6 Best Alternatives to Eventbrite Software

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In an event management software user survey, our research found Eventbrite was easily the most popular ticketing and event management software option. After running through the research I came to the conclusion that event management software users are not aware of all the features that are available to them, including other software options.

Don’t get me wrong; Eventbrite is a quality system with many useful features, but it’s not the sole management tool available to event organizers. Given that, according to our survey, event managers were often frustrated with support issues, hidden fees, and missing features, it’s clear that Eventbrite alternatives are in demand.

Eventbrite alternatives

And event managers need help finding them. In order to bridge this information gap, I have created a top five list of Eventbrite alternatives, based on industry recommendations, cost effectiveness, and functionality. Options are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Event Smart

Event Smart takes their competition seriously, even going as far as to write out 19 reasons why they are better than Eventbrite. A favorite one of their features is their vast range of ticket payment options, which range from standard credit/debit cards to checks, PayPal Pro, and bank drafts.

Event Smart offers a free basic option as well as two paid tiered software options.

Software Type: Web-Based


  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Host Unlimited Events for Free
  • Sell Unlimited Tickets for Free
  • Unlimited Users
  • Registration Forms
  • Event Social Pages
  • Reporting
  • Venue Management

Have you used Event Smart before? Be sure to leave a review!

2. Eventzilla

Eventzilla is free for software users and for free events. If you want to host a paid event, a $1 flat fee is tacked onto every ticket sold. This $1 flat fee sets Eventzilla apart from other similar platforms which charge the $1 fee plus a percentage of the ticket price. Eventzilla also boasts that they’ve impressed notable brands like Honda and Subway in their customer base.

Software Type: Web-Based


  • Attendee Surveys
  • Attendee Discounts
  • Mobile Check-In
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Social Media Integration
  • Badge Design
  • Email Invitations
  • On-Site Ticketing and Cash Payments

Have you used Eventzilla before? Be sure to leave a review below!

3. Peatix

Peatix has a slightly higher fee structure than Eventzilla; ticket processing costs $0.99 plus 4.9% of the ticket’s face value..

Peatix sets up their social system through event social pages along with event attendee groups. Once an event attendee signs up for one of your events, they are automatically notified of any future events either through email or Picatic app notifications without the need of MailChimp or any other third-party emailing service.

Software Type: Web-Based


  • Communities
  • Mobile App
  • Event Social Pages
  • Email Invitations and Notifications
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mobile Check-In

Have you used Peatix before? Be sure to leave a review!

4. Picatic

Picatic is a highly rated event registration software that has shown up on multiple top event software lists of ours.

Just like TicketLeap, Picatic offers free ticketing without fees so long as the event tickets are free. Picatic charges a 2.5% commission plus $1 fee for each ticket sold. Want to try it out? Thebasic edition is free for users with one active paid event.

Software Type: Web-Based


  • Team Organization
  • Check-In Capabilities for iOS
  • Mobile Event Creation
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Link Tracking
  • WordPress Widgets
  • Guest Surveys
  • Mailchimp Integration

Have you used Picatic before? Be sure to leave a review!

5. TicketLeap

TicketLeap is a ticket-sharing and social promotion platform for events. TicketLeap runs on a ticket fee system, which charges $1 plus 2% of the ticket price along with a 3% credit card fee. However if your event is free, there is no fee charged to you. They even include a fee calculator to demonstrate their prices before you choose their software.

Software Type: Web-Based


  • Event Social Page
  • Event Calendar
  • Multiple Payment Options (Credit Card, PayPal, etc.)
  • Reporting
  • Website Widgets
  • Social Media Integration
  • Attendee Lists
  • Free Support

Have you used TicketLeap? Be sure to leave a review!

6. Regpack

Regpack is the fifth-most popular event software, with over 150,000 users and a user rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, so they are obviously doing something very right. Regpack is an event management software solution focused more on the side of registration, however it has plenty of features tailored for event promotion, attendee management, ticketing, and other important event functions.

Regpack offers four tiers for their pricing:

  • Starter: $49 per month per admin, register up to 200 applicants per event
  • Advanced: $99 per month per admin, register up to 2,000 applicants per event
  • Plus: $149 per month per admin, register up to 5,000 applicants per event
  • Super: $249 per month per admin, register up to 15,000 applicants per event

On top of the monthly payments, Regpack also includes payment a payment processing rate as law as 2.1%.

Software Type: Web-Based


  • Attendee Management
  • Client/Customer Management
  • Conferences/Seminars
  • Conventions
  • Exhibit/Vendor Management
  • Guest List Management
  • Lead Retrieval
  • Meetings
  • Registration Management
  • Room Block Management
  • Social Promotion
  • Sponsorship Management
  • Surveys and Feedback
  • Ticketing
  • Trade Shows
  • Travel Management

Have you used Regpack? Be sure to leave a review!

More Eventbrite competitors?

If you are looking for an even more affordable event management software option, we also offer a list of the top free and open source event management software. There is nothing more affordable than free software!

There are plenty of other types of event management software out there to meet your needs. Here are other event management software lists we have on the Capterra blog that might interest you:

Have you used any of these Eventbrite alternatives? How did they work for you? Did they have any issues that affected your experience? Be sure to leave a review on our site so that we can provide the most accurate accounts of software experiences!

Looking for Event Management software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Event Management software solutions.

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Nick Morpus is a former Capterra analyst.



Jack yes I also agree python events is worth looking at, if you are looking for a white label solution and are an independant venue, sports stadium, basically companies that need seat reservation and mapping.


Hi Nick. A very varied selection of software companies here! It was a good read so thank you for the blog post.

One ticketing provider I would like to inform you of is Python Events

The reason for this is because they offer a white label ticketing service, whereby they set you up your own website and let you list as many events as you like!

Their business model is great as it lets you keep 100% of your booking fees. All they charge is an initial set up fee and then a monthly maintenance and hosting fee.

This is great for companies that are shifting lots of tickets on a regular basis, as they can gain a masssive increase in revenue just from booking fees alone!

As their platform is relatively new, its very secure and it also mobile first and the front end has been built with the customer in mind.

I’d definitely suggest checking this out!


great article! Eventdex is one of the best alternatives to Eventbrite. Eventdex is all-in-one event management solution that even offers business matchmaking and onsite lead retrieval for exhibitors, apart from the features you have listed here. Moreover, our pricing is extremely competitive – we charge less than half the cost of most other solutions. Do check us out if you have aminute:  http://www.eventdex.com


Thank you for the overview and for opening up the topic! I work in event ticketing industry and we hear from many of our users that they have switched over to Fienta (https://fienta.com) in search of better usability and transparent pricing.

It’s true that there are many great event management platforms out there. And while sometimes the organiser needs some very specific feature, in majority of cases it boils down to the ease of use, as most platforms share a common set of functionality.

Cheers, René


Hi Nick,

Thanks for the great article! I totally agree – these 5 companies are excellent Eventbrite alternatives.
I also wanted to mention GEVME ( https://www.gevme.com/l/) as one of the best alternatives to Eventbrite.
GEVME is a fully integrated event management and event marketing software that simplifies your event planning process. You can create the best event experiences with website builder, online registration, email marketing, onsite event, connect, and survey apps.

Have a great day!
-Kateryna Yaroshenko


Impressive list but i would like to add one same platform – Eventry.

Eventry offers the place for oragnisers to market their event and sell event tickets online. As well as it allows participants to discover some exciting events of their choice in their local area.

Feel free to try it out at https://www.eventry.com/en and don’t hesitate to share your feedback!


Awesome list, but I’m a bit bummed Billetto didn’t make the cut.

We offer most of the features of Eventbrite’s “Professional” plan at a lower per-ticket fee.

Should you ever do a new version of this article, I’d humbly invite you to give us a look:



For sports groups, OpenSports is amazing. You get the benefits of Eventbrite (cheap tickets, payment processing) with the user base of Meetup (free vs. Meetup which charges a fee). They help you find people to come to the games or events you create and they have really good customer service.

Full disclosure: I work for the company.


We used Impactflow, but did not like the system. There was site downtime and there are not many improvement to the solution. We switched to Eventzilla. Definitely no turning back, Eventzilla a great option for tickets.


ImpactFlow ( https://impactflow.com ) is the most affordable and in my opinion the most well designed event management I have seen on the market. They have the highest conversion rate which is probably the most important piece for event host.

Check them out!


We invite you to take a look to http://www.registrationarea.com

For spanish spoken market we also have an adhoc platform http://www.inscribirme.com

The main differentation points with Eventbrite and others are:

1. Only 2,5% commission fee for payment events, and free for free events
2. We include same Google forms technology to customize registration or ticketing form
3. We fully customize all the platform for third party organizers and integrate their own payment system and invoicing.

Soon (by beginning October 2017) we will offer it in many languages and also most of the world currencies available as well.


Feature comparison grid is needed.


Eventzilla no longer offers $1 processing fee, now they charge pretty much the same as event brite, even on their basic suscription.


Very sorry to have to give Eventzilla a thumbs down. We ran a conference last year – started off using Eventzilla. Every time we sent a prospect to register, the eventzilla page was down. Support was responsive and fixed the issues, but the service was just not reliable enough. Ended up going with Eventbrite which did cost an arm and a leg by comparison. I also wonder if Eventbrite directory makes it easier for search engines to find your event.


Hi Nick,
Thanks for the great article! I would agree – all 5 of these companies are excellent Eventbrite alternatives for different reasons.

I also wanted to mention Ticketbud ( https://ticketbud.com ) as one of the best alternatives to Eventbrite.

We have more competitive pricing, more features with our pricing, as well as daily payouts. Eventbrite’s tiered pricing system offers less than Ticketbud for those looking for a cost effective platform, as well as for those who need revenue before their event ends.

We offer Google Analytics integrations, free human support, reporting, widgets, mobile apps, and point of sale.

Thanks again, and have a great day!
-Sean Burke


Hi Nick, just putting word out there about EventsCase (eventscase.com). It is not just a ticketing platform, it is also an an all-in-one event management solution. For event organisers who are looking for a solution that will meet all their event planning needs, I highly recommend EventsCase. It allows in the creation of event registration websites (where ticketing applies) and bundles other applications such as the onsite check-in app, 1-2-1 meeting scheduler, online community, and dedicated mobile event app for Android and iOS.

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