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Free Small Business Budget Template

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Imagine going into a month having no idea what you were going to spend or how much money you were going to make. Maybe you’re spending five nights at the Ritz, but maybe you’re eating Taco Bell for dinner every night. If you’re interested in having money in your bank account at the end of the month, you might want to start thinking ahead.

Free Small Business Budget Template

Enter, The Budget.

When your business grows to include complexities like foreign currency transactions, multiple channels of planning, or revenue and cost growth resembling kudzu, you’re going to need some budgeting softwarewe can help, by the way.

But until that time, you’ve got to do something. Excel has been the small business budgeting software of choice for, let’s say, four million years. It’s like fancy paper, in a lot of ways. But just having Excel isn’t enough – you’ve got to know how to make something of it.

Using Capterra’s free budget template

Instead of making it yourself, just use what we’ve made for you. Capterra has a straightforward budgeting tool for Excel. You just put in your small business’s dreams and desires for the next year, and we’ll show you what each month should look like.

Free Small Business Budget Template: XLSTemp_Yearly

Free Small Business Budget Template: XLSTemp_Monthly

Then, once a month, you can go in and put in your company’s actual results to track how you’re doing. The Excel budget template will show you where you’re hitting the mark, and where it’s all gone wrong.


Armed with new information and a solid plan, you can make informed decisions about your business to get the most out of each dollar.

Next steps

There is no reason not to have a budget in place. Grab our free budgeting template, check your results from last year, last month, or last week, and go for it. You’re not going to be 100% right, but that’s okay. The goal of a budget is to have a fixed point to track your progress against – you need to have that fixed point.

If you want more power from your budget, or if you’re interested in what budgeting can look like on a larger scale, check out Capterra’s full budget software listings. Good luck.

Download the template here.

Image by Abby Kahler

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Very useful Template, In summary Sheet, the month is showing added value. Example if I choose second month, then the month sheet should show only the second month values. but in the sheet it showing two months added value. Hope you will rectify the error.

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