meaning they can’t look at too many vendors or have 100 people helping with the decision and sitting in on presentations. If they do that, by the end no one remembers the first one and then there are too many people with all different opinions. The process gets drawn out. You need to have a few people and set aside time to make this decision – because it’s important. You’re not just buying software; you’re buying a business partner.

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