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Update 10/10/2016: This article is has been updated to include the best field service management podcasts from the last year. There are now 12 recommendations instead of the original five.

I’m a bad Millennial. I prefer hard copies to “going green,” I’ve never seen an episode of Portlandia, and, maybe worst of all, I don’t really listen to podcasts.

The list below, however, may have made me a convert. These field service management podcasts have enough information to make them worth my, and your, time. They may even get me to figure out how to listen to them away from my laptop (again, bad millennial; I suspect Venmo and Bitcoin are Skynet’s way of bankrolling the coming human-robot war).


While the field service sector isn’t the most prevalent group of podcasters out there – almost as if everyone is too busy doing actual work – there are a few gems to be found. These five podcast should definitely make it into your driving to work rotation.

Field Service News

On top of being an industry leader in written news, Field Service News also releases an occasional podcast. These podcasts are a solid way to keep up with trends and research like mobility, the cloud, and up-to-date KPI’s. They’re also a great place to hear from industry experts: this podcast on cloud computing’s use for field service businesses featured both field service execs and an expert from ClickSoftware.


field service news logo03

The Prosperous Tradesman

Larry G. Maguire’s Prosperous Tradesman podcast is aimed at field service managers, and covers the range of issues managers need to know. In other words, if you’ve asked yourself about an issue, Larry Maguire’s probably got a podcast about it. He’s talked on everything from how to determine an hourly rate, to the feast-or-famine business cycle field service managers often face. There’s also actionable info, a lot of which pertains to digital strategies like getting found on search engines.



The ACHR News Podcast

Even if you’re not in air conditioning, heating, or refrigeration, ACHR news is still a valuable field service resource. Their wide range of guests (in the past few months, they’ve interviewed people from LG Electronics, XOEye Technologies, and Building IQ) provide info about the AC/refrigeration industry, but also about customer relationships, entrepreneurship, and other business building blocks.



IFS Radio Network

The IFS blog posts irregularly, but their total for 2016 is an improvement over the year before. Though not all the posts are field service related, many of the broader ones (like one on data visualizations) still have useful info for field service professionals.



Lawn and Landscape Radio Network

Need industry-specific information about grubs or Japanese beetles? Interested in how to keep clients that a leaving employee might take with them? Lawn and Landscape Radio Network tackles both sorts of topics.

This podcast’s focus is definitely on landscaping issues, but even if you’re in HVAC or plumbing, Lawn and Landscape’s posts on topics like keeping a paper trail when an employee asks you to fire them are worth a look.


Points to whomever came up with the logo design. Using a tree as an old time microphone’s a clever touch.

Points to whomever came up with the logo design. Using a tree as an old time microphone’s a clever touch.

Asset Reliability @ Work Podcast

If you’re in maintenance and reliability, this is one to bookmark. There’s a lot of great information in Asset Reliability @ Work about broad, global initiatives that can improve your overall maintenance strategy. For example, Tim Kister’s May 26th episode addresses planning and scheduling. There’s also an interesting, more recent piece on preparing for the wave of upcoming Baby Boomer retirements by using a mentoring program.



Alectris Solar O&M Insider

Are you in solar panel operations and maintenance management? There is, believe it or not, a podcast for your industry.  

Solar O&M Insider deals with issues like using data to drive returns, solar operations in Spain and India, and best practices in solar panel maintenance.  


The best thing? No one in these podcasts pronounces “solar panels” like the guy from Birdemic.

Plumbing and HVAC Marketing Profits Podcast

This is a podcast to check out if you’re interested in any of the following:

— Radio marketing for your plumbing/HVAC business

— Making $2.5 million a year in revenue

— Growing your profits by 30%

— Getting to the 100-truck fleet mark

Like it or not, your trade is only half of your business. The other half is marketing, and Josh Nelson’s experience with that field will provide you with a range of case studies and ideas to grow your own business.


The Service Council

The Service Council is one of the best sources of info on field service, no matter what service you render. Their podcast holds to that same standard, providing field service professionals with information about topics like customer success, field service automation, and “uncovering $54 million in service-generated leads” (which tackles a current hot topic, whether or not field service technicians should cross-sell or upsell).


The Amp Hour

If you’re an electrician, you’ll want to check this out. Some of the content is as niche as you can get (there are podcasts on “the consolidation of the chip industry” and “board layout and open source hardware”), but others discuss universally relevant topics like freelancing, on-demand services, and legislation that affects repairmen.


Grow My Cleaning Company

This one’s like Plumbing and HVAC Marketing, only if you own a cleaning service business. Mike Campion’s a successful cleaning company owner who sold his cleaning service business for three times its original worth. After a stint in some other industries, he started Grow My Cleaning Company, a content platform for maid service managers.

Their podcast focuses on the managerial side, with entries on hiring, marketing, advertising, and landing contracts. If you’re looking for general business and entrepreneurship podcasts, Mike’s been a guest on a lot of those, too.


Dirt Monkey University

On top of having a great name, Dirt Monkey University (formerly Landscaping Business Pro) has a lot of information. I’d say more information than a barrel of monkeys, but that would make me a horrible human being.

Like a lot of the podcasts on this list, Dirt Monkey covers topics many field service workers would find interesting (social media marketing, generating a reputation). Others, like pond installation or rainwater collection systems, offer solid, landscape-specific information.


The ACHR News Podcast

The Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration podcast has a specific focus, but the material is applicable across most field service organizations. The podcast sits down with one guest each episode, diving into their business, background, and thoughts.

Because they so often bring in small business owners, the advice on the show ends up being useable and not just theoretical. This is a must listen for any small business owner.

IFS Radio Network

The next two podcasts here are more general interest, covering topics across the field service spectrum. They’re also the least frequently updated. The IFS Radio Network is run by IFS, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) specialist with a presence in most major industries.

The Radio Network is focused on ERP and enterprise asset management topics, pulling in trends in the field service industry, as well. While some of the topics are going to be “too big” for a small business, there’s a lot of good insight into the industry here.

FSN Podcast

Field Service News runs an occasional podcast covering the sorts of topics that have made the outlet such an important source for the industry. Software implementation, mobile service management, and best practices are just a few of the winners.

FSN is one of the industry leaders when it comes to news. The quality of the podcast reflects that fact, with in-depth conversations and real solutions for businesses.

Lawn Care Radio Network

Another more targeted podcast, but with great discussions about running a service business. Lots of talk about how to hire, train, and retain employees, alongside information about how to work trade shows and get involved in marketing your business.

If you’re not in the lawn care business, you can get some fun insights into water and lawn management, too. It never hurts to know a bit more about what’s out there.

Farstuff: The IoT Podcast

This last one is probably the most fun service podcast you’re going to stumble across. Focused on the Internet of Things, the Farstuff podcast covers just about every aspect of the emerging technology. Whether discussing the Apple Watch or how businesses are updating old factories with new tech, the Farstuff podcast has plenty of expertise to offer.

As the IoT becomes more prevalent and offers more solutions to field service businesses, knowing the basics of the technology is going to become a must. Farstuff can help you get your head around the latest trends and biggest changes coming down the pipe.

Field Service Management Podcasts I Missed?

I know there have to be field service management podcasts out there. Please share them in the comments below if you know of any, or if you know of anything I can do to be a better Millennial.

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