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Staying on top of your team’s numbers in this nanosecond world need not be a significant time burner. The Internet has revolutionized communications and given us a just-in-time pull model – information is pulled as we need it from anywhere. Ironically many managers continue to rely on an outdated push model for staying abreast of their team member’s updates. “Send me your latest sales figures for the month and the status of your top ten accounts.”

push and pull

Push is Passé

Are you placing your trust in a static push process to stay abreast of mission critical, dynamic events such as sales, production, billing and other scorecard objectives?   “If all you have is a hammer then the whole world begins to look like a nail.” So if all you have is email, electronic attachments, and printers for one-to-one sharing of your team member’s metrics, then you and your people are working harder than they need to be.  It’s like running uphill with weights strapped to your waist.

The overhead spent by employees and managers emailing, copying, and printing performance updates back and forth is both staggering and unnecessary. A dynamic web based goal management approach relieves employees and managers from the tedious and ever present need to push mission critical information back and forth to each other.

A Perfect Storm

A manager’s challenge to stay current with their employee’s performance is exacerbated by a lethal perfect storm: Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile and time constrained, competitive and economic forces are fueling the need for just-in-time operational data, and organizations are desperate for a better bottom up flow of mission critical information. “What are our competitors doing?”

Pull is the New Normal

Empowered employees using an intuitive goal management solution can post their achievements and updates to their assigned tasks, create new goals for themselves, and offer fresh ideas for improving performance. Managers track their team-members progress in real time, generate summary scorecard reports, receive bottom up suggestions with next steps and updates; all of this without ever having to print, copy, or email attachments. Manager and employee are freed up from shuffling paper, version management, exchanging emails, and are less reliant on time consuming status meetings. Higher level managers have line of site of the numbers of their direct and indirect reports.

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Ron Hiller

As President and CEO of Insights For Performance Ron and his development team launched the company’s flagship product TalentPeak™, a web based performance management software in 2004. Ron and his team have worked nonstop over the past 10 years releasing new features on virtually a monthly basis. The TalentPeak system has evolved in part from input from the extensive international HR experience of some of the team’s members and from ongoing client feedback. We continue to make system enhancements based on advances in technology and client suggestions.


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