The Top 9 Free Task Management Software

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Update 9/12/16: This post has been updated with additional standout free task management software options that have been released or improved over the past year. We’ve also removed options that are no longer free.

I’d had it.

I had been relying on a pen and paper for years, making silly little boxes to check off throughout my day. Write a blog post? Check. Demo a new piece of software? Done. Clean my desk? Ehh, I’ll get to that next week.

But I finally hit my limit when I was trying to sync up my task list with my calendar and writing out my repeated tasks over and over again. There had to be a better way.

Unsurprisingly, there is some incredible free task list software available online.

Free Task Management Software

So I decided to dive in. What are the best free task management software options? Which ones offer the most features, compatibility with other major software, are easy to use, and are well-reviewed? I’ve compiled my research and narrowed the list down to these final nine, listed alphabetically.

1. Centrallo


Centrallo promises to “centralize your life.” If your life can be completely organized with a bunch of lists and tasks (which is why you’re probably looking for a task manager, right?), Centrallo follows through on that statement. The app, available on the cloud, iOS, Android, and Apple Watch, allows users to prioritize which lists—and which tasks within those lists—are most important. If you like Evernote’s functionality but wish it could be tied to tasks, Centrallo is likely the task manager you’ve been searching for.

Pros: Drag-and-drop interface, save information bits like articles and photos directly to the app, generous storage (1GB) for the free version.

Cons: No time tracking, limited attachment sizes (25MB) for the free version, no passcode lock for the free version.

Used Centrallo? Leave a review!



When it comes to a free task management tool, few options on this list come close to the unlimited features on this app. For example, offers unlimited lists, task reminders, tasks, users, and labels. All of this comes at the low cost of nothing. The app is intuitive and doesn’t do more than it promises; if you need a simple day-to-day free task planner, is a good bet.

Pros: Consistent updates, excellent for both personal and collaborative use, and intuitive; no training required.

Cons: Still in beta; may not be free forever. There also aren’t task dependencies, time tracking, or attachment features available yet.

Used Leave a review!

3. MeisterTask

Project Board - 1280x800

MeisterTask is a reflection of the operating system it caters to – Apple. And like Apple, it focuses on simplicity, aesthetic, and function. While these three ideals are certainly difficult to achieve, MeisterTask comes very close. This kanban task management software is so simple that you can open it up and be working within your first minute of use. The free version includes two free integrations, like with Drive, Slack, GitHub, or Zendesk.

Pros: Lots of great integrations, intuitive, standout iOS app.

Cons: No mobile version for Android (yet) and gives preference to developing for Apple.

Price: Free for up to two integrations; $9 per user per month for more reporting and integrations features.

Used MeisterTask? Leave a review!

4. Pintask


If you want an alternative to the popular free task management software option Trello (reviewed below), check out Pintask. The software offers users the ability to track due dates, attachments, and reminders so everything is done on time and on budget. The kanban-based software is wholly customizable through add-on extensions, allowing users to build their own perfect, low-cost task manager.

Pros: Intuitive, easy to create your own extensions for, and great for team collaboration.

Cons: Users must buy extensions that are otherwise free on other apps, like card mirroring.

Price: Free plus the cost of extensions (starts at $3 a month)

5. Todo Cloud


The above-mentioned apps do a whole lot—but some people just want a to-do list, with not a whole lot of bells and whistles attached. Todo Cloud offers exactly that.

Create your tasks, order it by label, set a date, and go. Tasks can also be broken down into multi-level priorities, starred, and (my personal favorite feature) “focus,” or tasks that must be completed that day. This online task manager can be used for teams as well. Users can comment on, share, and sync their to-do lists, keeping everyone on task.

Pros: Simple to pick up and use, cross platform (iOS, Android, Mac, and PC), well-priced, and unique tools like geotagging.

Cons: Requires Internet access and mobile apps are only available in the paid version.

Price: Most users can get away with Todo Cloud’s free version. For those looking for mobile and email integration, Todo Cloud costs $1.99 a month, or $19.99 a year.

Used Todo Cloud? Leave a review!

6. Todoist


Todoist is a trusted standard in task management software. It offers a synchronized system that is available over iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, PC, and most major browsers. The interface is intuitive and set up similar to Gmail’s—on the left, there are categories (for example: due today, the next seven days, or “projects”), and on the right, there are the tasks themselves, which can be broken down into subtasks, sent out for collaboration, and can be filtered by their corresponding labels. And Todoist adds a small bit of gamification to its system, encouraging its users to earn “Todoist Karma” to track their productivity trends as they get their work done.

Pros: Very simple design, offers a mobile app, and lots of cool task-based features, like Todoist Karma, that aren’t available elsewhere.

Cons: The free version is limited in its capabilities and is not well-encrypted. Some of the mobile apps have design issues (like being unable to sort tasks).

Price: Todoist is free for projects and tasks. For additional features, like reminders, filters, labels, and templates, users must pay $29 a year.

7. TrackingTime


If you’re a freelancer looking for a free task management option and free time clock software, TrackingTime will be a lifesaver for you… and your team of up to three. TrackingTime doesn’t limit the number of projects or tasks, and it has powerful reporting tools to make sure everyone stays on track. TrackingTime is available on Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, and Android.

Pros: Completely free time tracking solution, time tracking integrates with tasks, tons of integrations available (like Chrome, Asana, Slack, Jira, and more), and offers time estimates.

Cons: Free version has no calendar functionality or custom reports.

Used TrackingTime? Leave a review!

8. Trello


Trello is another powerful task management software that made the list of top free project management software. It relies on the Kanban system of project management for users to visually organize their tasks. Use Trello to divide projects up by tasks, and then edit those tasks with descriptions, labels, checklists, and even attachments. Trello is particularly helpful for teams working on separate tasks toward a greater project goal, where the tasks are in need of a pipeline.

Pros: Intuitive layout and design, great for collaborative projects, and most companies and individuals are satisfied with the free version.

Cons: There is no good way to use this system to prioritize tasks between projects.

Price: Free for unlimited projects and users. Users may choose to purchase Trello Gold to up their card attachments to 250MB. Businesses may opt for Trello Business Class, which costs $8.33 per user per month, paid out annually.

Used Trello? Leave a review!

9. Wrike


Want a drag-and-drop task management system that’s great both for individual use and for group projects? Create and manage tasks based on due date and urgency with this tool. Users can use Wrike’s “Spreadsheet View” to mass-edit tasks and, with Wrike’s intuitive collaboration system, can share discussions and files that attach straight to tasks. Wrike also syncs with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and iCal, so users can keep all their projects and tasks aligned with their respective files.

Pros: Wrike offers a host of features and is, overall, a powerful project management product. Outstanding customer service, always new features, and makes collaboration easy.

Cons: The free version is substantially less full-featured than the paid option.

Price: Free for up to five users. Professional plans come with many more features and run $49 per month for up to five users and $99 per month for 15 users.

Used Wrike? Leave a review!


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There are many other powerful task management software solutions available across the Web. Were there any programs that I didn’t include? Share them in the comments below!

Love these free task management apps? Hate them? Let us know either way with a review!

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Hi! May I suggest
HiveFlux is a smart tool for task-management and team collaboration that gives a real-time overview of what everyone in a team is working on.
This app provides a central console that gathers all projects, tasks and subtasks, files, calendar events and time tracking.

Hi Rachel,
I enjoyed your personal approach to time management.
Please let me introduce you to TrackingTime: a collaboration app that helps companies manage their projects and tasks, track working times and measure productivity. The current version of TrackingTime is completely free!
You can learn more here:
Thank you!

I’d definitely suggest MeisterTask ( – it’s fairly new but already better than most other task managers I’ve worked with. Concept is comparable to Trello, but it’s better suited for actual task management and comes with a number of useful integrations.

I run an online store and in my company we use – the task management app that is free for now while the app is in beta.

[…] In Getting Things Done, David Allen explains that a “core dump” helps clear the mind for higher-level thinking (you can do this simply with free task management software). […]

Our company is currently using the software is really easy to use and I suggest to everyone I know. I’m a Project manager and with this tool I can monitor all work done, task progress, milestones, costs. All my team is happy with it because they can easily track their to-do list, share documents, discussion and agendas.

I highly recommend Asana, its a very powerful task/project management. Available for free for up to 15 users.

At we’ve used many different pm solutions (podio, basecamp, etc.), but can anyone recommend the best online tool to use for creating a reference library for project standards (hours, budget, activities)…for example, a development team needs to create a product. This product has been created before but it’s a new team. They need to review the steps, hours, and budget, but what online tool is best for creating this as a reference, not like a working template, or project with pre-loaded steps, etc. ?

I highly recommend it’s a new product in the market and has great user interface and very easy to use. Project management features like viewing tasks in Gantt chart view, managing risk log and issue log, agile view of tasks, project activity, time logging for a task etc are great features along with team collaboration capabilities.

Thanks for making us aware with this free task management software, I will definitely try all your ideas to increase the usability .

We use in our office and I’m fully satisfied with that software. It’s user friendly – even our 60-year-old secretary has no problems to work with the boards (her favourite option is changing colors ;)). And it’s cool that I can flexibly build my boards as I like. For sure it works also as an app on Android (I don’t know what about iOS).

Great list. One correction: Trello does have an agenda feature.

Thanks for letting me know! Fixed–that was a leftover from the initial review.

If you’re looking for a self hosted option, you can check out Duet. It has Kanban, task lists, a calendar, due dates, attachments, and a lot more –

Good to see a review of these tools that doesn’t mention basecamp. That signals the author has actually done their homework because let’s face it guys Basecamp might be successful and look shiny happy but it totally sucks.

It’s just me, working at home. No teams. No collaboration. Just me.

What would you recommend to help me keep my to-do list organized?

[…] apps and software information. Read up on articles covering topics such as the latest and greatest free task management apps. Capterra provides you with an abundance of retail advice, everything from tips on employee […]

Guys you may want to check out an awesome way to collaborate together –

Brings all the necessary channels of communication in one place. And most importantly – ITS DAMN EASY TO USE!

Do any of these tools provide a way to embed charts to tasks eg: org chart, flowcharts

I would strongly recommend was created with simplicity and efficiency in mind where focus is to spend more time on tasks instead of managing them.

It´s great as task manager but also as team collaboration tool
and best part it´s totally FREE!

Enjoy it!

I am looking for a task manager that can accommodate “template” driven projects. Each work (photography) project I do has many tasks that are the exact same, and all relative to the shoot date (in the middle of project). And so I want to have a template that I can assign a key “shoot date”, and all other dates adjust accordingly. For example:
Sample Project:
Sign Contract with «Client» [ due date = «ShootDate» -4weeks ]
Setup Travel [ due date = «ShootDate» -3weeks ]
Check in with client [ due date = «ShootDate» -1week ]
Photoshoot dates [ due date = «ShootDate» ]
Deliver Finished images to «Client» [ due date = «ShootDate» +1week ]

Any ideas of what I can use for that? was really what I needed, thanks everyone for valuable comments. 🙂 is simple and nice and can be used for any industry! Try free version once. 7 essential tools for keeping things simple.

I do appreciate the fact that there are companies who provide software for free. However, my frustration lies in the fact that our security dictates that we cannot use “anything” in the cloud. Unfortunately there are very few, relatively cheap options for us to host the data on our own systems. Still looking though.

Dear users, I have been using JIRA for 5 years, but it does not fulfil main thing I expect from task tracker. Majority of my tasks require external people to do something (to provide documents, to make correction on web pages etc etc). What I expect from task tracker is generating email request to external recipient and obtain anwers from external recipient as he/she replies the email. I do not want to make him regular user of the task tracker.

When task is due and there is no answer from external recipient remider should be generated.

Is there anything like that available?



To manage tasks and to dos for your team or your project, I would consider RowShare. RowShare exposes a wide range of templates as Team Action plan, a kind of collaborative to-dos. You can customize it to match perfectly your expectations. Just have a look, I’m sure RowShare can be useful for you!
I feel I need to let you know that I work for the company that develops RowShare. I just wrote an article that gives you an idea of how it can help for team task management:”

Producteev isn’t really an option: look at their Android app. The last update was June 5, 2014. It’s not longer being developed. I’ve used it and liked it, but the bugs which currently exist (such as recurring tasks that auto-complete even if you didn’t do them) are not being fixed. I don’t believe they support it anymore.

Who does your research???

Producteev is a total POS. No sub projects, no sub tasks, no drag and drop for either projects or tasks…OMFG. Without manual sorting, you have to precisely name projects and tasks.

Are Capterra reviews paid for?

I do the research and there’s no paid advertising. I’ve personally used Producteev and liked it, though I switched to Wrike last year. This post is set to be updated, as Producteev is no longer supported.

I really liked your article specially the part about you making silly little boxes.
But I noted you didn’t include Binfire in your list.
Is it because you didn’t know about it?
Hi Rachel,
I work for Binfire and i would really like to get your insight on our software as i think it would be really valuable to us.
You can try Binfire at
or go to there website at

Great article.

On my side, I’m looking for a PM solution where my customers could open tickets/tasks which would be accepted or refused by the PMs and automatically attached to a project if validated.

Do you know any tools offering this ?


[…] To manage and assign tasks, communicate needs, and manage your project, use Asana or Wrike. Need some cheap/free alternatives? Check out this list of free task management software. […]

Hi Guilhem,

I just try RowShare and I really like the permission system. It’s the first time I see an app(todo or spreadsheet) that restrict row editing depending on the owner of the data.

Hi Rachel! I think I have come across your other post on open source project management. And, I have to say, all of your articles are really well crafted. Since, you have mentioned Trello here. All I can say is that if you are first time user, Trello is the way to go. Not only Trello is easy to use but it offers so many features. And, if you are a team of freelancers or a small business it does not cost you a penny.

Hi folks, I recently made my own management tools because as a freelancer (designer/developper) I needed something different that what existed, something super easy, quick and clean.

Anyway its free to use and secure.
No-one will see your clients, projects, tasks,.. except you.


Feel free to contact me for anything you may need or ask.
Have a nice day 😉

Hi Rachel Burger,

Nice article. Liked The way you mentioned Details with Pros, Cons and Price.
I would Suggest Acebot ( ). The Intelligent task Manager on Slack that let’s you manage your todo’s and daily action items from within Slack. You can start a conversation with Acebot. Ask AceBot to create a Task, Assign a Task, Update an Existing task, Close a task for Free

Unless I am missing something, TaskWorld doesn’t seem to be free beyond the 15 day trial.

You’re right; they just updated their pricing structure, which will be reflected in the next update of this post.

Thanks for the insight. Having worked with much of these apps, I think your analysis, although brief, is a true reflection of the apps’ capabilities and user-friendliness. When well utilized, these apps can make task management easy and fun.

All apps have their limitations, one feature is usually sacrificed for another. This is in reference to the respective cons for the above apps. In this case, I believe that a combination of two or three apps would work to much of address these cons.

Once again, thanks for the great list.

Hi everyone, we are getting a lots of traffic/active users from this article. We are very thankful to @Rachel and people who commented in our favor.

Do try the AWESOME, EASY, YET POWERFUL productivity tool that would save 40% of your time:

Thank you for this valuable post.

I am currently managing multiple projects with my project management software “Done”, it is an online tool that really meets the needs of indicating role of each team member in the overall project execution and delivering top quality projects on time.

I’d suggest to have a look at Done website:

When I worked with a large organisation we used Novell GroupWise which was simple and fabulous for task management for individuals. For example, I could allocate a task to a specific date and if it wasn’t completed, GroupWise would automatically forward the task to the next day until the task was marked completed. Does anyone out there know of anything similar to this, preferably free? Thank you!

Hi @Hazel , yes does that, if a task is not completed by due date. It stays in your pending tasks list and is highlighted to draw your attention.

If you have a task that is very critical, one can set a email reminder. For example, if a task allotted to your colleague is not completed by a particular date, all followers will get a reminder in mail.

I’m looking strongly into DropTask because I like the modular circles and sub-circles… plus the colors. As a photographer and video producer (with ADHD!) I am highly visual, plus can use a little “pizazz” on screen. And I hate layers of lists, even though there are some color tags involved! Have only found a few reviews on DT unfortunately. Also, I am waiting to hear from the about a price since I am a non-profit. The biz plan (only one worth doing seems to me) is $150! From your list here, I think I’ll check out Meistertask… looks colourful and you say it’s easy to get started. THANKS for info!

I’m looking strongly into DropTask because I like the modular circles and sub-circles… plus the colors. As a photographer and video producer (with ADHD!) I am highly visual, plus can use a little “pizazz” on screen. And I hate layers of lists, even though there are some color tags involved! Have only found a few reviews on DT unfortunately. Also, I am waiting to hear from the about a price since I am a non-profit. The biz plan (only one worth doing seems to me) is $150! From your list here, I think I’ll check out Meistertask… looks colourful and you say it’s easy to get started. BUT… my new concern, that there is little info about, is which programs can work “fairly well”… OFFLINE? They don’t say! I live in Thailand and am often in places with no internet. But I’d like to be able to brainstorm, re-organize cards or circles, or show a client a “board” even in a mountain village. Any idea which ones are at least somewhat capable of this without being attached to The Cloud? Thanks for help!

I am currently using TaskQue and I find it to be a decent and easy Project Management Software. I have used Trello and Redbooth, but TaskQue is a much refined version of them both. Moreover, in my opinion every startup or companies which are on initial stages should use a Task Management Software to keep check of their activities and work efficiently.

Great article and some very useful Task Management Software listed. Well done.

Meistertask it is. Thank you for this short and concise report. Just what I was looking for. I’m up and running in minutes.


I’m the developer behind and I would like to say THANK YOU so much for writing about our task manager.
There are some exciting new features on the way being developed and released soon.
And yes, easynote will remain free 🙂

Have a great day, from Australia 🙂

My pleasure, Nick! Always feel free to reach out :).

[…] The Top 6 Free Task Management Software […]

I’m a real estate appraiser and what I need is something that will not only keep up with tasks, but generate an email to a client as I accomplish certain tasks letting them know what has just been done on that job.
For instance:
Received request (send email)
First Attempt to Contact Borrower, left message (send email)
Scheduled Inspection (send email)
Waiting for Legal Description from Borrower (send email)
Inspected Property on “date” (Send email)

Just a way for me to keep my clients informed without having to actually go through the process of sending an email. I’ve never really used a project or task tracker so I’m not even sure if this is the right category of software.
Help is greatly appreciated. 🙂

[…] is where you decide what you need to do and when you need to do it by. And, by having a clear timeline in place you’re able to keep a schedule or […]

To Canny Weems. In your situation try ‘Viewpath’.

Thanks for the great list. I really like to plan daily to-do list. A simple day-to-day free task planner.

Great List!

Though for those that may still reference this article, I’d highly recommend:


Each is packed with nearly all features listed by those in the article, comment section, and product websites. And for those that are forced to use micros0ft, IQTELL has email support for microsft (EAS) exchange active sync – which is highly beneficial

Wonderful article with wonderful readers !
We are developing a Team and Project Management Software.
Your article gives us a deep insight into what is being offered and the comments give a better insight into the facts that could not be included in the review.
Very nice, very useful

I have been in the software industry from 2 years and till now to manage tasks you need a function which allows you to create and assign tasks, with subtasks or lists and with the context to share the status and files, records activities & reminds you of deadlines. is the tool that does the trick. Sleek tool with natural language processing, works the way you do. Has detailed task management where you can assign tasks in a group, to individuals, share files know statuses and get deadline reminders with a personal assistant bot. Also on top of all the features it has chats & integrations to help in hassle free task management.

[…] you find it hard to stay on top on financial management, consider using a task management tool such as Trello or Todolist. With these tools, you can create checklists of what you need to do with […]

Hi Rachel, thanks for the cool list. I’d also like to suggest – another tool for task management. It works inside Gmail and allows to collaborate in small teams. I really recommend to check it out and would like to know what do you think of it.

I glanced at it; the pricing structure and features aren’t really appropriate for the article.

After trying (almost) all of them over 20 years, I use now happily Remember The Milk.
If you’d like to know why :

Hi everybody, does anybody know a task management tool that allows one a single task to multiple people, and be able to see who has marked as complete?

I understand this goes against the way projects are generally run, however when it comes to office admin this is something I require. For example, I have a single report I want to send to a group, and have then mark as complete when they have actioned their sections. Setting up a task per person is a lot more work.

Any suggestions?

Hi, I have a kitchen maker who really wants the most simple online job calendar scheduling tool for him and his key manager. They really don’t want much more than a shared Outlook calendar, that they can drag projects from one day to the another, extend the days required for a project, etc. It just needs to be a good visual calendar for showing which projects are being managed & installed in the coming months. I’m leaning towards Resource Guru- any other suggestions?
Many thanks,

Thanks for detailed write up Rachel! I’m very late in on this, hope you or someone else can still help?

I need to create weekly role based reoccurring tasks/miniprojects for staff. I.e. Marketing guy has standard tasks each week, newsletter, update social etc. can you suggest which of your selected free programs I can use to create reoccurring tasks with a bit of collaboration?

It will basically help me to enforce “standard operating procedures” needed to complete each reoccurring project automatically each week without me reminding staff and going crazy! :))



Thanks for a great article. I am specifically looking for a tool that will help me manage mine and my teams recurring duties – so more administrative focused than one-off projects. We find that we are often forgetting to do some pretty basic (but important!) duties so it would be good to be able to get some help



hi, thanks for the insightful article. I am after a collaborative tool to manage team’s tasks and projects which integrates with outlook. Any suggestions?

Sure thing! I’d look through Capterra’s project management software and task management software directories. There are a ton of options depending on your budget, and a lot of free tools charge for that kind of integration.

I’d start with:

  • DropTask
  • Todoist
  • Project in a Box
  • You could also reach out to the folks at Software Advice who give free tailored product recommendations (they make their money off lead recommendations so you don’t need to pay anything).

    Hey Rachel,
    I like you post very much, let me introduce to you a job tracking, workforce management, job management and job scheduling software which is very low in prices. And that one is Geo Op, this software can be used anywhere and anytime.

    Thanks for commenting, Nate. After skimming through the website, it seems as though Geo Op is neither free nor a true task management software. This tool would be a better fit for folks looking for field service management software or construction management software.

    Great list! If you are looking for some sort of all-in-one task management app, I would suggest to try Tomatoid (

    It combines time tracking, to-do lists and Pomodoro technique.

    If you are a freelancer, you may also like the clients/projects management, history and reports or integration with other platforms.



    If you have a large complex scary project and want to split it into small doable chunks – you need an outliner-like tool. Preferably, with a great keyboard support for fast work. Consider Checkvist, Dynalist, Workflowy – they all belong to this different class of task management applications combined with outliners.

    Hope this is helpful to someone 🙂

    My team uses the Slack App, Workstreams. It combines Slack’s communication and collaboration functions with task management. It collects tasks from your Slack channels and organizes them onto a Kanban board web interface. It’s a great project management tool because it allows you to notify team members, track progress, and prioritize and comment on tasks. It’s also free 🙂

    Great information about free task management. I will suggest Ileanzy tool. Please have a look that.

    Thanks for the recommendation for this other free task tool, Haritha. It looks like Leanzy is still in beta from the site.

    […] Start with a plan everyday. Whatever task organizer you choose should be your home base; your place to think, gather your thoughts and launch forth ideas. Add the element of collaboration in there, and you’ve got yourself a support team. We like ToDoist, Asana, and Trello. You can find others here courtesy of Capterra. […]

    Those are some good ones. I only use 2: DayPipe at for personal time management and team time tracking, and Trello for team time management.

    […] “The Top 9 Free Task Management Software – Capterra Blog”. Retrieved […]

    If ToDo Cloud has a free version I couldn’t find it.

    Another tool for this purpose is Zillable. It is a reliable virtual collaboration platform and a project management web application that can help you manage your VAs. It’s the best among all other group task management software that I’ve tried and yes it’s also free!

    @Canny Weems did you get what you are looking for? we can make you a custom task management according to your requirement. please get back to us if you are intersted.

    Please include, it has Free Team account option.

    I’m currently setting up a task list to coordinate with outlook for a flooring store and as a manager I’m looking for the best way to accomplish a smooth transition from customer to accounting to scheduling jobs. I’m currently using Wunderlist and outlook calander and have to show to my team this week. I think I have most of it figured out but not sure on how to add customer contact info into my list and then to my calendar without sending an email to them when I order,receive, but mabye send them a reminder (pre template) if possible, and then not send as I need to cost job. Also I need it to be easy for my secretary who isn’t that knowledgeable but can catch on. I’m need it to be easy and fluent so I can show my team from customer entry to job installed. How this will help. I think I’m going crazy.

    We use Hitask for our task management solution. We even found the software from your website. I’m surprised it hasn’t been added to the list.

    Task Manager 20|20 award-winning team task management software now has a free single-user version available at

    Task Manager 20|20 team task management software from now has a free single-user version.

    Thanks for the list. I’d like to recommend ProofHub here. It’s a very efficient and features rich team & task management app to keep scattered teams together. Task management, proofing, calendar, files, notes, time tracking, it has it all. You can download it on your mobile phones too. Check out:

    Found this app that works perfect.

    It has Tasks, Chat and Files together and its ultra simple….and its free which is great for freelancers and small teams.

    Great list! If you like visual tools, I’d suggest to check out and Both are awesome task management apps with lots of features.

    Thanks for the recommendations!

    Thanks for the great list! I used several task management tools before and recently I’m using PlanCentral which is one of the most affordable and useful apps available that i’ve come across. It combines tasks, chat and file combined in one app.

    Useful list of task management tool. You also like simple task management tool to make line up your team to task, provided by Find out the full feature list to

    This is free to start with, and you can run task under project and individual task for any team member.

    Smart-sheet is one good website for task management.
    As a project manager i used to communicate with my off-shore team using smart-sheet backlogs.
    More smart-sheet review read here-

    Seems an easy feature in a project management software, but I’ve not seen a tool yet that has the following (perhaps my nomenclature is incorrect): I have an annual schedule of tasks that need to be performed throughout the year every year, and performed by various persons in the organization. I would like to automatically send reminders to the specific team members responsible for the task – and just those listed, usually just the PM.

    In conjunction, or even instead, the tasks would show up on a calendar, but the calendar would JUST show the tasks for which a person is listed (as the PM, for example). With notifications sent out so that staff cannot say that they didn’t see the calendar item. We use Google calendar.

    Any ideas?

    This post really helped me to find out the Task Management Software very quickly. I would like to add up one more task management Software to this list

    Nice list. I have been using Pi Reminder app from a while and it’s quite good. It helps me set reminders and add tasks for my family members as well. They had there app in Android as well as Chrome Extension and web. Hope they will release the iOS version soon as my sister is an iPhone user.


    We are using, it’s free and easy to use. Maybe not best Task Tracking software, but it’s really easy.

    Hey, Rachel, nice list.

    My team is a heavy Trello user when it comes to sorting and organizing our tasks and projects and keeping track who’s doing what and when it is due. Honestly, without Trello I don’t know what our productivity would look like. We also pair this app with an API called Process Street:

    This is our main tool when it comes to actual execution of daily tasks and routine processes as well as housing our several forms and documentation.

    The BESTD Clinic provides its services at no cost.

    Nice content we are also working on CA Virtual Manager – CA Office Management Software

    You should try Dooster! Just started a new job as the general manager of an online retailer and warehouse and it’s made learning everything and setting projects and tasks such a doddle.

    This is a super old article, but I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend ClickUp. Freemium (with little need to upgrade), packed full of features but still easy to use. Simply the best in my opinion.

    From the programs listed above I’ve only tried Trello and I’m not a big fan of it. I found it quite confusing to understand which tasks were assigned to me. Sometimes I got such a huge amount of notifications that I even gave up reading all of them. Some time ago I discovered and it’s so much easier to use, in my opinion. I actually knew what to do with the board right after looking at it for the first time. It allows me to track the time I spend on working and in general, it’s so helpful. You can have a free account (2 users and 2 boards max – if that’s not enough, you can have a free trial version and see if you like it or not).

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