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5 Best Eventbrite Alternatives for Your Business

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Eventbrite helps with event management and ticketing, but it may not be exactly what you’re looking for. Find the right tool for streamlining event management, ticketing, registration, and more.

5 Best Eventbrite Alternatives

Eventbrite is a cloud-based event management and ticketing software that allows users to perform functions such as:

  • Organizing, creating, promoting, and tracking events
  • Selling event tickets online and scanning tickets on mobile app
  • Creating customized event registration pages and email invitations
  • Analyzing real-time sales data to assess event attendance and profit

Despite providing a wide range of features, Eventbrite may not be suitable for all businesses. So, it’s important that buyers explore Eventbrite alternatives that can help them handle their unique event management and ticketing requirements.

This article looks at five highly rated Eventbrite alternatives. See the full list of Eventbrite alternatives here.

5 best Eventbrite alternatives for SMBs in alphabetical order

In this article, we’ve analyzed the top five Eventbrite alternatives listed on Capterra for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). These applications had to meet certain selection criteria, including offering similar features and price points to Eventbrite. Read more about our selection methodology here.

eventbrite alternatives comparison

1. Eventzilla

Eventzilla logo
Likelihood to recommend rating: 4.23 out of 5
Functionality rating: 4.24 out of 5
Reviews: 291

Eventzilla is an event management solution designed to help event marketers manage and promote events online. It lets users create customized event registration forms, sell tickets online, collect payments, conduct post-event surveys, and more.

Eventzilla is free for posting and promoting free events (all core features available). It also allows users to pass service fees and credit card processing fees on to event attendees.



Capterra reviewers like the features for creating events, accepting payments, embedding registration links in their websites, and sending messages to attendees. Reviewers would like WePay to be included as a payment option. They would also like the refunding and canceling processes to be simpler.
Reviewers also like its ease of use and customization capabilities. They like that they can customize ticket types, registration details and questions, response emails, etc. Reviewers would like better reporting capabilities. They want an option for opening reports on the platform instead of only receiving them via email.

How much does Eventzilla cost?

Eventzilla offers three pricing plans: Basic, Pro, and Custom. The Basic plan is $1.25 per ticket sold and the Pro plan is 1.9% plus $0.99 per ticket sold. Credit card processing fees are additional.

Event registration in Eventzilla

Event registration in Eventzilla (Source)

2. Splash

Splash logo
Likelihood to recommend rating: 4.23 out of 5
Functionality rating: 4.24 out of 5
Reviews: 291

Splash is an event marketing software tool that enables users to execute and promote events. It offers features such as online check-ins, access to updated and standardized event data for insights, and more.

Splash offers a free plan for promoting and executing small events, which makes it suitable for small businesses.



Capterra reviewers like the software’s ease-of-use, along with its check-in and email scheduling features and mobile app. Reviewers would appreciate better customer service and training modules to help with the steep learning curve.
Users also like Splash’s data and analytics feature for making data-driven business decisions. Reviewers would also like more flexibility in branding. They want to be able to create templates with a simple drag-and-drop function.

How much does Splash cost?

Splash offers two pricing plans—Free and Splash for Business. Pricing for the Business plan can be requested through the vendor’s website.

Data analytics in Splash

Data analytics in Splash (Source)

3. ThunderTix

thundertix logo
Likelihood to recommend rating: 4.62 out of 5
Functionality rating: 4.5 out of 5
Reviews: 167

ThunderTix is a ticketing software platform with features that allow users to embed event lists into their website, promote events, sell tickets online through social media pages, and scan barcodes. Users can also customize tickets and email receipts with their logo, colors, terms and conditions, etc.

ThunderTix offers a Maintenance plan priced at $10 per month, which lets users put their accounts on hold during short seasons but continue selling gift cards, collecting donations, and saving event and customer data for upcoming events.



Capterra reviewers like that they can put all their inventory online and have all event bookings from box office walk-up, phone, and web managed in one place. Reviewers would like the processes for refunds and exchanges to be simpler.
Reviewers also like that ThunderTix is easy to use and allows detailed customization of tickets. Reviewers would also like better reporting capabilities; they feel it takes too much time to generate reports.

How much does ThunderTix cost?

ThunderTix offers four pricing plans—Small Events, Growing Business, Established Business, and Enterprise. The Small Events plan is priced at $60 per month for 100 tickets and $0.65 for each additional ticket.

Sell tickets for multiple events online in ThunderTix

Sell tickets for multiple events online in ThunderTix (Source)

4. TicketTailor

tickettailor logo
Likelihood to recommend rating: 4.8 out of 5
Functionality rating: 4.7 out of 5
Reviews: 150

TicketTailor is a cloud-based ticketing platform that allows users to set up events and sell tickets online. Users can create custom forms to gather data about attendees, create tracking links to track event sales, and sell tickets directly from their website either using widgets or a customized event web page.

TicketTailor offers free ticket sales for the first five tickets, after which the user receives an email prompting them to choose a paid plan. There is a 20% discount for charities.



Capterra reviewers say that with TicketTailor, they can easily set up their storefront and edit or add information at any time. Reviewers would like more options to customize tickets and events pages.
Reviewers like the ability to set up different payment options. They like that they can link their personal PayPal and Stripe accounts. Reviewers feel that the reports could be more intuitive, easy to access, and detailed.

How much does TicketTailor cost?

TicketTailor offers five pricing plans—Small, Medium, Large, XL, and XXL—starting at $25 for 50 ticket sales per month.

Creating different types of tickets on TicketTailor

Creating different types of tickets on TicketTailor (Source)

5. Weemss

weemss logo
Likelihood to recommend rating: 4.6 out of 5
Functionality rating: 4.4 out of 5
Reviews: 50

Weemss is a cloud-based event management software that allows users to handle registrations, online check-ins, seating arrangements, tickets sales, and more. Users can also edit information on event pages, add payment options, cancel tickets, and change ticket categories.

The software does not charge any additional fees for setup or training and doesn’t have any hidden fees. It offers a discount to users who sell more than 20,000 tickets per year.



Capterra reviewers find the interface and set up easy. The learning curve is extremely short. Reviewers would prefer to pay a lower percentage of ticket commissions, which currently they say are on the higher side.
Users like that they can share access with co-organizers and even invite jury members to get their votes online. Reviewers would like to see more customizability in designing landing pages, tickets, and emails.

How much does Weemss cost?

Weemss offers two pricing plans: A “Pay As You Go” plan that includes free as well as paid tickets, and an Annual plan. With pay as you go pricing, users pay 0.49 euros (approximately $0.55*) per free ticket and 2.5% per paid ticket, with a minimum of 0.49 euros per ticket and a cap of 9.95 euros (approximately $11.17*) per ticket. Annual plan pricing is available on request and includes all features and a flat fee per ticket.

(*Weemss’ pricing is provided in euros. Conversions provided are based on Google’s converter tool accessed Dec. 31, 2019.)

Event landing page in Weemss

Event landing page in Weemss (Source)

Next steps

Having gone through the five Eventbrite alternatives, here are some recommendations to help you find the right fit for you:

  • Shortlist products based on your business needs: Compare the software’s functionalities with your unique business needs to choose software that is most suitable for your business and avoid paying for functionality you don’t need.
  • Know your budget: Understanding what you can afford to spend before evaluation options will help you narrow down your shortlist.
  • Explore reviews on Capterra: Check out user reviews of event management software on Capterra to understand what users like and dislike about specific products.
  • Get a free trial and demo of your shortlisted products: Once you’ve chosen the product you want to invest in, ask the vendor for a free trial or demo.
  • Ask about scalability and updates: It’s important to understand whether the software you’re considering will scale as you grow. Speak to each vendor and ask how often they update their software and the options to scale to support your business growth.

Check out the following resources:

Selection criteria

  • Pricing: We’ve included software solutions with a price range similar to that of Eventbrite. To be featured, each product had to offer a small business-friendly pricing plan that costs less than $2 per ticket, before taxes and fees.
  • Features: We’ve shortlisted products that offer core event management features such as registration management and ticketing, comparable to those of Eventbrite.
  • Minimum 20 published user reviews on Capterra in the last two years: All the alternatives discussed in this article have received at least 20 reviews on Capterra in the last two years. Based on the reviews, we’ve provided user sentiment analysis about the pros and cons of the products.
  • High recommendation rating: We’ve selected products with an average recommended rating of at least 4 out of 5.
  • High functionality rating: The selected products have functionality rating of at least 4 out of 5.

Note: Listed pros and cons are derived from features listed on the product website and product user reviews on Gartner Digital Markets domains (Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice). They do not represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, Capterra or its affiliates.

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Comment by Jamie Phillips on

Jack yes I also agree python events is worth looking at, if you are looking for a white label solution and are an independant venue, sports stadium, basically companies that need seat reservation and mapping.

Comment by Jack Waterfield on

Hi Nick. A very varied selection of software companies here! It was a good read so thank you for the blog post.

One ticketing provider I would like to inform you of is Python Events

The reason for this is because they offer a white label ticketing service, whereby they set you up your own website and let you list as many events as you like!

Their business model is great as it lets you keep 100% of your booking fees. All they charge is an initial set up fee and then a monthly maintenance and hosting fee.

This is great for companies that are shifting lots of tickets on a regular basis, as they can gain a masssive increase in revenue just from booking fees alone!

As their platform is relatively new, its very secure and it also mobile first and the front end has been built with the customer in mind.

I’d definitely suggest checking this out!


Comment by Sara Sandeep on

great article! Eventdex is one of the best alternatives to Eventbrite. Eventdex is all-in-one event management solution that even offers business matchmaking and onsite lead retrieval for exhibitors, apart from the features you have listed here. Moreover, our pricing is extremely competitive – we charge less than half the cost of most other solutions. Do check us out if you have aminute:  http://www.eventdex.com


Comment by René on

Thank you for the overview and for opening up the topic! I work in event ticketing industry and we hear from many of our users that they have switched over to Fienta (https://fienta.com) in search of better usability and transparent pricing.

It’s true that there are many great event management platforms out there. And while sometimes the organiser needs some very specific feature, in majority of cases it boils down to the ease of use, as most platforms share a common set of functionality.

Cheers, René

Comment by Kateryna Yaroshenko on

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the great article! I totally agree – these 5 companies are excellent Eventbrite alternatives.
I also wanted to mention GEVME ( https://www.gevme.com/l/) as one of the best alternatives to Eventbrite.
GEVME is a fully integrated event management and event marketing software that simplifies your event planning process. You can create the best event experiences with website builder, online registration, email marketing, onsite event, connect, and survey apps.

Have a great day!
-Kateryna Yaroshenko


Comment by Lucy Smith on

Impressive list but i would like to add one same platform – Eventry.

Eventry offers the place for oragnisers to market their event and sell event tickets online. As well as it allows participants to discover some exciting events of their choice in their local area.

Feel free to try it out at https://www.eventry.com/en and don’t hesitate to share your feedback!


Comment by Daniel Gniazdo on

Awesome list, but I’m a bit bummed Billetto didn’t make the cut.

We offer most of the features of Eventbrite’s “Professional” plan at a lower per-ticket fee.

Should you ever do a new version of this article, I’d humbly invite you to give us a look:


Comment by Kaylin B on

For sports groups, OpenSports is amazing. You get the benefits of Eventbrite (cheap tickets, payment processing) with the user base of Meetup (free vs. Meetup which charges a fee). They help you find people to come to the games or events you create and they have really good customer service.

Full disclosure: I work for the company.

Comment by Jane Miller on

We used Impactflow, but did not like the system. There was site downtime and there are not many improvement to the solution. We switched to Eventzilla. Definitely no turning back, Eventzilla a great option for tickets.

Comment by Joe Dun on

ImpactFlow ( https://impactflow.com ) is the most affordable and in my opinion the most well designed event management I have seen on the market. They have the highest conversion rate which is probably the most important piece for event host.

Check them out!

Comment by Oriol Gifra on

We invite you to take a look to http://www.registrationarea.com

For spanish spoken market we also have an adhoc platform http://www.inscribirme.com

The main differentation points with Eventbrite and others are:

1. Only 2,5% commission fee for payment events, and free for free events
2. We include same Google forms technology to customize registration or ticketing form
3. We fully customize all the platform for third party organizers and integrate their own payment system and invoicing.

Soon (by beginning October 2017) we will offer it in many languages and also most of the world currencies available as well.

Comment by Kieran Mullen on

Feature comparison grid is needed.

Comment by Joseph S on

Eventzilla no longer offers $1 processing fee, now they charge pretty much the same as event brite, even on their basic suscription.

Comment by Anne Chang on

Very sorry to have to give Eventzilla a thumbs down. We ran a conference last year – started off using Eventzilla. Every time we sent a prospect to register, the eventzilla page was down. Support was responsive and fixed the issues, but the service was just not reliable enough. Ended up going with Eventbrite which did cost an arm and a leg by comparison. I also wonder if Eventbrite directory makes it easier for search engines to find your event.


Comment by Sean Burke on

Hi Nick,
Thanks for the great article! I would agree – all 5 of these companies are excellent Eventbrite alternatives for different reasons.

I also wanted to mention Ticketbud ( https://ticketbud.com ) as one of the best alternatives to Eventbrite.

We have more competitive pricing, more features with our pricing, as well as daily payouts. Eventbrite’s tiered pricing system offers less than Ticketbud for those looking for a cost effective platform, as well as for those who need revenue before their event ends.

We offer Google Analytics integrations, free human support, reporting, widgets, mobile apps, and point of sale.

Thanks again, and have a great day!
-Sean Burke

Comment by Jose Bort on

Hi Nick, just putting word out there about EventsCase (eventscase.com). It is not just a ticketing platform, it is also an an all-in-one event management solution. For event organisers who are looking for a solution that will meet all their event planning needs, I highly recommend EventsCase. It allows in the creation of event registration websites (where ticketing applies) and bundles other applications such as the onsite check-in app, 1-2-1 meeting scheduler, online community, and dedicated mobile event app for Android and iOS.

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