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4 Free Event Management Apps Donald Trump Would Jump At

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The Donald has been taking the media by storm in recent months, but recently we were able to catch up with him on the campaign trail to get his opinions on a list of free event apps that he has been using to fill his venues. He may have billions — like he’s told us a million times — but hey, what is wrong with saving a few bucks a month on some free event management apps for your iPhone?

Trump was nothing short of excited to tell us his thoughts on the apps that we chose!

Okay, not really, but you probably figured that much out. Instead these are the five best free event apps that we figured you (and possibly the Donald) may want consider using for your next big soiree! So, Donald will be providing overly excited commentary throughout this list.

This article looks at four free event management software options. See the full list of free event management software solutions here.

Let’s make your events great again!

1. Eventzilla


Although Eventzilla charges $1.00 per attendee for paid events, their app and all of its features are free for events that are offered to attendees free of charge. This makes it ideal for nonprofits and other charitable organizations offering free events.

The Eventzilla app is loaded with event management features such as waiting lists, website integration, mobile check-in, and even a name badge creator, making it a high ranking choice for a free event app. Even if you plan on holding a paid event, the app itself is free and all features are free until the attendee charges start rolling in.

With all of his billions, surely the Donald could pay the dollar for each one of his attendees but for those of you who are planning to hold free events, Eventzilla is one app you should definitely consider!

2. Guidebook


The saying “you get what you pay for” does apply to Guidebook. On the bright side, the free version of Guidebook offers many of the basic building blocks for an event management app, such as social media integration and networking, basic schedule creation, and venue map production.

One drawback is the limit on the number of downloads of the app. After 200 downloads, your event guides and other resources are cut off and you are pressed to either abandon Guidebook or upgrade to a paid service.

Another issue may be its original intention, as guidebook was made to be just that, a guide generator. It doesn’t deal with registration, ticketing, event updates, etc. This means while it’s ideal for smaller, uncomplicated events, make sure you have this functionality covered elsewhere if you’re looking to do something more complex.

3. Amiando Xing Events


The Amiando Xing Events app is marketed as an attendee information app that can not only provide your guests with all pertinent information about your event but even information on similar events. The app download is free and includes several key features.

Without having to touch your bank account you are given access to one-day schedule releases as well as booking and announcing for a max of 12 speakers. The desktop and mobile app versions of Xing Events also provide access to a feature known as “People2Meet,” which allows your guests to connect with other attending guests.

Upgrading to the paid version gives you access to much more content that would satisfy even the biggest Donald Trump event, with unlimited agenda planning, event map layouts, and unlimited speaker booking and announcements. Luckily like Eventzilla, payment only consists of “per registrant” fees. Amiando has gone and made something YUGE!

4. Welco


Where can the Donald turn for a free reception app?

Welco may have him covered for his small events! As long as your event only requires five employees to access the database to sign in attendees, Welco has you covered for free.

Welco can also notify you and your other event employees when specific guests or VIPs arrive through SMS messaging. However the free version only gives you 20 SMS notifications per month. Like most of the apps in this list, more features are unlockable with the purchase of a monthly subscription to their service. The higher your plan, the more employees can be registered for use and the more allowances there are for more SMS notifications.

Those who conduct smaller events are well suited for the free version of Welco.

Unfortunately this app is only available for Apple mobile products (iPhone, iPad) and is not available for Android or Windows phone.


Which app do you think would be best for your event? Have you used any of the apps listed above? If so, please let us know what your experience was in the comment section below!

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