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UPDATE 2/28/2017: This post has been updated to reflect changes to these software options’ features since the last post.

The average SMB marketing spend is $400/month. And many businesses spend less than $100/month.

So when it’s time to add a new expense to the budget, resistance is to be expected. You can work your hardest to justify the cost of a new marketing automation system, but sometimes the purse strings just won’t budge.

MA comparison header copy

It is possible to build your own marketing automation system using a mix of other tools, but there are free and open source options out there that can be just as effective as a paid version. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best free marketing automation software solutions available to make your search (and budget talks) even easier.


Perfect for small businesses, Leadsius offers one of the most robust marketing automation systems for free. All features included in the premium accounts are also available in the free version; only the number of contacts and users are limited.


Features included in free version:

  • 250 contacts
  • 1 user
  • Form and landing page creator (unlimited)
  • Email creator and templates
  • List management (static only, no dynamic lists)
  • Reporting – emails, forms, web analytics
  • Support – knowledge base and community support

If you think you’ll need more contacts or users, consider upgrading to the paid version Leadsius offers, starting at $75/month for 500 contacts.


Jumplead encourages marketers to use its product to “explore and learn for free, grow at your own pace.” Starting with their free version, you can get a taste for what their marketing automation solution can do for your business.


Features included in free version:

  • 200 contacts
  • 200 website visitors
  • 100 emails
  • 1 user
  • Live chat support

It’s a pretty basic package, so it’s only really effective for small-scale campaigns. For just $49/month, you can upgrade to Jumplead’s first paid level.


Packaged as a free trial, SalesAutopilot does let users have access to a free account for as long as they’d like. They also don’t limit the features available, so you can truly get a feel for the software before making the decision to upgrade to their paid account. However, there are still a few restrictions to keep in mind.


Features included in Free version:

  • 400 emails/month
  • 1 user
  • Email and sales automation (event-triggered actions, landing pages, A/B testing)
  • E-commerce module
  • Text message sending, personalized PDFs, telemarketing support
  • Sales CRM module
  • Affiliate module
  • Helpdesk module

The MailMaster level of SalesAutopilot starts at $14/month for up to 1,000 contacts. This marketing automation system depends a lot on the various extras you can add to your account. Before committing to one of their price levels, make sure you do your research on exactly what you need and how much it will cost when you take all of their add-on options into account.


An open source solution, Mautic’s marketing automation system is “100% customizable for your particular needs and situations.” You can download it straight from their website and get started right away.

Features include:

  • Monitor leads
  • Create emails and build lists
  • Landing pages
  • Lead nurturing
  • Reports

Mautic also hosts a community for its users to get involved with the product’s development. This features truly makes the download less of a transaction and more like collaboration.


Pimcore is another open source option for your marketing automation needs. It’s mainly a content management system, but its product does offer marketing automation features.


Features include:

  • Email marketing
  • A/B testing
  • Analytics
  • Social media integration
  • Targeting

You can download Pimcore directly from their site. They have a community board for users to share their ideas or needs with each other, but they also offer support plans ranging from 300 EUR per hour to 8,000 EUR per year.


While it advertises itself as an email marketing app, OpenEMM has marketing automation tools in its open source offerings.


Features include:

  • List management
  • Contact database
  • Targeting and event-triggered actions
  • Email template creation
  • Reporting

OpenEMM does offer a demo version of its product, so you can try it out before downloading the entire system. They also provide a lot of great resources for users on their support page, including video tutorials, user forums, and a newsletter.


Have you used any of the above free marketing automation software solutions? Which ones did I miss?

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Thank you for this great comparison Caroline,
Could you please discuss which of these solutions can handle:
a. automatic email bounce management
b. high volume emailing (100K – 1M email campaigns) ?

Traducto – Super Fast Localization Solution for apps

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Thanks Caroline,

I tested, Mautic and Leadsius – All three looks good. is powerful but contacts are limited in free version. Leadsius couldn’t verify me even though the tracking code is in place. Weird. Going to go with Mautic for now.

I just checked up on my Leadsius plan today and saw that the free account model has changed, you may want to update this article. </3

This was a very insightful article. I appreciate it and will be back when I have more time to read, just skimming this morning

Shouldn’t MailChimp be part of the list?

Perhaps its more concentrated on email marketing and doesn’t offer other market automation features.

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Hi! I јust wanted to aѕk іf yoᥙ еver hɑve any problems with
hackers? Ϻy lаst blog (wordpress) ѡаs hacked and I ended up losing mɑny mօnths οf hard աork ⅾue to no backup.
Do you havе any solutions to stop hackers?

Great resource! I’m still looking for the free tool or at least the best option for a price within my limited startup budget. Mautic was my first choice; however, they have since incorporated a subscription model with the past few months that completely limits the platform. If you have any further information regarding their price model, please update this post. Thanks again!

Hey Caroline, nice post! Marketing automation software can play a very important role for any organization, but yeah, keeping a check on cost is also important. Thanks for sharing these free automation software. But, when your business grows you must invest on paid plans. Apart from this, you can also look for economically priced Marketing automation tools for subscription businesses. Some of the examples can be RackNap, Ensim, Ubersmith etc.

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I have a proposal to add a couple more free CRM programs like Zoho and Bitrix 24. offers free trial period. I tried and stayed with it. Recommend you try it.

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