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Free Maid and Cleaning Service Management Software

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Update 7/10/17: This post has been updated to reflect the most current information. One option, Locqus, has been deleted, as they no longer offer a free version. A new option, YourTradeBase, has been added.

Sometimes, your cleaning company doesn’t need to integrate with QuickBooks, optimize a route with 75 stops, or track the speed of all its vehicles. Sometimes, you just need a better way to get your employees to where they’re supposed to be. You need a way to track the customers you work with and to get away from the whiteboard and to have more free time to grow your business.

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Luckily, there are some free maid and cleaning service software options out there, and they can help your business move to the next level without setting you back an arm and a leg. Here are three  options–presented in alphabetical order–for small business owners.

HouseCall Pro

A while back, I had the pleasure of talking to the folks over at HouseCall about the background and future of the business. HouseCall saw a gap in the market and has jumped to fill it. First, let’s talk about what you get for free.

You get scheduling, Google Calendar integration, real-time dispatching, a client booking app, and you can even tap into HouseCall’s credit card processing. The company’s distinguishing feature is its booking app.

Clients can download the booking app to their phones, and have access to all sorts of service providers in their area – plumbers, cleaning services, landscapers, etc. When they open the app, your service is listed as the top option.

On your side of the equation, there’s a robust set of customer management tools and reports to help you get more out of your client list. At the free level, you’ll have one user with access to the system and you’ll be able to do some basic customer management.

If you decide to upgrade down the line, you can get access to more powerful customer tools that let you send reminder emails and postcards to generate repeat business. You’ll also be able to take all of that business data and bring it into QuickBooks to get more out of it.

It’s a unique system, and I’d recommend checking out some of the company’s videos to get a better idea of how the thing works.


Someday, someone, somewhere will release a piece of software that has two completely separate words in it. I digress.

ServiceM8 is a service management system with job-based pricing. For instance, if you perform up to 200 jobs in a month, your monthly fee will be $0.45 per job. The trick, though, is that the first twenty jobs are always free.

This allows small businesses to use ServiceM8 completely free, safe in the knowledge that they can always expand if they need to. The first 100 jobs clock in at just $0.50 per job, so even if you have a stellar month and manage 70 gigs, you’ll pay just $25 for the privilege–the first twenty are always free.

For all that flexibility, your cleaning business will get access to iPad and iPhone apps, an unlimited number of users, and unlimited storage. If you use Xero, MYOB, or QuickBooks Online for accounting, you’ll also get free accounting integration.

The software comes with plenty of templates and recurring appointment configurations, too, so you can make it a perfect fit for your business. There’s even a MailChimp integration tool, so you can send out nice looking emails instead of the usual junk.


No doubting it, making the shift to business software is a big change. There are a lot of benefits, but adapting to a new, digital way of doing things is an investment of time for you and your staff. If you want to try this approach out before committing to the change that is field service management software, YourTradeBase could be a good way to start.

YourTradeBase has a free trial period that gives you unlimited use for 30 days. Your account will automatically transition into the free version of the software at the trial’s end, unless you decide to use one of their premium versions and enter your credit card information.

As for the free version, it’s good for up to two jobs, two invoices, and one quote a month—but that might work for you if you’re still debating whether or not you want to take the digital plunge. The other functions that come with the regular free version, like the ability to store customer’s contact information, might be so useful you wind up going fully in the technological direction.

Further Software Options forMaid And Cleaning Services

No matter how big your cleaning business is or how busy you get, there’s a free option out there for you. While these tools offer plenty of features and support, you might want more. In that case, check out Capterra’s full listing of maid and cleaning service software options.

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The best software to run your maid service is ZenMaid. I have tried all the others. ZenMaid is the most user friendly and reasonably priced. I seriously could not live without it.

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