6 Free Volunteer Management Software Options

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When I was the president of my Young Americans for Liberty chapter in college, I found out that managing volunteers is not unlike herding kittens into a closetsized room.

Everyone has their own interests and working speeds, which makes volunteer management and motivation a difficult task, especially since volunteers go unpaid for their efforts. I didn’t have the money to invest in volunteer management software—if only I had known there were free options for the taking on the internet.

If you are a nonprofit that is struggling to find the funds to purchase volunteer management software, your troubles are over. I have compiled a list of six volunteer management software options that you can try out before you decide to go without lunch in order to afford a more expensive system.

This article looks at six highly rated free volunteer management software options. See the full list of free volunteer management solutions here.

The software options are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Church Director


via Church Director

Once you get past the name of the software, you’ll find that Church Director easily works as a general volunteer management software. Aside from limits on the number of teams and team members, the free version of this software has the same features as the paid options.

Features Include:

  • Individual schedules
  • Recurring schedules
  • Team calendar
  • Printer friendly reporting
  • RSS feed team alerts

Software type: Online

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2. SignUp Basic


via SignUp

SignUp Basic is the free base release from SignUp that offers plenty of the features necessary to manage your volunteers. As long as you only have one activity organizer account and one group page, the basic version is all that you will need. Due to these restraints, this option is best for small, locally-focused nonprofit organizations.

Features Include:

  • Mobile signups
  • Easy signups w/no passwords
  • Social media sharing
  • Printable rosters and calendars
  • Exportable data reports
  • Customizable page

Software Ttype: Online

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3. Son of Service

Son of Service (SOS) is a free and open source volunteer management software. Although SOS is a more barebones software option, it does offer limitless volunteer records and coordinator accounts/logins. If you are code savvy, you can even modify SOS to your own specifications due to the open source code model. On the other hand, this means that no vendor servicing is provided with the software.

Features Include:

  • Event reporting
  • Volunteer information storage
  • Work history spreadsheets
  • Reminders

Software type: Installed

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4. VolunteerLocal Free

via VolunteerLocal

VolunteerLocal is very generous with its free package which includes unlimited tracking for jobs, shifts, and volunteers. The biggest restraints put on the free option over the paid options is a one administrator limit, lack of mass email capabilities, and no event data archives.

VolunteerLocal Free is still best for smaller nonprofits, but at least organizations can breathe easy not worrying about running against volunteer limits.


  • Unlimited storage of jobs, shifts, and volunteer information
  • Printable event reports
  • Data exportation to CSV files
  • Customizable registration fields

Software type: Online

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5. WhenToHelp Lite


via WhenToHelp

WhenToHelp Lite is a quality free volunteer management software, so long as you qualify for their extended free use program (501(C)3, considered a charity, only schedule unpaid volunteers, etc.). Their board grants this free use “on a case-by-case basis,” so your individual case will have to be made to the company by application.

WhenToHelp provides a comprehensive chart that demonstrates the differences between paid use and free use, including differences in features, maximum numbers of volunteers, and data exportation.

Features Include:

  • Email schedule reminders
  • Unlimited access for schedulers and volunteers
  • 100 shift spaces per week
  • Scheduling
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Tech support

Software type: Online

Have you used WhenToHelp? Be sure to leave a review!

6. YourVolunteers Free


via YourVolunteers

YourVolunteers is a free volunteer management option first and foremost, that also offers a few extra features through a premium subscription. The free option covers many of the necessary features needed for volunteer management through a slick user-interface.

Features Include:

  • Scheduling
  • Email reminders for volunteers
  • Volunteer tracking
  • Virtual volunteering capabilities
  • 1,000 volunteer maximum per focus
  • Mobile capabilities

Software type: Online

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Is free volunteer management software enough for your nonprofit?

If after a while you find that the free options aren’t necessarily covering all of your needs, many of these software options offer premium options with more features and database limits. Be sure to check our list of the top volunteer management software and leave a review for any that you have used. Are there any free options I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

Other software tools for nonprofits

As for other software, the Capterra nonprofit technology blog covers many different types of software for nonprofits, including membership management, social media management, and fundraising. If you enjoyed this piece, be sure to check out these other nonprofit software lists on our blog:

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We’ve been using the free version of Signup.com for about 6 months. There are many parts of it that I like. I like that it sends out reminder emails and lets volunteers sign up for their own shifts. I like that I can have multiple opportunities on one page, but I can’t export any reports without upgrading. I am looking at other options now, because I would like to be able to export reports and possibly schedules. My organization does not have the budget right now for a paid service.


It looks as though Church Director is no longer active. (No need to make this comment public… I just wondered if you’d want to update the post.)


Your audience may also want to consider VolunteerHub’s volunteer management software when vetting solutions. VolunteerHub offers nonprofits a streamlined solution with recruitment, scheduling, communication, database and CRM integration features (just to name a few).

Check them out here: https://www.volunteerhub.com/nonprofit/volunteer-management-software


Thank you for this list! I volunteer at a very small charity that does not have funds to pay for a tracking program. I know they would like to be part of that volunteer recognition program through DC, but they just don’t have the ability to track well enough, yet. I was researching sites for a free volunteer hour tracking program (cloud or download). I did come across something call Track it Forward. Have you reviewed that one? It would be interesting to know how it compares to those on this list. I’ll be checking these out for sure.


I was looking for an online system to build and to maintain effective communications with our volunteers. We need a free version as currently we can’t afford a paid version.

The Son of Service seems to match the requirement more closely than others. But it appears that we lack the necessary IT skills to get it installed.

In addition, if something may be made available online, in the cloud, rather than on a personal computer that may be better – as the fear of losing the data due to problems with the PC may be minimised.

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